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Friday the 13th Game Manages To Reach Kickstarter Goal

With only a few days left on the clock, the Friday the 13th project by relatively new studio Gun Media has managed to inch past its 700.000 dollar goal on kickstarter. The game, which will be a multiplayer focused title […]


New Shenmue III Screenshots Revealed

  [youtube id=”gY6GzhjPXaE”] From a bygone era that nearly broke Sega, Shenmue III rose from the ashes to breathe life into a franchise that had one of the more dedicated followings among gaming communities online: once developer Ys Net and creator Yu […]


Turn-Based Wild West Shooting Game Hard West Releasing November 4th

Developed by CreativeForge Games, a new studio that has made exactly one game before this which I hadn’t heard of before googling them, Hard West is a strange beast. With a gameplay style shown in trailers that is reminiscent of […]


Allison Road Leaves Kickstarter and Picked Up by Team17

In kind of a quirky turn of events, studio Team17 has decided to back the indie game Allison Road, which looks to pick up where PTs seems to have left off. This may be a good run for the studio who has […]


Allison Road Frightens Up Some Cash With KickStarter

First person indie horror Allison Road made a rather impressive splash this summer when its developers released footage of the game’s prototype. Due to its similar first person style and the fact that it is set in a modern urban […]


I’m Not Alone In Wanting A New 2D Metroid-vania

Koji Igarashi won a victory for all gamers who have wanted more 2D Castlevania RPG styled action. In a stunning victory, his Kickstarter has almost generated a million dollars more than requested. It’s clear that gamers have been eager to […]


New Ultima Underworld Needs You To Be A Hero Now

One of the most fantastic RPG series ever, was Ultima Underworld. Now thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, the original team behind Underworld is hoping to bring back that legendary adventure. Back in the day there was nothing like the freedom […]


Kickstarter Launches Canadian Events

Are you Canadian and have a project that needs funding? What is arguably the most recognizable crowd funding platform, KickStarter, will be launching north of the border on September 9th.  To celebrate the company will be holding four events on […]


Road Rash Redemption Kickstarter Adds XBLA Version

That is, if the goal is reached. Road Rash, how I miss you. How I miss taking down P.E. No.1. The chains, the mace, and overall hectic motorcycle racing carnage. The first time I played Road Rash was back on […]


Alpha Colony Kickstarter Yields Surprise Twist Ending

For those that were fans of the mid-80’s perennial interstellar economical multiplayer game known to many as M.U.L.E., then recently there was some good news. The developers at DreamQuest Games who have worked on a number of titles including Nexuiz […]


Genesis RPG, Pier HD, May Head To Dreamcast & Current Gen!

I think a lot of people in the gaming community laughed when a Sega Genesis game, Pier, was released by an independent developer in 2010. This RPG was a love letter to an RPG long past and thanks to Kickstarter […]


Hero U: Rogue To Redemption – Funded

This just in, the new game by Quest For Glory creators Lori and Corey Cole, as well as some of Brawsome team and Fable Foundry Creative Studio, has been funded on Kickstarter! They’ve reached their goal and the legendary game […]


The History Behind ‘Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams‏’

Rae has already provided a great preview for Giana Sisters in our new section, ‘What’s New On The Shelf,’ but I’d like to elabourate on the background of this game and why you should be interested. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams‏ […]


Is ‘Haunts’ Kickstarter’s First Failed Game?

There’s been a lot of buzz about Kickstarter lately. With several big name projects popping up including names like Doublefine, Ron Gilbert and others. It was only a matter of time before one of these projects went belly up and […]


The Heroes Who Made Quest For Glory Need U

Not to be confused with all the recent U puns for the Wii-U, the creators of Quest for Glory are back looking to make a new PC game with some hardcore fans and some of the folks from Jolly Rover, […]