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Overwatch Legendary Edition coming to Nintendo Switch on October 15th

Posted on September 4, 2019 by Jason Nason

Overwatch Legendary Edition was announced for Nintendo Switch today. Tracer, Mei, Hanzo and all the other colorful characters from massively popular online game Overwatch are coming to Nintendo Switch. The fast-paced multiplayer game is scheduled to hit Nintendo Switch on October 15th. Pre-purchase in Nintendo eShop starts today. Join the fight for the future in the world of Overwatch and choose your hero from a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities. Bend time, defy physics, and unleash a dizzying array of extraordinary powers and weapons. Engage your enemies in iconic locations from around the globe in the ultimate


Report: Blizzard Cancels Starcraft Shooter To Focus On Overwatch Sequel

Posted on June 8, 2019 by Rae Michelle Richards

Blizzard Entertainment is notoriously secretive when it comes to their in-development projects but that didn’t stop gaming journalist sleuth Jason Schreier of Kotaku unearthing that the Anaheim based developer halted work on the yet another Starcraft shooter (RIP Ghost) to move developers onto either a continuation or spin-off title set in the Overwatch Universe currently called “Overwatch 2”. Project Ares was the code name given to this potential Starcraft third person shooter helmed by veteran developer Dustin Browder. A playable build of the game reportedly cast the player as a Terran Marine who could “gun down Zerg monsters” but future


Meet The Latest Hero For Overwatch: Moira

Posted on November 4, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

The latest ‘Hero’ to join the ranks of Overwatch’s roster is the Tallon geneticist Moira. Clad in purples and blacks this support hero uses her scientific knowledge to heal her allies and damage her foes, sometimes simultaneously. Needless to say, her reveal came as a complete surprise, unlike last year’s Sombra reveal, Jeff Kaplan got to keep Moira’s debut a complete secret until he could unveil her to millions of fans during the BlizzCon 2017 opening ceremonies.  She has a healing beam which is she uses to restore health on her allies using her left hand. A dark energy creeps out from her right hand, dealing damage to her foes and healing her and


Scream “NERF THIS” At Your Opponents With This Official Overwatch Headset

Posted on November 4, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

The stylistic headgear worn by Blizzard’s fictional pro Starcraft player, D.VA , can soon be yours with the announcement of a line of officially licensed peripherals based around everyone’s favorite gremlin.   Razer will be releasing Razer Meka Headset, styled after the iconic headgear and color scheme that D.VA sports with her default outfit in Overwatch. Seriously look at the screen grab from the trailer below, I honestly screamed when I saw this headset – it’s perfect for protecting the payload!  The Razer Abyssus Elite mouse sports the purple and pink aesthetic that D.VA is known for combined with the matte black used in a lot of Razer’s product line. Don’t


Overwatch’s Junkertown Map Now Live Along With D.VA & Mercy Changes

Posted on September 19, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Today is a big day for Overwatch fans as the mid-September patch bringing additional damage to the Starcraft playing D.VA, a major rework for the German doctor Mercy and our first playable glimpse of post-apocalyptic Australia with the Junkertown map.  Junkertown  We previously covered this brand-new escort map which introduced us to one of the fandom’s favorite new (off-screen) characters – the Queen of Junkertown. Junkrat’s former home also played host to the last Overwatch animated short ‘the plan’ which hilariously featured Junkrat and Roadhog scheming to gain re-entry into this locked down settlement, only to fail spectacularly. You too can now escort an adorable Pachimari with a golden crown to the goal.  Here is Blizzard’s official description of the map: Junkertown is located in


Junkertown Animated Short & Trailer Showcases Overwatch’s Latest Map

Posted on August 21, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

The Australian crime duo of Roadhog and Junkrat star in a hilarious animated short designed to promote the upcoming map, Junkertown. A mix between the stylish post-apocalyptic aesthetic of Mad max and the comedic  tomfoolery of a character like Junkrat, these two pieces of media provide our first in-game glimpse of the Australia wasteland that has been teased since the game’s release. I think my favorite part of the whole trailer has to be Junkrat’s continually revised plan and of course the gold crown on Pachimari – because if any Overwatch character deserves some swag it is Pachimari. Here is


Overwatch Getting FFA Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch In Next Patch

Posted on August 11, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Heroes will clash against each other with no payload to escort in Overwatch’s upcoming Deathmatch mode which will be introduced in a new patch after the Summer Games conclude on August 28th. Unlike the death match-like Skrimish Mode, the official DM modes will come with their own special scoreboard and some modifications to player abilities. Gamer Director Jeff Kaplan surprised the community with the two new modes – Free for All Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch in a brand new developer update via the official Overwatch YouTube channel. Certain Heroes will not have access to all of their abilities during a


