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The Original Valkyria Chronicles Available On Nintendo Switch

Posted on October 19, 2018 by Rae Michelle Richards

SEGA’s classic mix of Real Time Strategy, Visual Novel Storytelling and watercolor inspired aesthetics – Valkyria Chronicles – is now available digitally on the Nintendo E-Shop for Switch. It’s hard to believe that the original tale of Squad 7 was released a decade ago on the PS3, I remember buying it’s original release on day 1! Now veteran commanders and fresh recruits alike can join Alicia, Welkin and the other members of Squad 7 in the game that kicked off the Valkyria franchise. There wasn’t anything like it upon release, and to this day it remains a solid JRPG worth your time, even if it has quite a few harsh difficulty spikes.

Valkyria Chronicles is priced at $19.99 USD or $29.99 CDN and is actually smaller in file size than the PlayStation 3 original. While this release doesn’t support the 60 Frames Per Second that the Remastered version supports on PC and PS4 – it does include all of the DLC an EX missions made for the game.


  • Valkyria Chronicles – Everywhere, 23/7 – Play on your TV or via the Nintendo Switch’s built-in screen, the troops are ready to move out.
  • The complete Valkyria Chronicles experience  –  all additional downloadable content from the first game in the series is included in this Switch version.
  • A war, two fronts –  Set during the Second Europan War, in this fantasy version of the 1930s. In Valkyria Chronicles, we follow Lieutenant Gunther and his Squad 7 in their fight against the Imperial Alliance.
  • Experience the CANVAS engine BLiTZ Battle System –  Valkyria Chronicles is a watercolor come to life thanks to the CANVAS engine and gameplay mixing real-time and turn-based battle. The BLiTZ Battle System ensure an original and fascinating experience in more than one way.
  • A legendary composer for a legendary series –  The great Hitoshi Sakimoto animates the battlefield with mastery thanks to a soundtrack that remains memorable.

Source: SEGA PR


Valkyria Revolution Storms Onto The PlayStation 4 Today

Posted on June 27, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

SEGA’s Valkria franchise hasn’t seen an original release in North America in 7 and a half years but the beloved cell-shaded franchise returns with the PlayStation 4 release of Valkyria Revolution on PS4, Vita and Xbox One today.

Eschewing the unique turn based / action focused combat system from the original titles in favor of full-on action RPG combat puts players right into the heart of the action without sacrificing the strategic elopements that helped make the Valkyria franchise a cult classic. Story-wise players will once again recruit a ragtag team of soldiers, this time helmed by Princess Ophellia and Captain Amleth Gronjaer as they defend the continent of Europa from the oncoming forces of the Ruzi Empire.

To celebrate the launch of Valkryia Revolution SEGA has several planned pieces of free DLC to expand the game. Including:

  • Special Issue Gear: Veteran’s Pouch – Grants a 10% EXP bonus
  • Spinning Squall – Special Ragnite used in battle
  • Burn Field + – Special Ragnite used in battle
  • 30 Ragnite Shards
  • Smash Blaze + – Special Ragnite used in battle.

All five pieces of DLC listed above are available now with three additional Scenario and Item Packs arriving in North America for free on July 5th, July 11th and July 18th. These additional packs include new quests, in the form of “tales”, more free ragnite shards and additional battle actions to expand your armies repertoire.  Sounds like Valkyria Revolution fans will have a lot of content to keep them busy during one of the hottest summer months.

Upcoming DLC for Valkyria Revolution includes:

  • Scenario Pack: The Vanguard (Available now)
  • Scenario Pack: The Circle of Five (July 5th)
  • Scenario Pack: The Princess and the Valkyria (July 11th)
  • Scenario Pack: Maxim and Remembrance (July 18th)

Reviews on the game have so far been mixed but I’m looking forward to checking it out. I’ve been a fan of the Valkria franchise since the 2009 North American release of the original game, I bought the digital version of Valkyria Chronicles 2 on Vita as soon as it was available and I’m still sad that VC3 never made it to the west. My limited edition arrived today and I was surprised to see that the first print-runs of Valkyria Chronicles included a bonus collector’s pin and a soundtrack sampler. Perhaps if Revolution is successful we will see future entries in the Valkria franchise and won’t have to wait another painful seven years.

A free Valkyria Revolution theme is also available via the PlayStation Network for PS4.



SEGA Confirms Valkyria Chronicles Remastered For North American Release

Posted on January 25, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Prepare to gather the ragtag group of Squad 7 as they prepare to defend the country of Galloa from the advancing forces of the Empire. As war rages across the Europan continent it will be up to members like Alicia and Welkin will have a secret weapon against the Empire, a prototype tank that will, with your help, defend Gallia’s stores of Ragnite ore.

SEGA originally released Valkyria Chronicles for the PlayStation 3 back in 2009. Last year an upgraded version was made available for Windows PC through Steam. Like the version from last year the PlayStation 4 version will include all previously released DLC. It will also run at 60 frames per seconds at 1080p as well, a significant increase from the original PS3 version. Folks who purchase a first run copy or pre order will also get a limited edition steel case.

[youtube id=”tcqUN-fqPFE”]


Valkyria Chronicles Remastered First Trailer Released

Posted on January 5, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

You might have missed it over the holidays but SEGA’s official YouTube channel released a new trailer for Valkyria Chronicles Remastered for the PlayStation 4.

In addition to a higher resolution (1080P versus the PS3 original’s 720P) the PS4 version includes an additional difficulty level called “Hard EX Mode” and three additional chapters that expand the game’s story. First print copies of the game will also come with a playable demo for the upcoming action spinoff Valkyria: Azure Revolution.

There has been no word on a western release. The last time a Valkyria game was released in North America and Europe was the PC port of the original game on Steam.

[youtube id=”uhm7Abn6sOA”]


SEGA USA Confirms Valkyria Chronicles Coming To PC

Posted on October 28, 2014 by Rae Michelle Richards

SEGA Has begun hinting that their 2008 cell shaded strategy RPG Valkyria Chronicles will find its way onto PC sometime in the near future. In a short tweet on their official twitter account SEGA USA teased that the members of Squad 7 will once again amount an assault against the East European Imperial Alliance.

No further details surrounding the port have been announced as of yet, so those of you excited to possibly see Valkyria’s beautiful art in 1080P with full MSAA will have to wait for more information. The series did see two sequels on the PlayStation Portable – Valkyria Chronicles 2 which was released worldwide and Valkyria Chronicles 3 which was only released in Japan. There’s been no word on if either of those titles will be ported to PC.

As soon as more information is available, we’ll be sure to bring it to you. Until then be sure to check out SEGA’s spare tweet after the jump.

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