January 27, 2016

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Hits Wii U Virtual Console

Posted on January 27, 2016 by Jason Nason

Just yesterday Square Enix released Final Fantasy Explorers for the Nintendo 3DS and now tomorrow their classic GBA game Final Fantasy Tactics Advance will arrive on the Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console.

The fate of the kingdom Ivalice is once again in your hands, only this time instead of the GameBoy Advance holding Ivalice it will be your Wii U gamepad.

When Marche and his friends open an ancient magical tome, their small town is transformed into a fantasy-filled kingdom known as Ivalice. Guide Marche and his clan against countless foes, and discover the wonders of Ivalice. Build up your party, master abilities and summons, and learn tactical combat to win in battle.

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PlayStation Plus’ Feb 2016 Line-Up Is Here

Posted on January 27, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

February is the month of live and the team at PlayStation have decided to bring six brand new titles to the Instant Games Collection next month.

Helldivers, a futuristic twin-stick shooter published by Sony Computer Entertainment America will make a hard landing on all three platforms. Nom Nom Galaxy and indie game that blends platforming, base construction and tower defense will also come to Sony’s latest console. On the PS3 side we’ve got last year’s Persona 4: Ultimax from Atlus USA and Codemaster’s GRID Autosport – the third title in the GRID franchise.

Here’s the full trailer and line-up as provided by the PlayStation Blog:

Full Lineup:

  • Grid Autosport, PS3
  • Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back , PS4, PS3, PS Vita
  • Lemmings Touch, PS Vita
  • Nom Nom Galaxy, PS4
  • Nova-111, PS Vita
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, PS3

[youtube id=”Op6ag6oPgT8″]


Super Mario Maker servers down for Maintenence

Posted on January 27, 2016 by Jason Nason

Mario Maker

Nintendo currently carrying out maintenance to fix a bug that occurs in “Create” mode and has taken the Super Mario Maker servers offline. Until the updates are complete, online services for the game will be unavailable.

Nintendo is in the midst of preparing a software update to fix this bug. The online service will be available again after the software update is distributed.

This maintenance is expected to be completed by tomorrow evening.Read More


Video: PS4 title ZOKUZOKU 2016 “feat. Tofubeats”

Posted on January 27, 2016 by Broken Joysticks

This is worth a post all it’s own. Now this is how you advertise your upcoming lineup. What we have here is a video made by Sony and an artist called Tofubeats.
The video itself is in Japanese, but the gist is they’re rapping about the the 19 big upcoming titles for PS4 that will be released from January to March 2016 in Japan.
Well done Sony. Let’s hope you bring a presentation just as cool to the US.

[youtube id=”B2Xgsxt86_k”]


Hard Reset Redux Reboots On Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

Posted on January 27, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Hard Reset

Flying Wild Hog, probably best known for their reboot of the Shadow Warrior franchise, is preparing to rebalance and upgrade their 2012 first person shooter Hard Reset for current generation consoles and a second go at Windows PC due out later this year.

Specific enhancements include graphical upgrades, new enemies, weapons and a glowing cyber katana that looks like it was ripped out of the pages of an indie comic book. Who wouldn’t want to hack apart enemies with a glowing instrument of death?

No price has been announced for Hard Reset Redux as of yet. You can check out the trailer in the embedded player below. Hard Reset was actually one of the first games we reviewed on our site many years ago.

[youtube id=”t13GKrC0Nc8″]




PC gaming passes mobile gaming as most profitable sector of gaming industry

Posted on January 27, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

Superdata a market research firm, are reporting this week that the digital games market in 2015 was worth $61 billion across all platforms. This is over 8% more than last years numbers. Despite the largest jump (34%) being in digital sales on consoles, League of Legends leads the pack for most money made by a game in 2015. League reigns supreme but just after League is mobile titan Clash of Clans. Which pulled in a very impressive $1.3 billion over the year. The remainder of the top 5 games are all on PC, with Smilegate’s Crossfire, at $1.1 billion, Dungeon Fighter Online from Neople at $1.05 billion, and World of Warcraft, which in its 11th year of existence earned $814 million dollars.


Perhaps most encouraging to PC gamers is the reports assertion that the top ten PC games actually pull in more money than the top ten mobile games, with $6.3 billion earned on PC compared to $6.1 billion on mobile. This is a good sign, it means that PC gaming is healthy that players are buying games, and that E-sports is big business with Riot leading the way.

The report goes on to says “PC-based gaming—consisting of free-to-play MMOs, subscription-based games like World of Warcraft, social games and PC downloadable games—earns over $32 billion annually, well above the $25.1 billion generated by mobile games, Three of the year’s top five digital PC games (Grand Theft Auto V, Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3) were released in 2015, indicating that PC gamers have made significant progress transitioning to purchasing games digitally.”

The full list of top-grossing PC games in 2015, in millions:

  1. League of Legends (Tencent/Riot Games): $1,628
  2. CrossFire (SmileGate): $1,110
  3. Dungeon Fighter Online (Neople): $1,052
  4. World of Warcraft (Activision Blizzard): $814
  5. World of Tanks (Wargaming.net): $446
  6. Lineage 1 (NCsoft): $339
  7. Maplestory (Nexon): $253
  8. DOTA 2 (Valve): $238
  9. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Valve): $221
  10. Grand Theft Auto V (Take-Two Interactive): $205

this is a pretty interesting list, League I excepted to to see but CrossFire, and Dungeon Fighter Online, I had never even heard of! Turns out both are free to play Asian market releases. In each case both were/are being ported to the States as well, but its intresting that the top 5 contain two games that are not even available in  the west.


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