Overwatch’s Summer Games Are Now Live – Here Are The New Skins For 2017

Posted on August 8, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

The summer games have arrived once again in the futuristic world of Overwatch. This year’s iteration of Overwatch’s first ever seasonal event sees some changes to the Lucio Ball mode, the addition of competitive Lucio Ball for those brave enough and of course both the unlockable skins from last year and a few brand new ones for those lucky few who happen to get them as drops (or have 3000 credits laying around). Returning Skins Last year heroes like Torbjorn, Mercy, Genji and Zarya got a single skin that represented their country to celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics. Tracer received


Doomfist Arrives On Live Servers With New Overwatch Patch!

Posted on July 27, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Overwatch’s 25th hero, Doomfist, has finished his testing phase on the PTR and is now live on the PC and console versions of the game. Alongside the release of Doomfist – who has been adjusted considerably since his initial reveal – this latest patch brings a number of changes to player mobility across a number of heroes and voice lines for both D.VA and Genji. Doomfist I’ve covered Doomfist in the past two weeks a couple of times. So to get a quick impression of what he is capable of, here is a summary of his abilities that I posted


A Look At The Development of Overwatch’s Doomfist

Posted on July 22, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

The next hero to join Overwatch, the much hyped Doomfist, will be making his way onto the live servers this coming Thursday, July 27th. Ahead of his debut in the live version of the game Blizzard hosted a panel yesterday at the San Diego Comic Con where they talked about the development behind one of Overwatch’s most mysterious heroes. Filming doesn’t appear to have been allowed at the panel, as every YouTube video discussing the panel is an original work rather than a recording of the panel itself. Luckily for those of us not in California right now GameSpot was


Overwatch’s Doomfist Arrives And You Can Try Him Out Right Now

Posted on July 6, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

After teasing the existence of the third Doomfist since the original cinematic reveal trailer back in 2014, one of the leaders of Talon has finally come to the world of Overwatch in playable form. Today’s reveal comes alongside the release of a developer update featuring game Director Jeff Kaplan, an animated anime short featuring Overwatch Vs. Doomfist and the availability of the mighty fisted fighter on the Public Test Region! Let’s get the bad news for dedicated followers of Overwatch out of the way – for whatever reason (be it character related, overall direction, perhaps they never considered him for


Twitch Prime Giving Away Golden Loot Boxes For Overwatch

Posted on June 20, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Twitch & Amazon are bringing yet another AAA freebie with the announcement of special Golden Loot Boxes for Blizzard’s Overwatch. Every few weeks Twitch releases a brand new free loot for Twitch / Amazon subscribers, usually items and boosters for free to play titles. Existing Twitch Prime members can snag a one-time use code for which will add a single golden Loot box to their Overwatch game. golden boxes are guaranteed to contain at least one legendary, and this is the first time that these particular boxes have been offered.  This isn’t the end of the Blizzard X Twitch


Overwatch’s Next Map Sends Players To The Moon

Posted on June 2, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Overwatch’s next new map for both competitive and quick play will take Blizzard’s heroes to the moon with the upcoming addition of the Horizon Lunar Colony. This new map, lore wise, gives us a sense of where the game’s giant ape Winston grew up and the circumstances surrounding his past and an ape uprising on the moon. Gameplay wise Horizon Lunar Colony will feature a single low gravity section near point A. There is a set of airlock doors that players can move through to experience combat with less gravity – how long do you think Junkrat would let his


Jeff Kaplan Aware of Overwatch Community’s Concerns About Anniversary Loot Boxes

Posted on May 26, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Overwatch’s 1st-year-anniversary event is well underway with the first week of the three-week celebration almost complete. Now, game director Jeff Kaplan has acknowledged that the development team is aware of players complaints surrounding the drop rate of the coveted event only skins. Unlike previous events where the limited time skins came in a variety of rarities ranging from the rare blow to the high-quality blue drops to the epic quality orange legendries. The anniversary skins not only don’t encompass the entire 24 hero line-up but because they’re only available as legendaries a number of loot boxes needed to open to


Overwatch’s Anniversary Event Is Upon Us

Posted on May 23, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

The teased Overwatch anniversary event has descended onto Blizzard’s servers as promised. This update brings a whole selection of new skins (although sadly not every hero receives one), brand new emotes for all heroes including some hilarious dance emotes and a whole pile of common items that will remain in loot boxes after the anniversary event concludes. Also added were three brand new “arena maps” that will provide some much-needed variety to the elimination modes. Here is a small sampling of some of my favorite new skins: The following heroes received new time limited skins for the anniversary event: Pharah


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