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Next Wave of amiibo Available for Pre-Order

The next wave of amiibo and Animal Crossing amiibo cards have popped up online for preorder. They are available online at Best Buy so far, but aren’t showing available on either Walmart.ca or Amazon.ca. They are scheduled for release on […]


Shovel Knight Amiibo To Be Released January 8th In North America

Yacht Club Game’s Shovel Knight will make his amiibo debut on January 8th in North America and December 11th in Europe the developers have announced via their blog. The reason for the almost month long gap between launches in the […]


Nintendo Dampening Expectations For This Most Recent Direct Was the Right Move

Nintendo’s decision to post a notice on the Nintendo Direct official website outlining that they had no plans to discuss the NX or Mobile during today’s broadcast was absolutely the right move. Usually dampening your fan bases expectation for such […]


Super Mario Maker Supports Sonic, Pit & Splatoon Amiibo

Remember a few months ago back at E3 when Nintendo revealed that certain Amiibo like the Wii Fit trainer would change Mario’s sprite in Super Mario Maker?  Well it turns out you can earn this skins for the red plumber […]


amiibo Functionality added in Newest 3DS Update

If you’re like me today you were prompted to update your Nintendo 3DS system today when entering the eShop. The relatively quick update added a new option within the settings home settings menu. Tap on the home icon on the […]


Nintendo to Release Silver Mario amiibo

Nintendo announced today the release of another new amiibo, which I will never get my hands on. A new Mario Silver Edition amiibo figure is slated for release on May 29th and while the figure is still a few weeks […]


Amiibo Tap Isn’t Just A Time Limited Demo Player

When I first heard about Amiibo Tap, I kind of glazed over it. Basically it sounded like I could play a time limited trial of a classic NES or SNES game. Of course we’ve been there and done that with […]


Yoshi’s Woolly World Amiibo Announced

During this afternoon’s Nintendo Direct stream the big N announced a special wool series of Amiibo that will be released this Fall. They are compatible with Yoshi’s Wooly World when tapped on the Wii U Game Pad a second Yoshi […]


Nintendo Adds amiibo to the Loot Crate

Nintendo has partnered up with Loot Crate to bring their new amiibo figures to customers in a new unique way. With the holidays fast approaching and the launch of amiibo on the horizon, the online delivery service Loot Crate is […]


Nintendo’s New Way to Play: amiibo

Nintendo unveiled new NFC figures today at their E3 event, which are a little like the Skylanders and Disney Infinity series of figurines. You can import the characters into your game and build their stats. This isn’t really anything new […]