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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Isabelle & Digby’s New Home Trailer

Posted on November 1, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Where should Isabelle and Digby place the furniture in their home? In this brand new trailer Isabelle’s pet dogs guide us through process of deciding where to place their brand new furniture. Towards the end of the trailer there’s even a special appearance from a long-time animal crossing resident!

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer allows 3DS owners to work for Nook’s Homes and help the residents of their town design houses for their fellow villagers.  Players are able to use the 3DS’ touch screen to manipulate floor plans and plan their home’s lay-out with precision.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer was released in Japan on July 30th of this year and was released in North America on September 25th alongside the smaller New Nintendo 3DS.

[youtube id=”d_2yu6IoswQ”]

Source: Nintendo YouTube


Call of Duty: Black Ops III Nuk3town Trailer

Posted on October 30, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III will be in the hands of eager fans in just a weeks’ time – November 6th and Activision has released a brand new trailer for the bonus Nuk3town map. This isn’t the first time that Nuketown has appeared – it dates back all the way to 2010’s original Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Here’s what Activision had to say about the Nuketown Map:

Set in 2065, this fan favorite map from Black Ops has returned in a big way. Nuk3town has been re-designed from the ground up to highlight Treyarch’s new momentum-based, chained-movement system, allowing players to battle in this adrenaline-charged multiplayer map. Players will experience a new take on this classic run-and-gun, close-quarters map. Escape a harsh reality and enjoy this virtual neighborhood of the future.

Check out the trailer below.

[youtube id=”JICPFjqKWAI”]


Gravity Rush 2 Flies Into Paris Games Week With New Trailer

Posted on October 27, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

The next chapter in Kat’s adventures – Gravity Rush 2 – will be appearing on PlayStation 4 sometime next year and Studio Japan brought a brand new trailer showcasing some of the new gameplay mechanics that will help set Gravity Rush 2 apart from the 2012 original.

Here are some of the powers / changes outlined in the new trailer:

Gravity Manipulation – Kat’s original powers from GR1 allowing you to shift gravity.
Lunar Style – Allows Kat to become lighter.
Jupiter Style –  Allows Kat to become heavier and more powerful.
Destructible Environments  – Players can use gravity to destroy parts of the environment and then use them against enemies
Tag Team Boss Battles – Take on the series’ large scale boss battles with an A.I controlled partner

Still no release date for Gravity Rush 2 but this trailer has me really pumped for its release. As soon as we have more information we’ll bring it to you!

[youtube id=”pgcTZnv8EgU”]



Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1 Release Date, Producer Q&A and Trailer

Posted on October 27, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Square Enix’s first huge update for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavansward, patch 3.1, arrives on November 10th the publisher has announced. Alongside the announcement of the release date Square also provided a Q & A during the most recent Letter From The Producer Live and a very informative 7 minute trailer giving players a rundown of everything that will be included in 3.1!

Patch 3.1 As Goes Light So Goes Darkness brings with it a lot of brand new content. The story threads left hanging after the completion of FFXIV: Heavansward will be continued in the new main story quests,  New exploratory missions for free-companies (guilds) will be available, the first of which is known as The Diadem.  One brand new dungeon will be added for level 60 players as well – Saint Mociane’s Arboretum.   Possibly one of the most exciting additions, which we detailed previously when it was unveiled is the new 24 man raid known as the Void Ark.

Make sure you check out the trailer I’ve included in the embedded player before the jump. I’ve also included some of the details from the official Q&A thread from the Letters From The Producer Live that I thought would be of interest for returning players. I know that I’ll be re-subbing for the new raid content, and hey new story quests are always welcomed 😀

If November 10th sounds familiar – it is also the same day that Fallout 4 and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void are released. It’s going to be a big day for games!

[youtube id=”dkRTO7co_Yc”]Read More


Watch The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Launch Trailer

Posted on October 25, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Nintendo has released a very stylized launch trailer for the recently released The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes via their YouTube channel. This very brief trailer will give you an overview of some of the bosses in the game as well as some of the team mechanics that are vital to solving the game’s many puzzles.

We got the chance to play the limited demo version of the game a few weeks back and wrote a pretty exhaustive preview of the games multiplayer. The full game was released this past Friday, October 23rd, and currently holds a 75 on MetaCritic as of the publication time of this article.

If you’ve played the demo or the full release of The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes what did you think of it?

