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Snakebyte Announces A New Range of Controller Solutions & Accessories

Posted on August 11, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Having a reliable controller is one of the most important aspects when it comes to an immersive gaming experience. Hardware vendor Snakebyte announced a trio of products today that are aimed at bringing a new level of control to the emerging world of Virtual Reality, as well as aiding PlayStation 4 players in the endeavors and lastly facilitating communication regardless of platform of choice.

First up is the VR: Controller which is designed with Virtual Reality in mind – compatible with a number of different devices via Bluetooth the VR: Controller will work wirelessly with devices like the Samsung Gear VR. Android TV Set-top boxes, Amazon Fire TV and smartphones / tablets.  For PC gamers who might use the VR: Controller with an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive but with no Bluetooth connectivity the VR: Controller comes equipped with a packed-in mini-USB cable. When connected with the USB cable the VR: Controller will be read as a standard HID device by Windows.


Honestly the inclusion of Android specific Back, Home and Menu buttons sets the VR: Controller apart from its contemporaries.  For gamers using a Samsung Gear VR the inclusion of these buttons could easily make it the controller of choice for mobile VR.

On the PlayStation 4 front Snakebyte is prepared to bring what looks to be a solid alternative to the official Dualshock 4 controllers in the form of the Game Pad 4. Offering all of the standard buttons that players expect this controller is 100% compatible with existing PS4 apps and games according to Snakebyte’s marketing materials.


Lastly, SnakeByte also announced a mono headset that bridges the gap between Sony and Microsoft’s latest console offerings. Head:Set is a mono headset aimed at easy chat communication that works regardless of your console of choice. If you own both systems having a headset that will work with both consoles is a huge win, especially if you’ve been shouting into your Kinect to send voice messages.

If you want to know more about Snakebyte’s hardware offerings check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

The above images were provided by Snakebyte via marketing materials. 



Is this the NX controller Nintendo patented in the wild?

Posted on March 18, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

Our friends over at Dualpixels claim to have an exclusive source who has shown them the NX’s all touch screen controller. They have published the first ever photos of what appears to be an all screen controller, with two contol “nibs” on the top, exactly what we saw with the patent diagram from last month.


So here they are, in the flesh, all credit to Dualpixels and the anonymous source from Reddit, so take with a grain of salt. 3

nx2 NX

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Xbox One’s Forza 6 Gets Custom Concept Controller

Posted on November 1, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

It would seem that after a long drought console gamers will again be able to get custom licensed first party peripherals on the Xbox One. First we saw the two Halo controllers and then the Fall Out 4 edition, and now  a Forza theme modeled after the colors and pedals of the Ford GT.  The elite controller is only a few weeks old, but already we are getting a concept for a nice licensed first party themed edition. The custom controller is blue and black, and has features that evoke Fords new 2016 GT, one of Forza’s signature cars. The controller sports (see what i did there?) the same liquid blue color as the car (see images in the gallery) and also has triggers designed to look like gas and break pedals.

Ford apparently collaborated on the controllers design, their press release here said “”On the subtle side this concept features carbon fiber in parts of the case to add strength and lightness, Also the Ford GT steering wheel provided direction on the shape and ergonomic positioning of the invaluable left thumbstick as well as paddles for shifting that mimic the design of the Ford GT’s.” it went on to say  “The battery housing has a clear design to represent the rear glass above the engine of the Ford GT, Last, but definitely not least the trigger buttons which act as your gas and brake pedals have been modified with the look of the GTs pedals. This is a design exercise that went to extraordinary lengths to be as true to the all-new Ford GT as possible and it does not disappoint.”

unfortunately it seems you wont be able to buy this controller, as its just a concept, but it shows at least that Microsoft is open to the idea of licensed first party controllers, on their new elite controller platform. The $150 Xbox One Elite was released in October.



Valve open to user feedback on Steam Controller

Posted on October 16, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Valve is a company known for engaging their users and taking their feedback to heart. So, it comes as no surprise to hear that in a recent statement to PCworld Robin Walker said.

“I don’t think this will be the last Steam Controller design ever. We’re just about to hit the point where customers get their hands on it which, to us in the software world, that’s where stuff starts to get really interesting,” Walker said. He didn’t predict what might be done with, but said he expects “it’ll be awesome. It would be the first time our customers didn’t improve one of our products if, for some reason, they couldn’t make the hardware better,”

This is good news for those who did not buy the Steam Controller. Many will remember an early version of the controller which had no physical buttons save the 4 face buttons, and featured only two expansive touch pads. That version received negative feedback and Valve took it back to the drawing board. This statement would seem to show that Valve is prepared to do the same thing again with the current production run controller should their audience want it. I for one cant wait to get my steam controller, I pre-ordered it as soon as the final design was released, but at the same time I can understand people who might hesitate as the controller is quite non-traditional for mouse and keyboard players.



Super Smash Bros for Wiiu/3DS Will Not Support Gamecube Controllers

Posted on June 19, 2013 by Rae Michelle Richards

If you’ve got a drawer full of GameCube controllers, just itching to be used once the latest Super Smash Bros  is released in 2014, you might be a little disappointed given the news that the game will not support GameCube controllers. The GameCube was originally unleashed upon the masses in November of 2001, after twelve years the fighting community is going to have to get used to new control schemes.

Nintendo’s classic pro controller offers players an option more similar to the Xbox 360 game pad than the GameCube controller, but it might be the best alternative. A lot of huff and puff was made over the layouts offered by the WiiMote when Brawl was released back in 2008.

Every fighting fan has their favorite tools, some use stock controllers, some use special third party controllers designed for their favorite fighters and others still use expensive arcade fight sticks to try and replicate the feel of a coin operated machine.

Given the apparent lack of GameCube support in the next Smash Bros, what will you chose to lay down the beat down.



PS4 Controller Prototype Images Emerge

Posted on February 15, 2013 by Rae Michelle Richards

We’ve done a lot of reporting on the PlayStation 4 these past few weeks and now it looks like images from the unannounced system’s development kit are starting to pop up all around the web. From destructoid to gametrailers, anonymous sources have given the world its first look at two different prototypes for the PS4’s controller.

The controllers design pays homage to the Dualshock design of the past and, as rumored, adds a touch sensitive pad, similar to the one on the back of the PlayStation Vita, to the face of the controller. The grips on the controller, as well as the overall casing, look a little more ergonomic and rounded. Commentators have also pointed out that the sticks also feature indented thumb-sticks, but this could be a result of Sony using cheaper parts to prototype their controller. Both controllers plugged in via USB but they were both said to be early prototypes, one featuring the distinct glow featured on the PlayStation Move.

Sony is expected to unveil the PS4 at their “See The Future” event in New York city on Feb 20th. Check out a picture of the prototype controller after the jump.Read More


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