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Fallout mods are appearing on Xbox one with out the owners premission

Remember when Microsoft announced it was bringing (limited) mod support to the Xbox One? Well they did it, and a few games now have the ability to use the most popular PC mods on the console. This has raised a never […]


Just Cause 3 to get Multiplayer in form of Mods

the modding team behind Just Cause 2’s multiplayer has just announced that they will be making a mod for Just Cause 3 that does the same thing, brings massive multiplayer action to the game. The much beloved team behind Just […]


Developers of the XCOM ‘Long War’ mod form a new studio

Today the developers of the popular XCOM mod Long War have announced their forming of a new game development studio, Long War Studios. Their first title to be released under this new endeavor goes by the name Terra Invicta. As detailed […]


Nexus mods has been hacked, unauthorized changes made to Fall Out 4 mods

Rock Paper Shotgun is reporting this morning that: “Nexus Mods, the site which has long hosted a gazillion mods for 216 games, particularly Bethesda RPGs – including Fallout 4, which has not yet followed Skyrim to the Steam Workshop. There’s been […]


Modder Discovers Unused Weapon in Fallout 4 Data

A modder that goes by the name xxdeathknight72xx has found an unused weapon in Fallout 4’s data and has since released it as a mod on NexusMods. This may be something from an unreleased DLC, or simply something they chose not to […]


Fallout 4 Configuration Tool by Bilago

One of the biggest complaints with Fallout 4, perhaps the only complaint, is the poor optimization for PC. Well the good news is an audacious and well known modder named “Bilago” has released a configuration tool to help things run better […]