Check Out Our First Glimpse At The Wii U’s Menu

Our first look at the Wiiu’s menu showcases several different aspects of the system. When the system is first turned on players are transported to a menu known as the Miiveruse. On this screen players are able to see a variety of Miis from their friends list, region and those who speak their language from around the world. You are able to get a quick look at what your friends are playing, offering a lot of information at a glance.

Other aspects showcased during the presentation include in game pop-ups where friends are able to leave each other messages within a specific game’s universe. The example shown during the video conference included pop-ups in a Mario world style game. These messages will also be available through the Nintendo 3DS, PC and WiiU Console.


During a segment of Nintendo direct a small promotional video clip was shown outlining the potential for video conferences between WiiU owners. It is unknown if this feature will be available at launch.

Interestingly the game pad also has a built-in web browser which can be used to broadcast webpages onto a big screen television. Check out several images of the systems menus after the jump.

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