Resident Evil 6 Free Update

Posted on December 17, 2012 by Broken Joysticks

About two months back, we mentioned about potential DLC content that was locked inside the Resident Evil 6 disc (Don’t remember, read here). Currently that content is now live on Xbox 360 (haven’t received word if it’s out on PS3 as well). The update bring the No Hope difficulty that was mentioned and for those who thought the game was easy, might have another thing coming to them when playing it. You can only select the difficulty when playing in co-op with a partner using. If you join a game configured with any other difficulty, your own difficulty will be automatically lowered to Professional. You cannot use Skills, your health is not restored when you continue but the value of Skill Points acquired is doubled. You asked for a challenge didn’t you?

Ada’s campaign can now be selected without having to beat the other three campaigns and it can also be played in co-op. In her selection screen, a random soldier who looks similar to HUNK named Agent. Speaking of Agent, he is also now a playable character under the mercenaries game mode as well.

Finally, after a few complaints many had over the camera, they made some slight adjustments for the standard and aim cameras.
Both the field of view and the position of the aim camera can be adjusted. These settings can be adjusted by accessing the camera settings under options. You can see the difference below.

Capcom Resident Evil 6



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