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Nintendo Purchases Through PC Coming This Year

Nintendo is planning to let users have more access to their Nintendo Network accounts … from somewhere other than their Nintendo device. By the end of this year, Nintendo will be adding a new system that allows players to manage their Nintendo Network accounts through smartphones and PC. They’ll also be able to make their […]


Check Out ‘If My Heart Had Wings’ Release Trailer

Dating Sims are a genre that is too few and far between, at least that’s what I’ve thought over these years. In general, they take romantic storylines and put you in control of their outcome. Usually with a lot of drama along the way. MoeNovel has released If My Heart Had Wings in English and […]


Rogue Legacy Scratches That Metroidvania Itch

Sure, it’s not exactly the same and has a bit of a lighter feeling of sorts, but Rogue Legacy combines the randomness of classic “Rogue like” games and the side scrolling exploration of Metroidvania style Castlevania advetures. Eager as I am for a new Castlevania title like the DS and Symphony of the Night games, […]


Shadows of the Eternal’s Kickstarter Is Back From The Dead

You can’t keep a good game down, and it seems like Precursor Game’s Shadow of the Eternal is one of those projects that won’t go down without a fight. After a failed dual source funding campaign that combined KickStarter and their own crowd funding effort through the game’s official website, Shadow’s of the Eternals has […]


Editorial: Multi-Game Guilds, Good or Bad?

Com·mu·ni·ty: a unified body of individuals as a group of people with a common interest gaming together within a larger society <a guild> For many gamers, one of the most alluring aspects of online gaming is the opportunity to bond with other people.  Whether their interest lies in player-vs.-player fighting, roleplaying or end game raid […]


Shadowrun Returns Coming July 25th

So the awesome looking Shadowrun Returns finally has a concrete release date July 25th 2013. I am pumped for this one guys. A tactical RPG experience set in a cyber-punk universe was enough to sell me. Then I found out we’re getting a full fledged tool-set. The community will be able to enhance the current […]


Endless Space Expands With Disharmony, Due Out June 26th

Explore, expand, exploit and exterminate is the name of the game in the 4X Genre. This small sub-set of the strategy genre has a very supportive fanbase who have thrown their weight behind a number of smaller projects that have been very success, especially on the PC. Needless to say, announcement of new expansions to […]


Deadfall Adventures Gameplay Trailers From E3

Announced earlier this year by Farm 51 & Nordic Games was Deadfall Adventures. To put this game into perspective…think of Lara Croft meets Indiana Jones.  Played in the first person perspective, Deadfall Adventures will take you to exotic places all across the world such as the ancient Mayan ruins, Egypt, and even the Arctic. Starring as […]


The Elder Scrolls Online Headed To Xbox One & PS4

Proof that developers and publisher still believe that MMO’s can work on consoles. Defiance has started off on a pretty good note, it lacks a little depth after putting in about 100+ hours but it’s still proof that they can work on a console. So, nothing makes me happier to confirm that Bethesda is bringing […]


Watch_Dogs CGI Trailer Leaks Before Ubisoft Conference

Get an advanced look at Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs before their official E3 conference tomorrow at 3PM, thanks to the leak of the game’s E3 trailer. Sadly the whole thing is CGI, and doesn’t contain an ounce of gameplay, but perhaps an on stage demo will after this trailer is screened. The trailer deals with protagonist Aiden […]

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