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Degica Discounts RPG Maker MV By 50% Alongside Free Weekend 

For the next 48 hours Degica’s game development software in the two decades old RPG Maker series is free on steam until the end of the weekend.  This indie game development mainstay is so powerful that there are several professional level indie releases that have used it and it is simple enough that potential programmers can get their games running in a little under an hour.

The latest edition RPG Maker MV adds a number of brand new features including for the first time the ability to export IOS & Android mobile games.  Developers can use the programming interface / editor on either Windows or Mac machines, ensuring that their creations can be tweaked regardless of operating system.  Developers can also output HTML 5, enabling them to put their applications on the web – playable in most modern browsers.

Other improvements to be found in RPG Maker MV include support for higher resolution art assets – with the default sprites being 1.5x those of the previous version. Another new feature is ability for game developers to change the type of battle system their game will use with just the click of one button – either the traditional RPG maker first person camera or a side by side sprite view reminiscent of the classic Final Fantasy titles.

If you’re looking to make your own Roleplaying game and don’t feel like using the free version of Unity 3D, the user friendly Clickteam Fusion series of products then give RPG Maker MV a shot. With the discount the standard version of RPG Maker MV is priced at $44.99 CDN.


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