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PlayStation Plus Games For July 2017 Include Until Dawn and Game of Thrones

Posted on June 28, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Following up from June’s offerings of Kill Zone 2 and the first season of Life is Strange, PlayStation Plus brings us yet another pair of AAA games for Sony’s flagship console alongside a solid couple of older games for the PlayStation 3 and two gratis indie titles for the PlayStation Vita.

Direct the actions of 9 teenage friends as they try to survive a horrific encounter with a deadly creature in this unique survival horror / b-movie simulation. Designed with a unique Butterfly Effect mechanic, Until Dawn challenges players to make split-second decisions that alter the course of the game’s narrative – ensuring that you’ll never see all the content the game has to offer in one playthrough.

Also joining Until Dawn is Telltale Game’s full season of Game of Thrones-  based on the popular A Song of Fire and Ice universe by J.R.R Martin. Set between the third and fifth seasons of the television series, this original work focuses on the family members of House Forrester. Like other Telltale titles Game of Thrones allows players to make a number of dialogue & action choices that can have an impact on the game’s narrative. This six episode fantasy tale was so successful that a season 2 is currently in development.

PlayStation 3 owners can indulge in one of Capcom’s underrated fighting series that time has somewhat forgotten with Darkstalkers Resurrection. This collection includes up-rezzed and online-enabled versions of Night Warriors: Darkstalker’s Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 with the same net-code developed by Iron Galaxy Studios that was used for Street Fighter III Third Strike Online.  Owners of Sony’s longest support console can also enjoy the quirky animal platformer Tokyo Jungle as well.

Vita owners might not get a steady supply of content from Sony 1st party developer these days (considering that Sony has referred to the handheld as a “legacy platform”) but two games are coming to Sony’s portable – Element4I and Don’t Die Mr. Robot.

Here’s the full line-up as posted by the PlayStation Blog:

Full Lineup

Until Dawn, PS4
Game of Thrones, PS4
Tokyo Jungle, PS3
Darkstalkers Resurrection, PS3
Element4l, PS Vita
Don’t Die, Mr. Robot, PS Vita (Cross Buy on PS4)



Game of Thrones comes to an exciting end

Posted on June 27, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

Well kids, that was a hell of a ride, if you havent seen Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10, stop reading now.

You have been warned: SPOILERS AHEAD.

So what a season we have just had. Jon is back alive, back in the north, with Sansa, and the Lords of the North. Down South Cersei has killed well everyone? Basically and Danny is on her way to Kings Landing with an army of Dothraki screamers, and Iron Born reavers. Woah thats a lot of process oh yah, and also Arya is murdering her way through her list finally!

So lets break this down. First of all, this has got to have been one of the bloodiest episodes since the Red Wedding. The opening was masterfully done, Loras Tyrell’s confession and profession of his faith to the council of septum, followed up with the lack of Cersei Lanisters presence. It was all just so dam good. The attempted last minute flight of Margaery Tyrell  from the sept, only to be stopped by the faith militant, hemmed in to her death. I loved how her façade of piety shattered and she tried to save them all.

Of course her attempts ended up being for nothing, the sept exploded, everyone inside died, and Cersei gained control of kings landing and presumably what ever is left of the seven kingdoms in one swoop. I loved the scene where Tommen bereft of anyone to comfort him, or help him, just walked out a window. It was masterfully done. I dont think Cersei planned that one.

So we ended up left with a kings landing on fire, and a mad queen who’s crowning ceremony may have been the darkest part of the show to date. The lighting was fantastic in this episode, and those shoulder pads! Cersei now has the wardrobe to go with her evil smile.

Meanwhile up in the North a 12 year old is shaming all of the great northern lords. At this point you have to love the tiny queen of Bear Island, shes just such an amazing character. John Snow (who we have confirmed to be a Targaryan)  is now King in the North. Hopefully things go better for John then they went for the last King in the North. Perhaps he should avoid getting married?

Arya is back, this time in angry stabby mode, having already killed the Waif in Bravos, she is now back in  and has made fast work  of the Freys, killing the two sons, and putting them in a pie, and just slitting the old ones throat. I personally loved seeing Arya get her revenge, but cant help but wonder where shes headed now that (mostly) everyone she hates is dead.

I have no doubt left out quite a bit, as a scant 500 word summary of the most action packed 90 minutes of this year is really quite a task to complete. But, I think I hit on most of the big points, I loved the scene of Cirie being crowed while a horrified Jamie looked on. I cant help but wonder what the future holds for them, as Jamie has seemingly grown farther and farther away from his one time sister-lover. Does Jamie know his last child is dead? Will that effect his relationship with Circie since she essentially killed Tommen?

The final shot of the season is a masterfull one. We see ships, oh so many ships, With sails painted with the Red Dragon of the old house Targaryan, the rose of house Tyrell, and the red sun of Dorn all headed for an already beaten up kings landing. Since Cersei also presumably blew up most of the Tyrell hose guards and host, all thats left to defend kings landing is a skeleton force of no doubt very tired foot soldiers of Casterly Rock. Not much trouble for three dragons and the combined host of the Tyrells, Dronish, and Dothraki.

I personally love this new murdery Cersei but I see the echos of the mad king in her, the burning everyone, the lack of caring about family, and the fact that Jamie is no doubt going to be close by her side, and that he already killed one mad ruler, can not be ignored.

With only two confirmed to be shorter seasons left, and with the fate of a promised movie now in question, I cant help but wonder where all of this is going.

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Telltales Game of Thrones Continues Today!

Posted on May 26, 2015 by Les Major

Sons Of Winter was released today kicking off the second half of Telltale games season of Game of Thrones! For those of you who haven’t been playing, it’s definitely worth getting into! Game of Thrones is the best Telltale title to date in my opinion and I love how it’s playing out. Being able to craft the story as you go is enjoyable and the quick time events don’t feel as intrusive in this title.

I don’t want to spoil any of the episode for myself so I’ll just say, it’s out! We’ll be back with more updates soon I’m sure but be sure to check it out.

We’ve been playing through two different save games of Game of Thrones so far and it’s been fun to play the polar opposite on a separate file. Seeing how things work out differently is fun, though some events you just can’t change. In the style of Game of Thrones, the store is kept exciting by the fact that no one is truly ever safe. You could be standing next to a friend and seemingly key character one moment, and he may be dead the next. It makes the story completely engrossing.

So if you haven’t already, dive in! Whatcha waiting for? Winter?


Game Of Thrones | Review

Posted on May 30, 2012 by Eric Bastelak

Winter has come my friends. Game of Thrones, an RPG set in George R.R. Martin’s phenomenal universe, is here. I made it clear when I first discovered this game that I’m a huge fan of The Song of Ice and Fire, I adore the universe and was excited to explore it. With its ever growing popularity, thanks to the amazing HBO series, the stage has been set for Game of Thrones. However, one question still looms, can it live up to the hype?Read More


Our Day With Sony: Part Two

Posted on May 15, 2012 by Matthew Regier

Continuing on from Part One of the Sony Press Event where I was able to check out some upcoming games for the PS3 and Vita. Since the event a couple of these games have already been released, so there will be much more in-depth detail coming up pretty soon on one or more of these fantastic titles.

Without further adieu, let’s talk about video games starting with:

Read More


Winter is Coming-The Game of Thrones RPG

Posted on May 11, 2012 by Eric Bastelak

So I’ve been a fan of Song of Ice and Fire for a long time. I completed the first book because someone wanted me to be in their pen and paper role playing game. Oh man did I fall in love with the universe, unfortunately the game fell through and I’ve had a hard time tracking down copies of the remaining books. Then HBO happened,Read More


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