Super Mario Maker Supports Sonic, Pit & Splatoon Amiibo

Remember a few months ago back at E3 when Nintendo revealed that certain Amiibo like the Wii Fit trainer would change Mario’s sprite in Super Mario Maker?  Well it turns out you can earn this skins for the red plumber without forking over nearly forty bucks for a Wii Fit trainer or other rare Amiibo. They can be unlocked by completing the 100 Mario challenge instead!

Also spotted by GoNintendo were screen-grabs posted on the Miiverse that show that Super Mario Maker will support the Pit, Sonic and Splatoon Amiibo if you happen to own them.

Super Mario Maker launches on the Nintendo Wii U on September 11th!

MiiV1 MiiV2 MiiV3



Video has surfaced of all of the compatible Amiibo sprites from Mario Maker. Check it out:

[youtube id=”q9DZCDDo7CY”]

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