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Report: Nintendo Switch Will Have GameCube Virtual Console Support

Posted on December 7, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Nintendo’s next console may come with support for GameCube virtual console titles if tweet by a well known industry insider is to correct. The deputy news editor for outlet EuroGamer, which originally broke the news of the detachable Nintendo Switch “Joy-Cons”, has posted on twitter that the upcoming Nintendo Switch will have GameCube emulation support for the third iteration of the Virtual Console.

Here is the original tweet by Tom Phillips that has set a wave of speculation across the internet:

No details about what GameCube titles that may be currently in testing at Nintendo or which games the console manufacturer may be considering for the Switch’s launch next March. Tom Phillips is promising that an upcoming report on EuroGamer will outline what may be the 1st games to hit the 3rd generation of the Virtual Console service.

We will update this post as soon as more information becomes available.


Dolphin Version 5 Released, Improves Compatibility With Hundreds of Games

Posted on June 27, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Dolphin Emulator

The fifth version of the Dolphin Wii / Gamecube emulator was released just prior to this weekend and it packs a number of enhancements that will surely have the emulation community ecstatic for the foreseeable future. Version 5 is the first major release in sometime, Dolphin 4.0 was finalized all the way back in September 2013.

A bump up in version number isn’t superfluous, the developers behind have used the last 24+ months to increase the emulation of hundreds of titles – improving everything from shadow accuracy, texture loading to how audio is handled by both the emulated system and physically connected Wiimotes!

Alongside the release of Dolphin 5.0 the developers have also released a YouTube video documenting and visually demonstrating the positive impact all of these enhancements will have for users.

Here is a small list of some of the major improvements:

  • Increased Shadow Accuracy
  • Texture Loading Fixes
  • Texture Environment Fixes
  • Depth Emulation Fixes
  • Progressive Scan Functions Properly In All Games
  • Proper System Menu Emulation (Wii)
  • Audio / Video Timing Issues Fixed
  • Wiimote Plus Can Now Connect On Windows 8
  • Compatibility with hundreds of games improved due to Zfreeze implementations
  • Supports controllers, wavebirds, third party controllers and bongos without the need for button configuration.





Super Smash Bros for Wiiu/3DS Will Not Support Gamecube Controllers

Posted on June 19, 2013 by Rae Michelle Richards

If you’ve got a drawer full of GameCube controllers, just itching to be used once the latest Super Smash Bros  is released in 2014, you might be a little disappointed given the news that the game will not support GameCube controllers. The GameCube was originally unleashed upon the masses in November of 2001, after twelve years the fighting community is going to have to get used to new control schemes.

Nintendo’s classic pro controller offers players an option more similar to the Xbox 360 game pad than the GameCube controller, but it might be the best alternative. A lot of huff and puff was made over the layouts offered by the WiiMote when Brawl was released back in 2008.

Every fighting fan has their favorite tools, some use stock controllers, some use special third party controllers designed for their favorite fighters and others still use expensive arcade fight sticks to try and replicate the feel of a coin operated machine.

Given the apparent lack of GameCube support in the next Smash Bros, what will you chose to lay down the beat down.



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