Road Rash Redemption Kickstarter Adds XBLA Version

That is, if the goal is reached. Road Rash, how I miss you. How I miss taking down P.E. No.1. The chains, the mace, and overall hectic motorcycle racing carnage. The first time I played Road Rash was back on Sega Genesis and I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve long wished for a reboot or a re-release over XBLA and/or PSN and it looks like that it’s a possibility – with your help, that is.

DarkSeas Games, based out of New Orleans, is looking to seek support (and I mean the financial kind) to help raise even more money for their stretch goal in their Kickstarter project titled: Road Rash Redemption. You can find the link the Kickstarter game here. The XBLA version would require $178,000 to become reality and as of now they are sitting at almost $110,000. So, that’s about $70,000 they need to raise over 5 days to get a XBLA version up and going. So please spread the word!

A fan trailer for Road Rash Redemption was created by one of the backers if you’re having trouble remembering what Road Rash is all about…

[youtube id=”w-P7hR0rbD4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you’re a fan of Road Rash I highly encourage to spread the word around so this becomes a reality.

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