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Possible Demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Posted on September 8, 2016 by Meghan Kass

With all the excitement surrounding Pokemon recently, a new development is being added to that list. While Nintendo may not have mentioned it in the 9/1/16 Nintendo Direct, there is evidence showing that a demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon could possibly be on it’s way.

Recently, it has been discovered that the Korean Ratings Board put out a rating for a demo version of Pokemon Sun and Moon. The title was listed as “Sun, Moon Pokemon Special Trial” and the rating was of course, for everyone. That seems to be the only information that could be found on the demo at this time. There is no evidence that this will be a world wide release demo and there is no date for the release either, but it seems to be an appropriate time for a demo to come out.

This rating appeared shortly after the Nintendo direct and the announcement of new incentives for pre-ordering Sun and Moon, such as a Munchlax with a Z-stone that triggers special moves after evolving and the ability for that Munchlax to learn two moves that wouldn’t be available to it normally as Snorlax. With Nintendo building up as much excitement as possible for the new game, a demo would be the next logical step in collecting as much interest and pre-orders as possible. Past demos for games such as Pokemon ORAS (Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire) have been shown to help boost sales as ORAS had ended up selling more copies than anticipated at launch. Looking at past patterns, Pokemon X and Y also had a demo before it’s release, so this is not out of the ordinary for Nintendo. Hopefully, this demo is not just region specific or Club Nintendo Platinum member exclusive and everyone will be able to get an example of what to expect come November.


The dress is back, this time in Just Cause 3

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Fionna Schweit

Just cause 3 has no shortage of easter eggs, so will come as no suprise to many people that a popular internet meme from the last year also slipped in. Some people may remember “the dress” which made the rounds on the internet causing many people to question their perception of color with its simple question, is it white and Gold?  or black and blue?

Originating on steam from a user called Ricochet227  it seems that the developers of Just Cause too felt the needs to weigh in on the fight between yellow and black in their own way. Steam user Ricochet227 posted pictures of the two women, saying he found them on a rooftop in a settlement called Citate Di Rivello. One woman is wearing a black-and-blue dress, while the other is wearing one that looks more white and gold.


Gold and White? Black and Blue?

Steam user AliceTheGorgon posted an image, saying the dressses are “actually different colors in-game.” Sparking a new the ages old debate of weather or not this dress was Black with blue accents, or Gold with white. Personally I just love that the developers of JC3 have enouhg of a sense of humor to include things like this in their game. Though i haven’t had a chance to play JC3 yet, I hope to soon, and our review will be out this week, so stay tuned!


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