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Speed runners is endless fun for a tiny price

Speed Runners is an endless runner with a twist. You have probably played endless runners before, perhaps on your phone? The objective is to run (forever) collect some things, dodge some obstacles, and eventually die. Speed Runners is a new take on this genre from TinyBuild games, it adds because it adds competitive multiplayer. You […]


Dishonored II Is Out This November

Bethesda‘s Dishonored II will be dropping on November 11th 2016 according to an image that appeared on the German branch of the publisher’s website. It is unknown if this post was made live by mistake but no English version of the post has yet to appear. The full title of the game appears to be Dishonored […]


Dawn of War III Is Ready To Usher In A New Generation of Warfare

It’s an all-out blood bath in the cinematic debut trailer for 2017’s Dawn of War III. Lasting over 4 minutes in length this trailer showcases a brutal war between the Imperium (humans), Orks and the Eldar. Set for a 2017 release on Windows PC with develop duties being handled by long time Warhammer 40K RTS developer Relic Entertainment […]

Ark: Survival Evolved

Jesse Rapczak from Studio Wildcard Answers ARK Community Questions

At PAX East 2016 we got the chance to ask Jesse Rapczak from Studio Wildcard some questions from the ARK: Survival Evolved community. Topics varied from: Will we ever see popular community mods in the console version of the game? Will we ever get Greek Fire throwables? And most importantly – Why are canons so […]


Root Double -Before Crime * After Days-. Review! VN GO!

A  VN Review by: Szko Trapped in an underground facility with no exit, in a race against time as radiation levels threaten to kill you, and far too many people to save. This is the premise of Root Double -Before Crime * After Days-. Root Double is a Visual Novel created by Regista and Yeti […]


Mighty Number 9 Has Officially Gone Gold, Out June 21st

Comcept, the developers behind the Kickstarter darling & spiritual successor to the Mega Man Franchise, Mighty Number 9,  have announced that the game has officially gone gold. Keiji Inafune, the mind behind the blue bomber and the protagonist of this latest game, Beck, wrote in part on the official Mighty Number 9 site about how […]

Total War: Warhammer Scenario Walk Through with Andy Hall

Total Warhammer is an upcoming tactical army battle game from SEGA and Creative Assembly. We had the amazing chance to watch a guided play through of one of the games missions with Andy Hall. Andy walked us through an attack scenario where he was playing as the humans and attacking a group of vampire counts.  […]


Hard Reset Redux is simply amazing

Hard Reset is a game from flying Wild Hog game, that came out in 2012. It was the studios first game development effort, and by 2012 standards was a fantastic game. With a Doom like vibe, and an awesome cyber punk setting the game was atmospheric, challenging, and gathered a cult following.Now Flying Wild Hog […]


Crossout demo’s Beta at Pax East + A Beta Code Giveaway!

Our two winners were: OG Nico Givenchy and Roland Sajovoelgyi     Today at Pax East I had the chance to get a hands on play test of the newest vehicular combat game on the block Crossout, made by Gaijinn entertainment the company’s own Alexander Trifonov gave us an interview and walked us through the basics of […]

Streamline is fun fast, and wacky

One of the first things I got to see at PAX this week was Streamline, a new game from Proletariat. The game it self is really quite simple, you play either as the broadcaster, who runs around trying to wack the contestants with a giant stop sign, or as the contestnats who run around collecting pac-man […]


Croixleur Sigma Video And Impressions

During PAX East Fionna and I had a chance to check out Croixleur Sigma on the show floor at the indie megabooth. This stylized anime infused action game includes a number of different modes and during the show I got the chance to play a few solid minutes while talking with some of the developer’s […]

Sad Oculus Rift

VRidge Now Supports Steam VR

Riftcat Software’s VRidge platform which allows PC owners to play Oculus Rift enabled games using a Google Cardboard viewer and their smartphone has announced that they’ve released an update to support the Steam VR suite of tools. This latest feature is currently in beta so bugs are to be expected. This latest beta works with […]


ITS: Into The Stars

Word around the information super highway is that this little game, aptly named Into the Stars, is a hybrid of Star Trek Commander and FTL: Faster Than Light, but is it really? The people have spoken and the people are generally right. Into the Stars is filling the void of the lack of spaceship commander […]


Atlas Reactor Beta Begins With New Features

Atlus Reactor the latest game from Trion Worlds has entered the closed beta phase according to a press release the developer released prior to the weekend. This closed beta includes brand new features like a new spectator mode, an inventory system, a storefront selling enhanced emoticons among other enhancements. Ganeplay in Atlas Reactor consists of […]

The Emporer Toad

Stories: The Path of Destinies | Review

“Stories: The Path of Destinies” is a fun, lighthearted action-RPG set in a high fantasy world of flying ships and sky-islands. You are going to lose, constantly, and you are going to love it. Stories is a bit like a choose your own adventure game, or the recently resurgent interactive fiction genre. It is meant […]

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