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We Know The Devil

We Know the Devil? Well, let’s start off with some warnings. This game hurts. It might not for you, but it hurt for me. You’ll probably look at one of the characters and before they even talk about themselves, think something about them. It’s very short, and plays in your browser. It’s a VN, more […]


Final Fantasy XIV Devs Preview Thordin Upcoming Extreme Encounter

Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.1 – the first major content drop since this past June’s release of Heavensward  – arrives in just a week’s time and the devs have given us a small glimpse at the brand new extreme version of Thordan’s Reign. Spoiler warning for the end of FFXIV: Heavensward follow As players who […]

Virtual Life: VR Games to Make You a Believer

With both the SteamVR’s HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift releasing in the first quarter of 2016, virtual reality hardware has been getting a lot of attention. Yet it is the games for the platforms that really showcase the breathtaking experiences that can happen virtual reality. As a VR enthusiast who has had the pleasure […]


Torment: Tides of Numenera Switches Project Lead, Now set for 2016 release

In an update on kickstarter, developer inXile has announced its spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment will be releasing somewhere in 2016, moving the date back from its original Q4 2015 release window. It has also been announced that project manager Kevin Saunders will be leaving the studio. He will be replaced by Wasteland 2 lead […]


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Isabelle & Digby’s New Home Trailer

Where should Isabelle and Digby place the furniture in their home? In this brand new trailer Isabelle’s pet dogs guide us through process of deciding where to place their brand new furniture. Towards the end of the trailer there’s even a special appearance from a long-time animal crossing resident! Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer allows […]


Celebrate 20 Years of Tribes By Downloading The Entire Series

Tribes developer Hi-Rez studios has released the entire back catalog of Tribes titles available for free on their official website in honor of the series’ 20th anniversary. If you are into fast paced shooting action with a retro look & feel this might certainly be worth your bandwidth. For those unaware the Tribes series is […]


Just What The Hell Are They Yelling About: An Introduction to Hearthstone

Earlier this week the Hearthstone World Championship officially started. Even though it was only the round of 16, viewer count peaked at over 100K, briefly becoming the most viewed game on Twitch. The Hearthstone competitive scene is big, and it’s a pretty cool place. I’ve enjoyed following competitive Hearthstone ever since its beta, and I […]


3 new flight modes to be added in Star Citizen 2.0 Release

Star Citizen has been pretty controversial recently. Robertson Space Industries, the developer, has been accused of not delivering of having major staff issues, many backers requested updates on time tables and finances, and it even seemed some former employees corroborated these stories.  Well RSI hopes to put to bed all the malcontents with patch 2.0 for […]


Overwatch’s newest character is a Star Craft II Pro

The newest addition to the line up for Blizzards huge MOBA overwatch has been annoucned. Her name is D.VA (pronounced DIVA). She appeared briefly on Blizzards official over watch twitter with a link to the  StarCraft 2 WCS site. In game  Hana “D.Va” Song is, in game lore, a real StarCraft 2 pro. She’s the best in […]

Dying Light

Dying Light Dev Scares Up Some Halloween Fun

Dying Light developers Tech Land have released a very spoopy (yes that was intentional) and unexpected Halloween message for their fans. Do they have a trick or a treat in store for fans of their undead franchise? You’ll just have to watch the video below to find out! Tech Land community manager had this say […]

Rocket league to get mutators with free DLC

Our oppinions here at brokenjoysticks on Rocket League are well known, our review posted here was glowing to say the least. So any time we hear about DLC or new content for that game we get EXTREMELY excited. So what could make an already amazing game where you shoot around in cars that have rockets even […]


League of legends team Impulse is for sale

E-sports is big money, there can be no denying that at this point. So its no surprise that just like other pro sports team, League teams can be bought and sold. What is a surprise is one that is in the LCS (basically the major leagues of LoL) for sale at the time of the […]


Community Created Battlefield 4 Map Deployed

I’m sure of one thing – that the Battlefield community certainly is passionate about one of their favorite games, Battlefield 4. Developers at DICE LA have been working with the community for the past six months on a brand new map called Operation Outbreak which has now been released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox […]


Tales From the Bordelands is Surprisingly Engaging

Review by Hoodie Joy “what do you expect out of an episodic story based game?” I found myself asking this often. Tales from the Borderlands is my first of this genre, and I took the opportunity to review it because it seemed like a good way to try out episodic games. I loved both Borderlands […]


Don’t Be Fooled By Overwatch Beta Scams

Today marks the beginning of the closed Overwatch beta which was revealed via live stream a few weeks back. Blizzard has gone to great lengths to ensure that player’s chances of being scammed out of their precious accounts have been reduced by doing away with beta CD-Keys. Instead those selected for the very limited […]

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