December 15, 2015

Lunara The Deer Assassin Enters The Nexus

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

The latest hero to enter the Nexus is Lunara the deer.. Dryad centaur Assassin that hails from the Warcraft universe.  Her agile abilities allow you to poison your foes and extend the duration of this damage if you are quick enough. Likewise her ultimate abilities also allow her to literally leap over enemies, slowing them down, or allow her to unleash a damaging storm of vines at will.

Blizzard has released a spotlight video giving players a rundown of all of the abilities that this new hero has to offer alongside some counter strategies for those who are bound to face her.

She is currently priced at 15,000 Gold – so if you’ve been doing your dailies perhaps you can afford her – or $4.99 USD thanks to the end of year extended Black Friday Sale.

[youtube id=”4OqrfLfaOnc”]


Natures Toxin (Passive) – Auto attacks poison enemies dealing 33 DMG + level modifier. Each additional attack increases amount of time poison lasts.

Noxious Blossom (Bound to Q) – After 0.5 Sec causes an explosion that deals 166 DMG + level modifier

Crippling Spores (Bound to W) –  Enemies currently afflicted by Natures Toxin have toxin duration increased by 3 sec + slowed by 40%.

WISP (Bound to E) – Spawns a Wisp to scout for you, lasts 45 seconds.

Ultimate Abilities

Thornwood Vine (Bound to R) – Sends forth a vine dealing 170 points of DMG + level modifier. Can have up to 3 charges.

Leaping Strike  (Bound to R) – Leap over an enemy slowing them by 80% and dealing 255 DMG + level modifier. Can have up to 2 charges.


PlayStation Holiday Sale Week Two Deals: Battlefront, Guilty Gear & More

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Sony has updated the PlayStation Store yet again with some fantastic deals thanks to the second week of their Holiday Sale. Some really big titles are on sale this week including Square Enix’s Final Fantasy X / X-2  remaster collection, Star Wars Battlefront many others. If you’ve missed out on some of the bigger games from last year & this year, then this might be the time to save a few bucks.

I’ve highlighted some of the games I think are worth checking out below:

PlayStation 4 Games On Sale

  • Divinity Original Sin – $47.99 USD
  • Guilty Gear XRD Sign – $20.00 USD
  • Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster – $29.99
  • Star Wars Battlefront – $40.18
  • The Crew – $17.99

PS Vita

  • Rainbow Moon – $4.95
  • Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess – $23.99
  • Metal Slug 3 – $7.50



Everything Announced In The Final Smash Bros Direct

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

It’s time to say goodbye to the hype train that is Super Smash Bros directs for the time being. Nintendo aired the final prepared video presentation this afternoon which featured two surprise character announcements – In the form of the witching Bayonetta & the transforming Corrin as well as a ton of additional content.

Previously Nintendo revealed that Cloud Strife will be joining the brawl –and you can download him right now for $5.99 USD (providing that the servers are stable). By purchasing Cloud you also gain access to the Midgard stage for either Wii-U, 3DS or both if you prefer!

Also announced alongside the two new characters were a whole bunch of Mii fighter outfits including licensed consumes from Wario Ware, Super Mario RPG, Sonic The Hedgehog and other franchises. At the end of the video Sakurai even re-counts how much content is available between the two versions and it is simply staggering.

To be honest I’m going to miss the hype and speculation that came with a Super Smash Bros direct. I could spend hours reading sub-reddits and forum threads guessing what the next announcement might be. At least Nintendo is holding onto Corrin, Bayonetta and a lot of the Mii Fighter stuff so we have something to look forward too in 2016!

Check out a summary of all of the announcements below alongside an embed of the YouTube presentation in its entirety.

