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Square Enix Unveils GDC 2016 Panel Line-Up

Square Enix announced their line-up of talks for the 2016 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco California. In total Square has 9 presentations set across the first four days of the conference. Topics range from the use of interactive story […]


UK Sales Charts For The Week of Jan 2nd Dominated By Black Ops III

Our first games sales numbers to include the post holiday discount period have arrived thanks to the weekly UK software charts. Not surprising several AAA franchise compose the top ten including EA’s Star Wars Battlefront, Activision’s Call of Duty and […]


Just Cause 3 to get Multiplayer in form of Mods

the modding team behind Just Cause 2’s multiplayer has just announced that they will be making a mod for Just Cause 3 that does the same thing, brings massive multiplayer action to the game. The much beloved team behind Just […]


Just Cause 3 | Review

Version Reviewed: PlayStation 4 Planning on blowing up DRM? You’ll need a Demolitions Permit, or a Just Cause. The premise: The franchise’s protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, returns to his home, the fictional nation of Medici, which is now ruled by an oppressive […]


The dress is back, this time in Just Cause 3

Just cause 3 has no shortage of easter eggs, so will come as no suprise to many people that a popular internet meme from the last year also slipped in. Some people may remember “the dress” which made the rounds […]


Final Just Cause 3 Dev Diary Released

The final video in the JUST CAUSE 3 Developer Diary series takes a look at the technology behind the game: the Avalanche Engine. Talking about the combination of mechanics the engine allows for, procedural destruction models and enemy AI behaviours, […]


Square Enix Brings Its Biggest Q4 2015 Titles To New York Comic Con

Square Enix will be attending the New York Comic Con from October 8th thru the 11th and they’ll be bringing some of their biggest titles for Q4 2015 / Q1 2015 with them. Here’s a full rundown of all of […]