Hero U: Rogue To Redemption – Funded

This just in, the new game by Quest For Glory creators Lori and Corey Cole, as well as some of Brawsome team and Fable Foundry Creative Studio, has been funded on Kickstarter! They’ve reached their goal and the legendary game creators will be coming back with a new title focused on reform school life for a rogue who failed his initiation.

So they’re back! No longer will we have to look back and wish for more games by Lori and Corey Cole. That day is here! It was a long battle too, with the final funds coming in just at the last moment with a flood of supper pouring in over the weekend.

If you’re interested in more details, check out their Kickstarter page! The team has kept up with tons of updates to inform investing fans about the awesome project they have underway.

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