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Advanced Wars Inspired ‘Tiny Metal’ Delayed Until December 21st

Tiny Metal a Japanese developed turn-based strategy game heavily inspired by Nintendo’s own Advanced Wars series has been delayed and will no longer be releasing tomorrow. Fans looking forward to some chibi tactical strategy on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch will have to wait until the game […]


Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water May Be a Digital Only Release

Horror game fans haven’t had many AAA games to look forward too after the demise of Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills earlier this year. Koei Tecmo is looking to this gap in the genre with release of Fatal Frame: Maiden of […]


Nintendo 64 Games Launching On The Wii U E-Shop

The Nintendo 64 didn’t get as much love as other classic Nintendo consoles in terms of Virtual Console in the 7th generation but hopefully the second time around is a bit better with the announcement of N64 games for the […]


Mario Kart 7, Star Fox and Zelda OOT Added To JPN 3DS E-Shop

Nintendo’s latest update to the Japanese E-Shop almost reads like a best of list for any 3DS newcomer. If you’ve got spare change to burn, a Japanese 3DS and a large memory card then you my friend are in for […]


Nintendo Download UK Edition – 09.7.12

It’s Monday and that can only mean one thing for our friend across the Atlantic, time for new releases on the Nintendo E-Shop and 3DS shop. Headlining this week’s release are Sparkle Snapshots from Nintendo, a 3DS application that lets […]


Pokemon Dream Radar & PokeDex 3D Pro Work With Black & White 2

Nintendo reaffirmed that owners of Pokemon Black & White 2 will benefit from playing the game on a 3DS, even though the game was designed for the original 3DS. Details were sparse but players will be able to use the […]