New Character – Corrin From Fire Emblem Fates – $4.99 USD, Available Feb 2016

Smash 1

Cloud Available Now For $5.99 USD, Includes Midgard Stage – Available Now


Bayonetta – $5.99 USD, Includes New Stage – Available Feb 2016


New Mii Costumes Coming Soon

  • Chocobo Hat
  • Geno (Super Marip RPG)
  • Bionic Armor
  • Takamura
  • Ashley (Wario Ware)
  • Gil
  • Tails (Sonic The Hedgehog)
  • Knuckles (Sonic The Hedgehog)

[youtube id=”j1JERhUoQoU”]


Final Fantasy VII Remake Details Revealed in Famitsu

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Broken Joysticks

Final Fantasy VII remake

The new issue of Famitsu, the famous Japanese gaming magazine, has revealed new info about the Final Fantasy VII remake. Most notably, the game will have more focus on Biggs, Wedge, and Jesse, as well as a fully explorable Midgar.

Square has been slowly dripping out info regarding the remake of the classic game, and not all of it has been received positively. In recent gameplay footage, the new battle system was revealed which does away with much of the turn-based elements of the original game in favour of a system resembling that of the FF XIII series. There has of course also been the decision to split up the game into “episodes”, which will be sold separately. There has been no word on how many of these episodes there will be.

It’s hard not to be sceptical of the Final Fantasy VII remake considering what a terrible, terrible, terrible company Square Enix has become. Seemingly second only to Konami in how disconnected it is from the fanbase that still tries its best to support it. Having said that, I don’t think the decision to radically change some of the content from the original game is a bad one. If you want to justify selling this thing for more than 60 dollars, splitting it up into multiple parts, you better have some new content to justify it. Give me more of the city to explore, give me cyberpunk chocobo races, GIVE ME MORE DRESSES TO PUT CLOUD IN GODDAMMIT


The point is, if Square Enix is going to get away with charging multiple times for a remake, it does need to add new content. Now of course, that is no guarantee that the new content will be good. This is modern Square Enix after all, but I really can’t fault them for trying to take the game in a new direction, especially since a port of the game has already been made available on the PS4 earlier this month for 15 bucks. It is already perfectly possible for folks to play the original game on modern consoles, so to justify the price tag, Square will have to do something radical. Let’s just hope that this new direction doesn’t turn out to be as bad as the previous six “new directions” Square Enix has tried over the past decade.


The dress is back, this time in Just Cause 3

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Just cause 3 has no shortage of easter eggs, so will come as no suprise to many people that a popular internet meme from the last year also slipped in. Some people may remember “the dress” which made the rounds on the internet causing many people to question their perception of color with its simple question, is it white and Gold?  or black and blue?

Originating on steam from a user called Ricochet227  it seems that the developers of Just Cause too felt the needs to weigh in on the fight between yellow and black in their own way. Steam user Ricochet227 posted pictures of the two women, saying he found them on a rooftop in a settlement called Citate Di Rivello. One woman is wearing a black-and-blue dress, while the other is wearing one that looks more white and gold.


Gold and White? Black and Blue?

Steam user AliceTheGorgon posted an image, saying the dressses are “actually different colors in-game.” Sparking a new the ages old debate of weather or not this dress was Black with blue accents, or Gold with white. Personally I just love that the developers of JC3 have enouhg of a sense of humor to include things like this in their game. Though i haven’t had a chance to play JC3 yet, I hope to soon, and our review will be out this week, so stay tuned!


Guitar Hero Live adds Rivals Challengs

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Guitar Hero Live is Finally getting skill based matchmaking. The team at FreeStyleGames are continuing to explore new ways to make GHTV an even more exciting experience for players. The studio has been listening to feedback from the community; most notably the desire for head-to-head competition to test your skills against other players. Rivals will pit similarly skilled players against each other a first for this new Guitar Hero.

We absolutly loved Guitar Hero live, and you can read our review here, but needless to say it was a fantastic offering, and this will only make it better. Additional features are also now available in GHTV, including the ability to “favourite” a song and a new daily token reward for those who have depleted their Plays.

For more information about Rival Challenges and more, please visit the FreeStyleGames blog 


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