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Super Smash Bros. U – Cloud storms into battle!

Some astounding news on the Smash Bros front today. In one heck of an unexpected move, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII has been added to their ever expanding roster!’


Super Mario Maker Supports Sonic, Pit & Splatoon Amiibo

Remember a few months ago back at E3 when Nintendo revealed that certain Amiibo like the Wii Fit trainer would change Mario’s sprite in Super Mario Maker?  Well it turns out you can earn this skins for the red plumber […]


Nintendo Holiday Download (12.25.14)

The holiday season isn’t exactly a hot bed of new video game news but Nintendo doesn’t really take time off. Over Christmas the Big N released a whole slew of classic games from their back catalogue onto the 3DS and […]


Super Smash Bros for Wiiu Nintendo Direct Set For Tomorrow

Are your thumbs still sore from smashing your opponents off screen? The Big N has a Nintendo Direct live stream set for Thurs October 23rd at 3PM PST to announce some new features for the Wii U version of Nintendo’s […]


Downloadable DS Games Coming To Wii U?

Anyone who has played the Wii U might have thought of this at some point. You’re looking at the controller in your hand, then up to the TV, then you ponder what it would be like if you could play […]


No Cutscenes or Story Mode For The Next Super Smash Bros

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros series is quite possibly one of the greatest ideas of all time – let’s take beloved video game characters from the last few decades and have them battle it out – but the next entry in […]


The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Reborn E3 Trailer

Link’s debut on Nintendo’s latest home console is of course an HD port of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. The game was announced last summer, and Nintendo gave us a four minute trailer during their E3 Direct live-stream earlier […]


Fake WiiU Gamepad Auction Sat at 90K Before Being Pulled

File this one under the W.T.F category. Online gaming auctions can sometimes be a little ridiculous but surely this storefront selling cardboard facsimiles of a Wii U Gamepad is a joke. All of the hubub started after sites like destructoid picked […]


WiiU Version of Mass Effect 3 Bundles DLC On Disc

It’s taken for granted that Wiiu ports of games like Mass Effect 3 and Batman Arkham Asylum include custom tablet interfaces that enhance the game’s inventory management. Well, those who choose to partake in commander Sheppard’s latest adventure on Nintendo’s […]


Japanese WiiU Price & Date Revealed Tomorrow

Speculation surrounding the WiiU’s price will end tomorrow, for the Japanese at least. In a similar fashion to their E3 Nintendo Direct events, the Big N will make the announcement via pre-recorded message streaming online rather than at a traditional […]


Rumor: Amazon Leaks WiiU Box Art

There are still a lot of things we don’t know about Nintendo’s upcoming WiiU including the device’s price, how much the games will cost and what their box art will look like. One of these deep burning might have been […]


Check Out Our First Glimpse At The Wii U’s Menu

Our first look at the Wiiu’s menu showcases several different aspects of the system. When the system is first turned on players are transported to a menu known as the Miiveruse. On this screen players are able to see a […]


Nintendo Confirms Near Field Communication For WiiU Gamepad

During today’s Nintendo direct video conference president Satura Iwata confirmed that the Nintendo Wii U Gamepad will support near field communication. We previously speculated that the Wii U tablet would be able to communicate with game cards or figures through […]