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SEGA Confirms Valkyria Chronicles Remastered For North American Release

Prepare to gather the ragtag group of Squad 7 as they prepare to defend the country of Galloa from the advancing forces of the Empire. As war rages across the Europan continent it will be up to members like Alicia […]


Valkyria Chronicles Remastered First Trailer Released

You might have missed it over the holidays but SEGA’s official YouTube channel released a new trailer for Valkyria Chronicles Remastered for the PlayStation 4. In addition to a higher resolution (1080P versus the PS3 original’s 720P) the PS4 version […]


SEGA USA Confirms Valkyria Chronicles Coming To PC

SEGA Has begun hinting that their 2008 cell shaded strategy RPG Valkyria Chronicles will find its way onto PC sometime in the near future. In a short tweet on their official twitter account SEGA USA teased that the members of […]