Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Combat Changes Detailed

Posted on September 18, 2021 by Rae Michelle Richards

Square Enix livestreamed a nearly 5 hour presentation detailing the upcoming job changes coming to Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. During a rather lengthy discussion of each job had the major adjustments & new actions coming with the November launch of the new expansion. Producer / Director Naoki Yoshida also went hands-on to show off the brand new Reaper & Sage jobs in addition to the reworked Monk and Summoner.

If you want to know what changes are coming to your favorite job, I’ve jotted down all of the major changes discussed below.

This story is still developing the livestream is still happening so I’ll update this story if anything substantial is announced.

Battle Adjustments:
– Party Finder adjustments.
– Parties will include one pure healer and one barrier healer for Savage content.
– Party finder: Healer category will be split between both types.
– New options for players who have yet to receive weekly rewards.
– Search results will not longer include parties you can not join due to one person per job.

Duty Rewards Adjustments:
– Trials will drop a regular weapon and a coffer.
– Fourth encounter of savage tier (3.0+) will drop a coffer as well as a weapon.
– 4.0+ Savage will now drop gear and accessories as coffers.

Misc Battle Adjustments:
– Improved ground targeting functionality.
– New settings added to Character Configuration menu.
– Prevent cursor from moving beyond ground targeting range.
– Displays which party member target when casting
– For example you’ll see “WHM Raising Member [2]”.
– Also works for targeting enemies as well.
– Unreal Trials will be temporarily removed.
– Job adjustments will need to be finished with the level 90 level cap before revisiting Unreal Trials.
– Scheduled to be reintroduced in patch 6.1!

Downscaling Values:
– Difference in gear attributes from levels 50 – 80 will be reduced.
– Overall HP and Damage values will be reduced.
– Potency of meals, medicine and materia will be reduced.
– Adjusting to maintain balance with various systems.
– In general the reduction is about 1/5th

HQ Items Removal:
No longer available as HQ
– Gathered Items
– Enemy Drops
– Token Exchange Materials
– Non Crafted materials

Items Still Available
– Crafted Items
– Gear
– HQ Yield gathering abilities will be adjusted to quantity.

The Athernet UI Will Be Updated:

Datacenter Travel Delays:
– Due to urgent need to address server congestion Data Center Travel visit system has been delayed until after Patch 6.0x.
– Server team is working on server stability to avoid crashing and congestion.
– Will be introduced “6.x and beyond”.
– Additional traffic due to players moving within their regions.
– If servers went down during launch would make bug tracking harder.
– Too much of a risk.

Regarding Cloud Servers:
– Tested cloud technology with a “Major partner” two years ago.
– Long story short: With assessments completed. Costs would have been high. Stability issues
– Zone servers could be supported on cloud. But physical servers are more reliable.

General Tank changes:
Beneficial effects for using cooldowns at optimal times.
– Ranged attacks no longer break combo.
– Magical + Physical attacks will now have parity.

Paladin Changes:
– Requiescat now will be equally effective regardless of MP.
– Confetteor has a 3 attack combo now.

Warrior Changes:
– Damage up boosts can now be triggered + extended with AOE combos.
– Onslaught / Upheaval don’t cost gauge.
– New ability available after using inner release. – Inner release recast times 60 seconds.

Dark Knight Changes:
– Salted Earth now spawns around and makes a new ability available.
– It is no places on the ground.
– Your FRAY now gets new ability as well.

Gunbreaker Changes:
– 3 Powder slots on the job gauge (we saw this in the actions trailer)
– Savage Claw and Wicked Talon swap on the hotbar (One button combo)
– Any actions in between don’t break combo – Continuation usable after Burst Strike

General Melee DPS Adjustments:
– Feint now reduces magical and physical damage.
– Combos aren’t broken by Ranged Attacks (just like Tanks)
– Physical / magical parity on weapons of same ilevels and potency.