[youtube id=”nx4ww7H1WR4″]


Halo 5: Live Phaeton VTL Trailer

Posted on October 23, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Microsoft has released a very brief teaser trailer for their upcoming Halo 5: LIVE YouTube event. The Phaeton VTL trailer is done in the style of a smoothly edited car advertisement – with the announcer proclaiming that the Phaeton “flies and s**t”, honestly it’s pretty funny.

Halo 5: LIVE is a six hour long YouTube event leading up to the midnight general release of Halo 5: Guardians. Microsoft is promising a roundtable discussion between the writers of Halo 5 and actor Nathan Fillion (who voices Buck in Guardians and Halo 3: ODST). They’ll also be showing the world premiere of the Halo: The Fall of Reach animated series during the event. Fans from all around the world will also be getting involved – from locations such as New York City, London England and Sydney Australia.

Make sure to check out the Phaeton VTL trailer below and you can get the full Halo 5: LIVE schedule over on the Xbox Official Website.

[youtube id=”8fWB5967xKo”]

Source: Halo Waypoint YouTube


Doom Closed Alpha Details, Recommended Specs & Trailer Revealed

Posted on October 22, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Fans looking for their next fix of id Software’s upcoming Doom reboot might not have to wait long provided that they purchased or pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order last year.  Id Software and publisher Bethesda have announced a closed alpha set to take place tomorrow through the end of this weekend.

In terms of scope the closed alpha will be quite limited – featuring only one mode (6 vs 6 team deathmatch) and one map called Heatwave. Also don’t expect any extended live-streams or huge let’s plays of this newly announced alpha test as id Software has made it very clear that all testers are bound by an NDA.

Alongside the announcement id has laid out all of the weapons, equipment and the minimum specs (PC) required to run the alpha.  Players will be able to try out a few weapons we saw in action as early as this past E3 including the Super Shotgun and Rocket Launcher as well as the Static Cannon and Plasma Rifle.

If you’re like me and didn’t get into the alpha – at least there a brand new trailer featuring a few quick montages of new deathmatch footage. It seems like this build is very similar to the one that id showed off to the press a few months back at QuakeCon.

[youtube id=”HifJgOossDk”]

Head on over to the full page view after the jump for a detailed breakdown of everything Doom alpha.Read More


Rainbow Six Siege’s New Trailer Shows off a Whole World of Locations

Posted on October 21, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Rainbow Six Siege

If you chose to enlist with the special operations group Rainbow this December where will your adventures take you? Perhaps you’ll visit Courchevel, France or Hamburg, Germany or maybe even Los Angeles, California.

The latest gameplay trailer for Rainbow Six: Siege shows gives us a brief look at some of the locations that were not included in last month’s extended beta. It’s nice to see Ubisoft going for an international approach in terms of level locations – perhaps we’ll even see some matches take place in locales other than Europe and North America!

Rainbow Six Siege will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on December 1st and is Rated M for Mature.

[youtube id=”YlVf0XCybmg”]


Rainbow Six Siege “CSG 9” Trailer

Posted on October 12, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft Europe’s official YouTube channel has posted a brand new trailer detailing the German CSG 9 Special Forces unit. In-game players will be able to take control of four different operatives from this unit – I.Q, Jager, Bandit and Blitz.

Learn more about these Special Forces operatives and how they work in Rainbow Six Siege in the embedded trailer below. If you missed last month’s extended closed beta don’t worry we’ve got you covered with our extensive write up about our time with the game.

UbiSoft’s official YouTube Channel offers the following description of the video:

Rainbow is an elite team composed of members of the best Special Forces units from around the globe. In this new episode of Inside Rainbow, we invite you to learn more about the GSG 9 Siege operators, the German counter-terrorism unit. Follow the blog at rainbow6.com/blog to learn even more about I.Q., Blitz, Bandit and Jäger.

Rainbow Six Siege is due out on December 1st 2015 and will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. It is expected to be rated M / Pegi 18.

[youtube id=”c_n4EmeRlaY”]


Call of Duty Black Ops III Shadows of Evil Prologue Trailer

Posted on October 12, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Black Ops III

What do a washed up magician, a private eye, a cabaret singer looking for her shot at the big time and an aging fighter have to do with each other? They’re the brand new protagonists in the latest Call of Duty Zombies experience – Shadows of Evil – shipping with the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Activision released the prologue trailer for this new mode and honestly it has a pretty neat 30s/40s Noir Vibe to the whole thing – I am really digging it. Let’s hope that each of these four characters get some growth over the various Zombies episodes because each of them seem to have a story to tell. Whether that story is about exposing corruption in the government, fighting for a second chance or rising to the top of the entertainment each character has their own unique ambitions.

