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Universal Windows Platform Apps Comes To Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Posted on July 28, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Creating a video game can be daunting for seasoned pros and possibly completely overwhelming for the absolute beginner. I’ve written a few times about Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and why I believe that it is probably the #1 most user friendly way to make your first game. Now, the folks at Clickteam have given users of their scripting free system the ability to bring their creations to both Xbox One and the Windows Store via Windows Universal Apps (or UWP).

What is UWP? It is Microsoft’s framework for universal programs that can run on any device that runs a Windows 10 operating system. Whether your target platform is Windows Phone, Xbox One or Windows 10 desktop – UWP ensures that once your application or game has been compiled it will scale onto the different form factors of hardware. All of this means that testing and deployment are a lot easier than before!

Xbox One Controller

So why am I advocating the use of Clickteam Fusion 2.5 over an established engine like Unity? The powerful event editor in Fusion 2.5 allows budding developers to code their game’s logic without having to know C# or other scripting languages. Instead, Fusion 2.5 uses a combination of the grid like Event Editor and what’s called a “frame editor” to allow developers to visually map out their game or application.

I asked Clickteam USA‘s Chris Carson about what the release of the UWP exporter means for Fusion 2.5 developers. Here is what he had to say:

“The most powerful feature I think UWP will bring to the table, once Microsoft migrates support for UWP to Xbox One, is direct export capability to a console. UWP is super easy to use, export your Visual Studio project with Fusion, Open it in Visual Studio and the compile to test on device. Besides Xbox One, the exporter allows projects to be built for Windows 10 PC’s, Windows 10 tablets and phones. The UWP platform is what is supported by the Windows 10 App store.”


If you own an Xbox One retail console you can already start testing UWP apps or games on the console thanks to the Developer Mode that is available in the most recent software update. It does require a $20 Microsoft Developer account in order to get working, but that is a lot less than the many thousands of dollars that AAA developers have to pay for their debug console access.

Clickteam’s UWP exporter is available either through their official website or it can also be purchased directly from their Steam Store page. The UWP exporter does require at least the Standard version of Fusion 2.5 in order to compile UWP projects.

If you happen to make something really cool with Clickteam Fusion please let us know in the comments!




Degica Discounts RPG Maker MV By 50% Alongside Free Weekend 

Posted on May 27, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

For the next 48 hours Degica’s game development software in the two decades old RPG Maker series is free on steam until the end of the weekend.  This indie game development mainstay is so powerful that there are several professional level indie releases that have used it and it is simple enough that potential programmers can get their games running in a little under an hour.

The latest edition RPG Maker MV adds a number of brand new features including for the first time the ability to export IOS & Android mobile games.  Developers can use the programming interface / editor on either Windows or Mac machines, ensuring that their creations can be tweaked regardless of operating system.  Developers can also output HTML 5, enabling them to put their applications on the web – playable in most modern browsers.

Other improvements to be found in RPG Maker MV include support for higher resolution art assets – with the default sprites being 1.5x those of the previous version. Another new feature is ability for game developers to change the type of battle system their game will use with just the click of one button – either the traditional RPG maker first person camera or a side by side sprite view reminiscent of the classic Final Fantasy titles.

If you’re looking to make your own Roleplaying game and don’t feel like using the free version of Unity 3D, the user friendly Clickteam Fusion series of products then give RPG Maker MV a shot. With the discount the standard version of RPG Maker MV is priced at $44.99 CDN.



Clickteam Fusion 3 Hopes To Revolution Indie Game Development [World Premiere]

Posted on March 19, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Games have been my passion since I was very young and along with this passion came the spark of creativity – hoping that someday I would be able to develop my own video games. A piece of software from then little-known French software creation firm Clickteam called The Games Factory helped me explore the core concepts of game design. 16 years later, Clickteam is still around and their most current piece of engine technology, Clickteam Fusion 2.5 powers some of the most popular indie titles such as Five Nights at Freddy’s and The Escapists.

