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Rumour : New Phantasy Star Online Game In The Works

Posted on February 2, 2024 by Rae Michelle Richards

Phantasy Star Online: New Genesis Version 2 just received a major update that included a level cap increase, concluding the Episode 6 storyline but that hasn’t stopped rumours that the next entry in the two decades old “Online” sub-franchise is in development.

This rumor comes by the way of X user MbKKsBHz3 (who despite having a handle that looks like a random password) is a well known leaker of all things SEGA and Atlus.

”There is a new PSO2 related title in development.” They wrote on X several days ago, which was picked up by the GamingLeaksandRumors SubReddit along with a collection of other tweets related to Atlus and SEGA related IP.

It is surprising to me that they specifically mention a “new PSO2 related game” as the base version of PSO2 is over a decade old and New Genesis’ open field concept hasn’t exactly set the fan base ablaze with hype. On a good day NGS can barely muster 2,000 players on Steam.

It will be interesting to see how SEGA handles a new entry in the PSO franchise given how fast they burned through 10 years of PSO2 base ver content in just 16 months only to launch NGS to mostly mixed reaction and server issues.

PSO2 did receive one spin-off game in the form of Phantasy Star Nova, a monster hunter type game using some assets from PSO2 for the PlayStation Vita. That game is long out of print but if you happen to have a copy, like I do, there is an unofficial English translation available.


SEGA 3D Classics Collection to come with Decals

Posted on February 11, 2016 by Jason Nason

SEGA announced today that pre-orders and a limited number of launch copies of SEGA 3D Classics Collection will come with the SEGA Classics Decal Sheet bonus item. The sheet will be available in every physical launch edition of the collection, and features nine SEGA logos and console stickers. The decals are a silver hue to add a nice contrast to your 3DS, giving it a distinct retro sheen.

The collection features some of SEGA’s signature games, and the bonus item adds the right amount of vintage goodness to complete the throwback experience.

The SEGA 3D Classics Collection will be released for $29.99/CA $44.99 in the Americas on April 26th, 2016. The collection is available for the 3DS in stores and digitally on the Nintendo eShop.

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SEGA to offer Classics Decal Sheet with pre-orders of SEGA 3D Classics Collection

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

SEGA has announced today that they will be giving out a 3DS sticker sheet with a limited number of pre-order and launch copies of Sega Classics 3D collection. The press release does not specify how many launch games will come with the sticker, but it does say that all pre-orders will receive the sheet. Gamers in North America will be able to get their hands on the retro themed collection on April 2nd. Hit the jump to see the list of the stickers.


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SEGA Revives 9 Classic Games For SEGA 3D Classics Collections

Posted on January 21, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

SEGA of America teased a brand new reveal coming today on their official twitter account and today the publisher announced that they will be reviving 9 of their classic Genesis titles for the SEGA 3D Classic Collection. As the title suggests 9 of the companies classic games including well known titles like the original Sonic The Hedgehog and Altered Beast will be available in a physical cartridge for the Nintendo 3DS.

Two of the included games, Power Drift & Puyo Puyo 2, were never released outside of Japan. Some of these games are already available digitally on Nintendo E-Shop but SEGA is hopping that owners of these games may consider double dipping for the promise of playing two previously unreleased titles.

SEGA 3D Classic Collection will be available at retail in North America for $29.99 USD / $44.99 CDN on April 28th.


Here’s a brief description of each game as provided by SEGA:

  • Power DriftA high octane sprite-based circuit racer
  • Puyo Puyo 2A head-to-head competitive puzzle game.
  • Maze WalkerA 3D mystery adventure.
  • Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa A classic psychedelic scrolling shooter.
  • Fantasy Zone II WFantasy Zone II W is basically an updated version of the game above.
  • Sonic The HedgehogControl the iconic character in the classic fast-paced platformer.
  • Thunder BladeHelicopters, guns, missiles and explosions. What more do you need?
  • Galaxy Force IISave the galaxy in this space themed3D shoot ’em up.
  • Altered BeastA beat ’em up set in ancient Greece.


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