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Why Do Nippon Ichi Games Work So Well?

Posted on February 10, 2015 by Les Major

NIS America has brought us some amazing titles over the years. Even more recently, there have been some real slam dunks like The Guided Fate Paradox that really stood out as a classic. With another Disgaea sequel on the way for the PS4 much later this year, it really made me realizes there is a lot more here than just nostalgia. Sure lets face it, many of us knew or even played NIS games before the Netherworld tactical simulator came out, but it was Disgaea that really made NIS shine. The variety of the cast, fun writing, and the customize your own character options really made for a great experience that everyone wanted in on. Especially considering the original Disgaea has seen a couple rereleases by now.

Yet Disgaea isn’t set in stone, nor really is the NIS universe. We usually tend to get fresh characters, or completely new titles such as Makai Kingdom. So what is it that draws players back in so well that has made NIS such a powerhouse?Read More


The Guided Fate Paradox | Review

Posted on November 9, 2013 by Les Major

Taking a look at Celestia as the main focus instead of the Netherworld makes The Guided Fate Paradox a fresh and interesting title by the development team behind Disgaea. Much like the games setting, the system involved is unique as well. Technically you can think of this as angels and demons being trained differently, though you’re really training a new “god” in Guided Fate.

Basically it seems like Celestia is looking for a new “god” to take over, and unlucky teenager Renya Kagurazaka has won a magical lottery that has chosen him as the new candidate to become “god” of Celestia, or at least your section of it. With the assistance of a new angel recruit being his guide, Renya learns how to use the Fate Revolution Circuit to answer prayers.Read More


Learn To Use The Fate Revolution Circuit Machine

Posted on November 4, 2013 by Les Major

How does NIS tackle letting players anwers prayers when they take on the role of a “god” in Celestia within their latest title released by NISA “The Guided Fate Paradox”? By letting players use a huge seemingly dangerous machine to make a copy world to defeat the demons which hold back the praying persons wish in a series of rogue-like dungeons with an NIS flair! Lilliel Saotome, your assistant angel, explains it much better. Check out this new explanation video after the break!Read More


Guide Fates From Celestia Tomorrow In NIS’ Latest Game

Posted on November 4, 2013 by Les Major

If you’re a fan of NIS titles you’ve spent a lot of time in the Netherworld. Tomorrow it’s time to take a trip to the flip side as a teenager who ends up winning a contest to become “god” of Celestia in The Guided Fate Paradox! Players take on the role of Renya Kagurazaka, a Japanese high school student, as he’s tutored into taking control of Celestia… or at least you’re section of it.

Unlike previous tactical titles set it what seems to be the same universe, The Guided Fate Paradox uses a hybrid rogue-like style of gameplay along with the view and special moves you’ve come to expect from Disgaea. Your adventure is split into chapters, again like Disgaea, but actual gameplay for each area feels a bit longer, sort of like going through a few item world levels since the rogue-like areas of Guided Fate are multi-level. What’s up with that? Read on for more!Read More


The Guided Fate Paradox Begins This Fall

Posted on July 27, 2013 by Les Major

NIS titles are no stranger to heaven and hell inspired themes in their games with Disgaea and several others in their library. So it shouldn’t be too surprising when we say The Guided Fate Paradox focuses on a high school student named Renya who becomes a “god” by winning a lottery in a mall. As such, Renya travels through a reflection of the real world known as the Copy World to answer peoples wishes.

Interestingly, the game is being developed by the same team as Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. However, as much as the game looks like your usual tactical adventure, the YouTube page notes the game as an “extremely approachable roguelike RPG”. It should be interesting to see how that plays out. Want to see more? Check out the trailer after the break.Read More


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