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Toronto Injustice 2 Press Event Interview With Ed Boon

Posted on May 11, 2017 by Les Major

Injustice 2-Interview

Want to see one of the creators of Mortal Kombat discussing the huge new fighting game hitting store shelves next week? Of course you do! Check out our video coverage of Toronto’s Injustice 2 event last night with Ajay Fry hosting an interview with Ed Boon himself! I even got to ask the first audience question! How awesome is that?!

We got to join in for some gameplay too, but the real highlight of the evening was meeting the man himself! In the interview Ed discusses what makes Injustice 2 different, and what will surely be a reason that many keep playing. That reason is the new Gear system! Check out the interview below!

The battle begins May 16th!


Batgirl DLC On Route To Injustice: Gods Among Us

Posted on May 10, 2013 by Les Major

Revealed by an accidental Xbox Live listing as shown here Nether Realm has since revealed that Batgirl will indeed be a DLC character. The Mortal Kombat developer stated “Looks like the bat’s out of the bag. Batgirl is a playable DLC character in Injustice. Catch her gameplay next week!”

This brings us up to two of four DLC characters we know of with Lobo being the first announced who will be released on May 7th. He was announced when the game was released presumably (spoilers) due to his inclusion in one of the characters ending sequences in battle mode.Read More


Injustice: Reviews Among Us – More Hands On Impressions

Posted on May 3, 2013 by Les Major

It seems we here at Broken Joysticks love Injustice. Unfortunately we can only share one review per site, so think of this as a compliment to kashhoward’s wonderful review. Below is my review from Darkain Arts Gamers that I am sharing as an extended hands on impression to my time with the game so far. I played the Xbox 360 version and also gave the game a 9 out of 10.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a departure from Mortal Kombat’s usual fighting style, but has familiar elements that will keep Nether Realm fans from feeling alienated. Considered a way for the team to take some risks and experiment with new concepts, Injustice is an excellent example of what an established company can do with a property they seem passionate about.Read More


Injustice Battle Arena Finale Released

Posted on April 20, 2013 by Les Major

Leading up to the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, there has had a fantastic tournament running featuring fan votes deciding the battles. Not only that but celebrities have been in on the action as well! Definitely take a look through the games official youtube channel for all the action. We’re focusing on this tournaments final battle between Superman and Batman, as well as Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. It’s a little NSFW but then again Injustice is rated T for Teen after all. There is a more direct video on the site if you want to skip all the fun, but this really is a great feature that celebrates the release of the game. Read on for the video.Read More


Injustice Interview With Senior Producer Adam Urbano

Posted on April 16, 2013 by Les Major

Here is a look back at my interview with the Senior Producer on Injustice, Adam Urbano! Recorded at a press event in Toronto for BrokenJoysticks.net it was great getting to talk to someone not only with so much information about the game, but who is also part of NetherRealm itself. Injustice: Gods Among Us was released today for the Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3. Read on for the video interview!Read More


Tried The Injustice: Gods Among Us Demo Yet?

Posted on April 9, 2013 by Les Major

Last week a demo was released for PS3 and Xbox Gold Members for NetherRealm’s latest fighter, Injustice. Allowing gamers to not only give the fighting system a whirl to see how it differs from Mortal Kombat, but also to play as either Wonder Woman, Batman, or Lex Luthor, in a four tier fight leading to Doomsday. The demo itself only focuses on the Gotham rooftop arena which leads down into the streets too if you power slam your opponent off the far right of the building.

This is a wonderful taste, but don’t forget about the cinematic storyline and S.T.A.R. Labs challenge mode that will be coming in the full game. All this in just one week from today! So brush up on your skills using the background of Injustice to your tactical advantage and get ready for a DC Comics adventure unlike anything you’ve seen before. Injustice will be released April 16th.


Injustice: Gods Among Us On The Wii U GamePad

Posted on March 29, 2013 by Les Major

At the recent WB Interactive press event we attended to check out Injustice I was able to confirm the role the Wii U GamePad would play NetherRealm’s new fighter. Fortunately it’s quite a solid concept mainly focusing on displaying your characters special moves on the view screen. This is a great way to keep you in the action and allow reference at a quick glance. Gamers can also switch from TV to GamePad play if they wish, allowing for play on the controllers screen.

Otherwise the Wii U version will control like it’s PS3 and Xbox 360 counterparts. I unfortunately forgot to ask about multiplayer on the Wii U version but some game sites are reporting it as a two player game. We’ll definitely update gamers on the status as soon as we know.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is due out April 16th.


Hands On With Injustice: Gods Among Us

Posted on March 28, 2013 by Les Major

Today was the big day! Mandy and I visited a WB Interactive press event in Toronto to play an earlier build of Injustice: Gods Among Us and it’s awesome! I’m sure that surprises no one, so lets get into some details shall we?

Our preview showed us various game modes and let us get into combat ourselves including the story mode. April 16th is coming soon and we’re eager to see the release of the game. So what did we experience today? Read on to find out!Read More


DeathStroke Joins NetherRealm’s Injustice Gods Among Us

Posted on November 29, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

DeathStroke, a master assassin in the D.C Universe has been announced as the next playable character in the expanding roster of Injustice: Gods Among Us. Deathstroke’s fighting style according the publisher utilizes a series of small hand held weapons for both ranged and melee attacks.

If you are wondering DeathStroke’s comic back story – He’s a former army soldier who was part of a secret government program in the 1960s to create superhuman soldiers. After unfortunate events such as the kidnapping his son, some drama with his wife and the loss of his eye he became a mercenary. Anyone who watched 2004’s Teen Titans or read the comics would know him under his other alias Slade.

InJustice: Gods Among Us is the next fighting game from the folks at NetherRealm Studios, the creators behind the legendary Mortal Kombat franchise. It will be released next April for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Check out his debut trailer below:

[youtube id=”PVDqpsXAgLI” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Catwoman Revealed For Injustice: Gods Among Us

Posted on August 13, 2012 by Broken Joysticks

At Gamescon today, NetherRealm Studios revealed a new character for their DC Fighter, Injustice: God Among Us, Catwoman. Her combos rely on her agility, claw attacks and using her whip as well. She joins Superman, The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Solomon Grundy, Harley Quinn, Nightwing and Cyborg. Below you can view her trailer.

The game is slated to be released in 2013.

[youtube id=”iLqZqi9iYk8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]




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