Dragoon Changes:
– Expanded AOE Rotation
– New weaponskill available upon execution of combo.
– Some of the existing actions have been removed over the years. Swapped them around for base skills.
– Blood of the Dragon is now a trait. No need to maintain it or use it.

Monk Changes:
– Chakras now unlocked at a lower level.
– New System: Mastering Blitz.
– # of charges available depending on the skills used when under the effect of perfect balance.
– With the Chakra system you will need to activate it with Perfect Balance.

Samurai Changes:
– Effects from Jinpu and Shifu now applied by AOE combos.
– A new action will be available in the vein of Tsubame-gaeshi.
– Wanted to preserve the feeling of a “pure melee” DPS. – Straight forward changes from the last expansion.

Ninja Changes:
– Actions linked to Raiton, Doton and Huton.
– An action making it easy to apply Huton.
– Dot will be gone
– No 4th mudra

Reaper (new job):
– Attacks in tandem with Avatar. Unleash powerful attacks by combining with the avatar.
– Grant buffs to party.
– Unique /special actions (see below)
– Soul Gauge you charge up which unleashes different attacks. Effects avatar attacks as well.
– Weapon skill own + avatar = 2nd gauge will build. Merge with the avatar and unleash devastating attacks.

General Physical Ranged Changes:
– Buffs that mitigate damage, recast time on Tact / Shield Samba adjusted to 90s.

Bard Changes:
– Each of 3 songs will make a new ability that applies party buff.
– Feedback for more support abilities with songs.
– Apex Arrow usage makes a new action available. (Level 90 cap stone move?)

Machinist Changes:
– New Action Chainsaw added (you can see this launching chainsaw blades during the Job Actions trailer)
– New ability added to the Automaton Queen
– Reassemble now has 2 charges.

Dancer Changes:
– Weapon skills like Flourishing Cascade will now be shared across single target and AOE.
– New skills open up upon using Technical Finish, Improvisation and Devilment.
– Smoother in terms of execution different rotation. Hotbar switching from AOE/Dancing

Red Mage Changes:
– A new action will be available after using Scorch. (Line AOE in the job trailer?).
– Verflare, Verholy and Scorch will now be AOES available part of the AOE rotation.
– Defensive party wide enhancement will be added.
– Manafication changes.


Summoner Changes (6.0 Rework)
– Full rework (might as well be a new job)
– All damage over time abilities removed.
– Use Ifrit, Garuda, Titan not just the egis.
– Concept is transferring energy into jewels.
– Tried to bring out of the feeling of traditional summoner.

Healer Changes:
– New actions that apply single target buffs (each healer).
– Cast time for offensive spells has been reduced.
– Limit break 3 area of effect expanded to 50 yalms.
– Two regen healers / two shield healers. Diurnal and Nocturnal Sect will be removed.

White Mage Changes:
– Simple update.
– Functionally and visually distinct restorative field action added.
– Focus: Pure healer.
– A holy spell has been added that lily charges
– Fluid Aura removed
– Divine Benison will have charges.

Scholar Changes:
– Is now classified as Barrier Healer.
– Unique action that enhances the party movement speed even during combat as been added. (Peloton for combat?)
– Functions like sprint but it will not overlap with the buff from sprint.
– Powerful healing spell

Astrologian Changes:
– Neutral sect will still give shields. Basic healing will be adjusted as if it was under Diurnal sect.
– The effect of Divination will be changed and seals are used for new enhancements.
– Redraw will no longer have charges.

Sage (new job):
– Focus is barrier healer.
– Able to attack enemies and heal party members simultaneous. Only works on one party member.
– Draws upon unique resources for healing / enhancements and attack magic
– The ability to target a single member of the part is called “Cardio”.
– When hitting an an enemy, attack can become a damage over time.
– Resource that you build to deploy instant barrier heals.
– Movement Skill – “Icarus” – Movement ability in actions trailer.


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