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Dying Light

Techland Announces ‘Dying Light’

Techland has their hands occupied it seems. With this weeks release of Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger on XBLA, PSN, & PC and the newly announced Hellraid, who would’ve thought that they had another game in the works? Today Techland, developer of the amazing Dead Island franchise, has announced yet another game: Dying Light. Techland has teamed […]


Neverwinter Exploits Resolved And Players Rewarded

It was quite a wait over the weekend for gamers to get back to Cryptic’s Neverwinter MMO open beta, but players didn’t go home empty handed. All characters created before 6:00am Tuesday, May 21, 2013 recieved a “Caturday Survivor’s Pack” full of in game goodies via Neverwinter’s mail system.


Neverwinter Astral Diamond Exchange Down

UPDATE: It has been announced that there will be a roll back. Progress made between 5:20 AM and 12:20 PM Pacific Time will be lost to all players. The Neverwinter team does apologize for this and plans to send players a gift for this issue. In unfortunate news today, Neverwinter has hit it’s first big […]


Electronic Arts Kisses Online Passes Goodbye

This could quite possibly be some of the best news I’ve heard in quite a while in regards to Electronic Arts (EA). It’s been known for quite a while that EA’s upcoming game Fuse will not require an Online Pass to play the multiplayer component of the game, but who knew that EA was actually […]


New ‘Dark’ Trailer Is Vampire Stealthy

Dark is in development over at Realmforge Studios, which is located in Munich, Germany and is being published by Kalypso Media (who just happens to own Realmforge Studios as well). Dark puts you in the shoes of Eric Bane, a newly turned vampire who has no recollection of how he came to be a vampire. He […]


First Defiance DLC Detailed

Trion Worlds, creator of Defiance, have announced the first details on DLC for their epic MMO Sci-fi shooter. For the Season Pass holders, you should know the deal by now, you will get 5 DLCs at a reduced price. But the question always remains: Is that content going to be good enough to warrant my […]


Saints Row IV Lets You Battle Aliens As The President

It’s no surprise with this quirky series that takes itself less and less seriously with each sequel, but yes, this time you are the president (seemingly still in your Saints Row custom character lead) fighting an alien race known as the Zin. The game isn’t that far off either, set to be released on August […]

Wolfenstein The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order Announced By Bethesda

Bethesda Softworks released a surprise announcement today, that is they are publishing a new Wolfenstein game. Titled Wolfenstein: The New Order, it is in development at Swedish developer MachineGames (which was founded back in 2009 by founders of Starbreeze Studios). This new installment of Wolfenstein is set in an alternate universe where the Nazi’s won […]


Disney and EA Announce Multi-Year Star Wars Games Partnership

The House Of Mouse and publishing giant Electronic Arts have agreed to multi-game and multiyear agreement that will put the Star Wars brand in the hands of studios like Visceral, DICE, & Bioware. Of course Bioware is no stranger as they have put out one of the best Star Wars games ever created, in my […]

Batman Arkham Origins_ Screenshot011_1280x800

New Batman Arkham Origins Screens Released

Warner Bros Interactive, publisher of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins have released a collection of five brand new screenshots. These new stills give us a glimpse into the world that Warner Bros Montreal is crafting using resources from the original developers Rock Steady. Gotham swat teams pose for action in a smokey alleyway as the […]

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