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Super Mario Maker Supports Sonic, Pit & Splatoon Amiibo

Remember a few months ago back at E3 when Nintendo revealed that certain Amiibo like the Wii Fit trainer would change Mario’s sprite in Super Mario Maker?  Well it turns out you can earn this skins for the red plumber […]


July 25th Nintendo Download

Another virtual console release has come the way of the North American Wii U with the release of Kid Icarus. The classic Nintendo title, which spawned a 3DS sequel a few years back, was made popular once again when the […]


Kid Icarus Multiplayer Tour Set To Sweep Europe

Nintendo has announced a series of multiplayer challenge events for Kid Icarus Uprising set to sweep across Europe during late April and early May. Do you think you have what it takes to take on the Kid Icarus Battle Squad? […]