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Resident Evil Sale Causes Deals To Rise From The Grave On PSN

News of a Resident Evil 6 re-release on PlayStation 4 isn’t the only reason to resurrect your interest in this series starring the undead. Capcom has discounted nearly every RE title available on PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita including the […]


Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6 Get PS4 / Xbox One Ports

Capcom will bring 2012’s Resident Evil 6 to 8th generation consoles alongside 2009’s Resident Evil 5 and 2005’s critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4 the publisher announced this morning. The release window for each title will be spaced out by a […]


Xbox Live Sale Starts Today

For those of you who have a stockpile of Microsoft Points horded up, get ready for a sale that might make you spend them. Microsoft is hosting a sale over Xbox Live that includes Season Passes, Xbox Live Arcade games, […]


The 2012 Top Five

Editor’s note: Staff at Broken Joysticks will be sharing their top five games, or game related stories, from 2012 throughout the week. We’re continuing the feature with the top five from our editor, kashhoward. For me, 2012 was a year with […]


Resident Evil 6 Free Update

About two months back, we mentioned about potential DLC content that was locked inside the Resident Evil 6 disc (Don’t remember, read here). Currently that content is now live on Xbox 360 (haven’t received word if it’s out on PS3 […]


Resident Evil 6 | Review

There is no hope left… that is until you take control in the next entry of Capcom’s popular survival horror franchise with Resident Evil 6. The game was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a PC release sometime […]


On-Disc DLC In RE6?

Most of you are probably thinking in your head “I knew it was too good to be true” but hold off on that thought for a moment.  Modders were mining the date on the Resident Evil 6 disc (since when is […]


New Resident Evil 6 Trailer From TGS

Resident Evil 6 is getting a lot of hype here recently, and rightly so. This game looks amazing and if you haven’t checked out impressions for Resident Evil 6, you can do so here. With that being said, here is […]


Resident Evil 6 Demo – First Impressions

It’s been a busy week, especially with the TGS that started recently. I’ve had a chance to sit down with the demo for RE6 and it has a mix of content to enjoy. Keeping in mind this is just a […]


ResidentEvil.net, RE6 Social Hub Announced By Capcom

At the Capcom pre-Gamescom press event, they announced ResidentEvil.net, which is an online hub for Resident Evil 6 offerings such as competitions, rewards and social networking features.