Capcom Releases Street Fighter V DLC Roadmap To Fans

Posted on February 12, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Capcom Releases Street Fighter V DLC Roadmap To Fans

The long running Street Fighter franchise gets turned on its head with the release of Street Fighter V next week.  Sure gameplay additions like V-Triggers and V-Skills are going to force long time fighters to adapt to a new flow in combat but there’s something even more dramatic coming in the following months.

Instead of releasing Street Fighter V: SUPER ULTRA MEGA EDITION 2016 Capcom will roll out new characters on a monthly basis after the game’s release this Tuesday. Players will have the choice of either spending real world cash for each additional fighter or by using ‘fight money’ which they accumulate by completing single player content & playing online with others.

Not only has Capcom now outline it’s roadmap for future character releases for the next several months they’ve also said that players will able to buy the first additional character, Alex, with the fight money accumulated with just the on-disc story content.

Here’s the quote and roadmap as per the Capcom-Unity blog:

Some of you may have heard the news that Alex will be available to all Street Fighter V players in March 2016 as well, and I’m happy to re-confirm that news here. At launch, playing through most of the single player content (in fact, just the Character Stories) will give you enough Fight Money to get Alex for free! We’ll have more information to share on Alex and the other post launch characters soon, so stay tuned.


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