The next generation of Clickteam developers who grew up using Yves Lamouruex & Francis Poulain’s original engine technology are now taking the helm and preparing to user in their most ambitious development tool to date – Clickteam Fusion 3. While this product is still in a very early state -and isn’t expected to release for some time – Chris Carlson & Anders Riggelsen were more than happy to give BrokenJoysticks the world premire look at their next generation engine in the making.Read More


Crytek Announces CryEngine V Alongside New Pricing Model

Posted on March 16, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

CryEngine, the engine, and tool set that power AAA franchises like Crysis, Far Cry and others had a brand new version unveiled yesterday at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco. Titled CryEngine V this brand new iteration of the development toolkit from Crytek focuses on making game development more accessible for AAA, developers on a budget and indies alike.

How exactly does Crytek hope to make their engine available to more developers? By shifting away from an expensive paid licensing model to a more flexible “pay what you can” model. This means that developers can gain access to the CryEngine source code, toolkit and feature set without paying any royalties to the original developers.

CryEngine V also puts an emphasized focus on emerging Virtual Reality headsets. It will support the development of games for Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC VIVE and Razor’s Open Source VR Platform.

Like other leading engines CryEngine V will also support the sale of assets through an online marketplace for use in developer’s projects. This new marketplace not only gives developer’s access to thousands of community created assets but also a vast library of objects, sounds & code developed by Crytek themselves. Alongside the announcement of the new structure Crytek and Humble Bundle launched a PWYC asset bundle – so if you want to grab some resources that are engine ready, these start as low as $1!

In a press release issued by Crytek the following features were highlighted:

· C# Enabled: A new API that allows developers who know C# to start scripting in CRYENGINE V right away.
· Reworked Low Overhead Renderer: Significantly increases the performance of today’s hardware in graphically intensive applications.
· DirectX 12 support: Utilize the latest branch of DirectX to take greater control of hardware resources.
· Advanced Volumetric Cloud System: Optimized for VR to give clouds full 3D spatial rendering for higher quality with minimal performance hit.
· New particle system: Create stunning real-time fluid effects, handled almost entirely on the GPU.
· A new launcher and UI: Navigate CRYENGINE more intuitively thanks to a streamlined UI which includes realigned features and new icon groupings.
· FMOD Studio support: Allowing greater flexibility in audio middleware selection.
· CRYENGINE Answers: A dedicated channel where the CRYENGINE community can share questions and answers.

Want to see the new engine in action? CryTek released the following 2-minute trailer to show off CryEngine V.

[youtube id=”wcnrt1pX5XA”]


Dev Talk: Building and Managing Your Team – Renee Gittins

Posted on January 15, 2016 by Renee Gittins

Renee Gittins discusses how to recruit a team and lead them to help you create the game of your vision. Balancing your own preferences and desires with theirs, you can build a strong team that respects each other and works well together towards a common goal.

Renee covers details such as compensation methods, communication and management tools and other items you need to transform your personal project into a full team project.


“Star Wars Open World RPG” Kickstarter Showcases Game Development Delusions

Posted on January 5, 2016 by Renee Gittins


A new game has been announced on Kickstarter. It’s an expansive, open world RPG in the Star Wars universe with graphics rivaling Star Wars: Battlefront and “with the feel of The Witcher 3“. The game is set to launch December 2017 if its funding goal of $200,000 is met within the next 26 days. Development has yet to start, the team has not yet been formed, and licenses have not yet been acquired.

If you could not contain your laughter upon reading the last paragraph, congratulations, you may have a sane understanding of video game development.

While Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites have been an amazing resource for game developers requiring additional resources to complete their games, it also has been a breeding grounds for false promises, poorly managed development and even theft. Few developers using crowdfunding are outright malicious, but there are countless who try their hardest and still cannot produce the game they thought that they could on the budget they planned.Read More


Saint’s Row IV Once Featured Dragons & Stephen Colbert

Posted on March 25, 2013 by Rae Michelle Richards

Would you believe us if we told you that Saints Row IV originally featured Stephen Colbert as the president of the United States? How about taking a page from Skyrim, with dragons flying around all over the place?

For a game originally scheduled to be a downloadable expansion to Saints Row IV, titled Enter The Dominatrix, The folks at Violition have had so many crazy ideas that they have tossed entire drafts of the game’s script in to the trashbin. All of the details come from a rather detailed piece over at IGN.Read More


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