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Saints Row IV Lets You Battle Aliens As The President

It’s no surprise with this quirky series that takes itself less and less seriously with each sequel, but yes, this time you are the president (seemingly still in your Saints Row custom character lead) fighting an alien race known as […]


Saint’s Row IV Once Featured Dragons & Stephen Colbert

Would you believe us if we told you that Saints Row IV originally featured Stephen Colbert as the president of the United States? How about taking a page from Skyrim, with dragons flying around all over the place? For a […]


Saints Row: The Third’s Compilation Disc In November Is Huge

One of 2011’s best (and goofiest) games, Saints Row: The Third, is receiving a compilation disc aptly named, Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package. Fans of the game from the states can expect it to hit stores on November […]


Saints Row 3 Season Pass On Sale Today Only!

If any of you have been holding out on buying the Saints Row 3 Season Pass, now is the time to act.  Only for today has the price been cut as part of Microsoft’s “Back To School Sale”. It has […]