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[Rumor] Smash 4, Splatoon, Zelda Wii U & Mario Maker All In Development For NX

Yet another day means yet another round of supposed leaks for the Nintendo NX. As with anything related to the unannounced console, take these with a grain of salt because we all remember how that supposed controller leak went down […]


Everything Announced In The Final Smash Bros Direct

It’s time to say goodbye to the hype train that is Super Smash Bros directs for the time being. Nintendo aired the final prepared video presentation this afternoon which featured two surprise character announcements – In the form of the […]


Super Smash Bros. U – Cloud storms into battle!

Some astounding news on the Smash Bros front today. In one heck of an unexpected move, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII has been added to their ever expanding roster!’


Super Smash Bros for Wiiu/3DS Will Not Support Gamecube Controllers

If you’ve got a drawer full of GameCube controllers, just itching to be used once the latest Super Smash Bros  is released in 2014, you might be a little disappointed given the news that the game will not support GameCube […]


Nintendo Hands Over The Smash Bros Series To Namco Bandai

Are you still wondering why the previously announced 3DS/Wii-U Smash Bros game did not make an appearance at this year’s E3? Well it turns out that is because Nintendo isn’t developing the game. That is not to say that long […]