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Siege of Orgrimmar Coming Soon To WoW

As many of you know, I was a huge fan of the Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War novel by Christie Golden. Unsurprisingly the events in that book and seemingly the following title Vol’jin Shadows of the Horde (I haven’t read it yet but it does seem to fit the current WoW story) fit into actual […]


Thief Gets out in February

Square Enix and Eidos-Montréal have announced that Thief will be released for Windows PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on February 25th, 2014 in North America and February 28, 2014 in Europe and PAL territories. The game centres around Garrett the Master Thief who is entangled in the growing layers of […]


Saint’s Row IV Million Dollar Wad Wad Edition Announced

Multiple special editions of new games are nothing new but can we interest you in a one-off collector’s edition that will cost one million dollars? What first seemed like a joke, Saint’s Row IV: The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition appears on UK retailer GAME’s official website. For a cold million dollars The Super Dangerous […]


Sim City To Be Released On Mac Later This Month

Electronic Arts is preparing to release the promised Mac OSX port of Sim City later this month, according to a press release issued earlier in the day. Multiplayer is front & center in the new Sim City and it is no surprise that the game will be cross platform, enabling established PC players interact with […]


Kickstarter Launches Canadian Events

Are you Canadian and have a project that needs funding? What is arguably the most recognizable crowd funding platform, KickStarter, will be launching north of the border on September 9th.  To celebrate the company will be holding four events on the eastern side of the country. Things kick off with two events in Toronto, Kickstarter […]


Rogue Legacy | Video Review

Welcome to my first video review! Bear with me here as I delve into the depths of Rogue Legacy. Please note, this video does contain spoilers for classes unlocked later in the game. Read on for the video review and a mix of details about what I thought of the game.


Nintendo Purchases Through PC Coming This Year

Nintendo is planning to let users have more access to their Nintendo Network accounts … from somewhere other than their Nintendo device. By the end of this year, Nintendo will be adding a new system that allows players to manage their Nintendo Network accounts through smartphones and PC. They’ll also be able to make their […]


Check Out ‘If My Heart Had Wings’ Release Trailer

Dating Sims are a genre that is too few and far between, at least that’s what I’ve thought over these years. In general, they take romantic storylines and put you in control of their outcome. Usually with a lot of drama along the way. MoeNovel has released If My Heart Had Wings in English and […]


Rogue Legacy Scratches That Metroidvania Itch

Sure, it’s not exactly the same and has a bit of a lighter feeling of sorts, but Rogue Legacy combines the randomness of classic “Rogue like” games and the side scrolling exploration of Metroidvania style Castlevania advetures. Eager as I am for a new Castlevania title like the DS and Symphony of the Night games, […]


Shadows of the Eternal’s Kickstarter Is Back From The Dead

You can’t keep a good game down, and it seems like Precursor Game’s Shadow of the Eternal is one of those projects that won’t go down without a fight. After a failed dual source funding campaign that combined KickStarter and their own crowd funding effort through the game’s official website, Shadow’s of the Eternals has […]

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