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Snakebyte Announces A New Range of Controller Solutions & Accessories

Having a reliable controller is one of the most important aspects when it comes to an immersive gaming experience. Hardware vendor Snakebyte announced a trio of products today that are aimed at bringing a new level of control to the emerging […]


Is this the NX controller Nintendo patented in the wild?

Our friends over at Dualpixels claim to have an exclusive source who has shown them the NX’s all touch screen controller. They have published the first ever photos of what appears to be an all screen controller, with two contol “nibs” […]


Xbox One’s Forza 6 Gets Custom Concept Controller

It would seem that after a long drought console gamers will again be able to get custom licensed first party peripherals on the Xbox One. First we saw the two Halo controllers and then the Fall Out 4 edition, and […]


Valve open to user feedback on Steam Controller

Valve is a company known for engaging their users and taking their feedback to heart. So, it comes as no surprise to hear that in a recent statement to PCworld Robin Walker said. “I don’t think this will be the […]


Super Smash Bros for Wiiu/3DS Will Not Support Gamecube Controllers

If you’ve got a drawer full of GameCube controllers, just itching to be used once the latest Super Smash Bros  is released in 2014, you might be a little disappointed given the news that the game will not support GameCube […]


PS4 Controller Prototype Images Emerge

We’ve done a lot of reporting on the PlayStation 4 these past few weeks and now it looks like images from the unannounced system’s development kit are starting to pop up all around the web. From destructoid to gametrailers, anonymous […]


Wii U Will Support 2 Gamepads At Same Time

Nintendo confirmed that the Wii U will support 2 Gamepads at the same time, as well as detailing more about their new controller at E3. In addition to details announced earlier this week, the controller will support full motion and […]