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Why Do Nippon Ichi Games Work So Well?

NIS America has brought us some amazing titles over the years. Even more recently, there have been some real slam dunks like The Guided Fate Paradox that really stood out as a classic. With another Disgaea sequel on the way […]


NIS America Releases Genshiken Second Generation Today

We’re still wrapping up our coverage of NISA’s Ground Control To Psychoelectric Girl, but in the meantime Genshiken Second Generation was released today! The anime about an eclectic group of otaku college students’ premium edition includes 2 Blu-ray discs, with […]


New Hundred Knight Screens Rise From The Swamp

Back to news about our friends over at NIS America, there are some new screens out today for the English version of The Witch and the Hundred Knight. The game itself, due out this March on PS3, is focused on […]


The Witch and the Hundred Knights Dated For The West

Unlike previously reported by me last year, the west will be getting The Witch and the Hundred Nights this coming March in 2014. It seems I was a bit over excited before and confused the Japanese release date with the […]


Learn To Use The Fate Revolution Circuit Machine

How does NIS tackle letting players anwers prayers when they take on the role of a “god” in Celestia within their latest title released by NISA “The Guided Fate Paradox”? By letting players use a huge seemingly dangerous machine to […]


Guide Fates From Celestia Tomorrow In NIS’ Latest Game

If you’re a fan of NIS titles you’ve spent a lot of time in the Netherworld. Tomorrow it’s time to take a trip to the flip side as a teenager who ends up winning a contest to become “god” of […]


Disgaea D2 Isn’t A Remake, It’s A Sequel

With our review for Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness just around the corner, I wanted to address fans who aren’t quite sure of what they’ve seen on the store shelves as of late. Disgaea D2, or Disgaea Dimension 2 as […]


Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory | Review

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory is the third in the series but was story friendly enough for me to be able to dive in and enjoy the game, even with it being my first adventure in this universe. The game feels like […]


The Guided Fate Paradox Begins This Fall

NIS titles are no stranger to heaven and hell inspired themes in their games with Disgaea and several others in their library. So it shouldn’t be too surprising when we say The Guided Fate Paradox focuses on a high school […]


Hands On With Time And Eternity

The fine folks at NIS America are letting us take a look at their upcoming Imageepoch release Time And Eternity to review it. However the best news is we don’t even have to wait to tell you about this title […]


Time and Eternity Animation Looks Beautiful!

Coming on July 16th, the latest NIS America import by Namco Bandai and Imageepoch features some beautiful animation for 2D characters. The battle scenes, featured in the video after the break, really show just how smooth the flow is. Imageepoch, […]


Mugen Souls | Review

Naturally, your regular NIS game spoiler warning comes into play here. I’ll do my best to keep spoilers very early game focused so nothing major is given away, however there will be some plot points that will need to be […]


The Witch and the Hundred Knights Summoning in 2013

While our review for Mugen Souls is right around the corner and we’re going to have quite a focus on NISA soon, I wanted to mention an upcoming title of theirs. The Witch and the Hundred Knights is a Nippon […]


Mugen Souls Is Shipping Out To Retailers

It seems like there may have been a slow down with Canadian orders since both EBGames.ca and Amazon.ca still list Mugen Souls as unavailable or on pre-order, but the latest NIS game is finding its way into the hands of […]


A Look At Mugen Souls – E3 Interview

The folks over at Capsule Computers interviewed some of the NIS America team at E3 2012 and have lots of wonderful info on tomorrow’s big release, Mugen Souls! Throughout the interview it brings to light that it really does sound […]