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A Computer Capable Of Running Battlefront Is Much Stronger Than You Can Possibly Imagine

The force must be strong with EA as they prepare to launch the Open Beta for Star Wars: Battlefront on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Ahead of Thursday’s official kick off the publisher has posted the minimum and recommended specs for game on its official Origin page. The recommended specs are probably going […]


BrokenCast Episode 5 – “Potions A Curious Tale Developer Interview”

Our latest episode of BrokenCast our semi-regular podcast about the world of gaming is here for your listening enjoyment. This week I and managing editor Fionna Fox sit down with Potions: A Curious Tale developer Renee Gittins, the founder of indie developer Stumbling Cat. We chat about what it is like to enter the world […]


The Witcher III: Hearts of Stone Trailer Arrives

Adventurers seeking more time with Geralt in The Witcher III are about to have their wish granted with the release of the game’s first expansion, Hearts of Stone, which launches on October 26th. This time around Geralt must recruit a crew of break-in artists, spend a night with some ghoulish creatures all in the name […]

What I’m Playing this week

Hey everybody Fionna Fox here with your weekly games check in! This week I am playing grey goo. It’s a great RTS from the teams that brought were once know as Westwood (may they rest in pieces THANKS EA). Its got a pretty deep camping so I expect it will take the majority of my […]


New Unannounced Star Wars: Battlefront Modes Surface Ahead of Open Beta

It looks like several YouTubers and press outlets already have access to the previously announced open beta for Star Wars: Battlefront as gameplay details and videos are starting to trickle out. The folks over at noticed that the beta includes 4 previously unannounced game modes which of course are not selectable during this stress […]


Counter Strike: Global Offensive World Championship Set For Oct 8th

Get hyped for the World Championship for Counter Strike: Global Offensive which has been set for October 8th 2015!  Some of the top CS: Go players from 16 different countries will be traveling to Belgrade to do battle. The CS: Go World Championship is a major event is a joint venture between Hitbox and E-Frag! […]


Star Wars Battlefront Open Beta Begins Next Week

I’ve been eagerly awaiting for my chances to check out EA’s upcoming Star Wars Battlefront reboot since it was announced over two years ago at E3 2013. As a lifelong Star Wars fan it’s always my hope that the next playable Star Wars experience will bring me one step closer to channeling the force. Now […]

Square Enix

Square Enix Brings Its Biggest Q4 2015 Titles To New York Comic Con

Square Enix will be attending the New York Comic Con from October 8th thru the 11th and they’ll be bringing some of their biggest titles for Q4 2015 / Q1 2015 with them. Here’s a full rundown of all of Sqaure Enix’s planned festivities for this year’s show. The publisher has two developer lead panels […]


Dungeon Defenders 2 | Preview

Previewed By: Focks Dungeon Defenders 2 is a game that combines the strategy of a tower defense and the elements of an action RPG. As a sequel to the 2010 original Dungeon Defenders DD2 has been in Steam early access for some time. Our staff writer Focks got a chance to spend about ten hours […]


Starcraft II: Legacy of The Void Reclamation Cinematic

Blizzard Entertainment released a brand new animatic for the upcoming third entry in the Starcraft II trilogy, Legacy of the Void. This new video showcases a bit of an abbreviated version of the Protos’ history as well as sets up the stakes for their planned reclamation of the their home planet, Aiur. If you haven’t […]

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