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SEGA Releases Retro 3DS Theme

If you are like me and grew up playing Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 on the original SEGA Genesis than you might welcome the news that SEGA has released a brand new 3DS home screen theme centered around their classic […]


Amiibo Tap Isn’t Just A Time Limited Demo Player

When I first heard about Amiibo Tap, I kind of glazed over it. Basically it sounded like I could play a time limited trial of a classic NES or SNES game. Of course we’ve been there and done that with […]


Nintendo Holiday Download (12.25.14)

The holiday season isn’t exactly a hot bed of new video game news but Nintendo doesn’t really take time off. Over Christmas the Big N released a whole slew of classic games from their back catalogue onto the 3DS and […]


Soul Sacrifice Now Available On PlayStation Plus

Did you miss out on Keiji Inafune’s last post mega man project, Soul Sacrifice? Sony has posted this latest Vita exclusive role-playing game for all PlayStation Plus subscribers to enjoy. We don’t know how long the game will be available […]


Bird Mania 3D and Amobattle Come To 3DS/DSI Eshops

Nintendo has revealed the latest downloadable games for the 3DS and DSIware services. On the Nintendo 3DS you can snag Bird Mania 3D, and on DSiware you can score the cell shaded titled Amoebattle. We’ve got the descriptions for both […]


Gravity Rush Demo Arrives On May 29th

One of the next big titles for the PlayStation Vita, Gravity Rush, will be receiving a playable demo two weeks before its June 2012 launch. The demo will hit the PlayStation Network on May 29th in North American and May 30th […]