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Are Skylanders cards on the way out?

Less than a year after their release, could Activision be dropping Skylanders Battlecast? Based on the Skylanders videogame series, Skylanders Battlecast launched in May of this year. The game is a free-to-play mobile card game where players build their ultimate […]


Crash Bandicoot coming to Skylanders Imaginators

In perhaps the most unexpected, and at the same time exciting news, Crash Bandicoot is coming to Skylands! Of course Crash Bandicoot has been a longtme sibling game to Spyro the Dragon, on which the entire Skylanders series was based. […]


Skylanders Imaginators Announced As This Year’s Release

Skylanders has kept quite fresh over the sixth year we’re going into. This latest installment, Skylanders Imaginators, is no exception. Toys For Bob who brought gamers the original Skylanders release is behind the helm on this one. The big gimmick […]


Skylanders Battlecast Launches on Mobile

Activision’s Skylanders Battlecast launches today. Based on the Skylanders videogame series, Skylanders Battlecast is a new, free-to-play mobile card game where players build their ultimate deck of cards, master strategic card combinations and use them in never before seen battles! […]


9 Ways To Revitalize The Skylanders Franchise

It’s scary news seeing a Toys to Life series like Disney Infinity come to an end. Especially after Skylanders fans have heard that Supercharger sales aren’t up to expectation. The franchise has a lot of life left in it and […]


Donkey Kong and Slam Bowser Skylanders Get Individual Release

Today, Activision announced that two all-new standalone Nintendo SuperCharged Combo Packs for Skylanders Superchargers for the Nintendo Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS. Last year, Activision joined up with Nintendo to release exclusive Skylanders for their latest game Superchargers. The […]


Skylanders Collectible Trading Card Game Coming in 2016

Not to be left out with the idea of collectible trading card games, Activision is gearing up for the release of a Skylanders TCG. Activision is setting out to create a legendary league of card battlers with the mobile card […]


Skylanders: Trap Team | Review

Skylanders Trap Team expands well with the latest addition of trapping enemies to use as playable characters. This easily could have been a convoluted system, but fortunately it’s quite simple and easy to enjoy in game. No one enemy is […]


How Does Trapping Enemies In Skylanders Trap Team Work?

I’m glad you asked! Toys For Bob’s latest installment of Skylanders has been released and the main addition this time is trapping enemies. How does that work anyway? How many of those trap things do you need? What happens when […]


Skylanders: Trap Team Lands on 3DS October 5th

Skylanders fans can go on a villain vanquishing adventure this fall with Skylanders Trap Team for Nintendo 3DS as they take on the evil Dream Sheep and 13 other villains exclusive to the platform. The portable version of the game […]


Skylanders Swap Force | Review

One of the biggest misconceptions of Skylanders is that it’s a game just for kids. The fact is that these titles have a ton of quality built into them and while some of the cutscenes may feel youth oriented at […]


How Swap Force Characters Are Used In Skylanders

You’ve already been to the stores, found all the Swap Force figures you’ve been looking for (hopefully) and set up your Skylanders army for the new game before their mighty portal of power! So what exactly do those new swapable […]


Skylander Figures Top Sales in 2013

Activision announced last week that Skylanders figures outsold all action-figure properties in the U.S. and Europe so far in 2013. The property outpaced all toy properties overall in the U.K. year-to-date as of June 30, 2013 according to a release […]


Skylanders: SWAP Force Easy Going On Collectors

The info below comes from an E3 2013 interview with Gamespot. It is assumed information from this interview alone as well as confirming that older characters do indeed work in SWAP Force as the official site notes in their FAQ. […]


Kids Everywhere Rejoice As Skylanders SWAP Force Confirmed

UPDATE: The official announcement trailer has been released – see below! Following up on news that Activision had silently registered several domain names for a possible Skylanders sequel, the publisher has unveiled Skylander’s SWAP Force for release presumably this fall […]