Alongside the trailer Activision released the following summary of Shadows of Evil:

Shadows of Evil introduces four unwitting characters who must uncover the secrets and challenges laid out for them by a shadowy figure, who offers them a path to redemption. Jeff Goldblum, Heather Graham, Neal McDonough, and Ron Perlman star in Shadows of Evil, a new survival co-op experience only available in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Unravel the secrets and explore a massive 1940s, film noir-inspired world in the deepest Zombies experience to date.

We’ll have more on Call of Duty: Black Ops II ahead of its release.

[youtube id=”-nusN4tZYoo”]


Halo 5: Guardians Launch Trailer Is Ready For Action

Posted on October 12, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Get ready to fill the shoes of Locke & Master Chief with the upcoming release of Halo 5: Guardians. To help ease the painful wait 343 Industries has released a brand new launch trailer featuring over 3 minutes of brand new in-game action.

With two weeks until the game’s official launch things have become a little interesting with the apparent leak of a final retail copy.

Are you avoiding the spoilers? Are you hyped for Hall 5? Let us know in the comments.

[youtube id=”Rh_NXwqFvHc”]


The Witcher III: Hearts of Stone Trailer Arrives

Posted on October 6, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Adventurers seeking more time with Geralt in The Witcher III are about to have their wish granted with the release of the game’s first expansion, Hearts of Stone, which launches on October 26th. This time around Geralt must recruit a crew of break-in artists, spend a night with some ghoulish creatures all in the name of his quest to defeat the seemingly immortal Olgierd Von Everec.

This trailer does a good job of explaining what is at stake in Hearts of Stone as well as explaining that perhaps Von Everec isn’t a cut-and-dry villain but perhaps more of a cursed man who has no chance of redemption?

Check out the trailer here.

The Witcher III: Hearts of Stone is Rated M so this this trailer is behind an age-gate.



The Hunt Begins In The Latest Live Action Halo 5 Trailer

Posted on October 5, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Microsoft and 343 Industries have released a brand new 90 second live-action trailer for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Halo 5: Guardians. In this trailer a commanding voice (presumably a high ranking UNSC officer) explains to Spartan Locke that the officially Masterchief (Spartan 117) is official listed as Killed In Action but unofficially has stopped responding to orders and is now considered an enemy of the UNSC.

Core to the single player experience of Halo 5: Guardians is rivalry between Master Chief’s Blue Squad and Spartan Locke’s Team of Fireteam Osiris. The theme of team rivalry carries over into the multiplayer side of things with the inclusion of Warzone a brand new team competitive mode that tasks two teams to destroy the “core” of the other team’s base. Standing in their way are waves of enemy AIs and large bosses. The whole thing sounds like a cross between the popular MOBA formula and horde mode and I can’t wait to try it!

Has John-117 gone rogue?

Halo 5: Guardians will be released on October 27th in North America.

[youtube id=”X6a2RVXMGxY”]


Final Fantasy XV TGS Trailer Showcases Chocobos

Posted on September 19, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

During their Final Fantasy XV reveal for this year’s Tokyo Games Show Square Enix has released a brand new 5 minute game-play segment for their upcoming RPG. This latest slice of game-play showcases Noctus and crew stepping out of their car to spend some time with everyone’s favorite yellow birds, the chocobos.  Near the end of the trailer a brand new fishing minigame is also showcased.

Square Enix’s official Youtube channel offers this description of the trailer:

In gameplay footage revealed at TGS 2015, Noctis and his crew explore a new area on the backs of chocobos, showing off some of the ways the classic series mount can move in FINAL FANTASY XV. The party then dismounts and heads to a pier for some fishing, a new mini-game players can explore. The fish you can catch can even be taken back to camp and cooked!

[youtube id=”4zqxNNkSPa0″]


New Daganronpa: Another Episode Trailer

Posted on July 9, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

NIS America’s long awaited third title in the Danganronpa series, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is coming to North America on September 1st. This latest mystery adventure game will be available in both digital and physical formats for the PlayStation Vita.

Take control of two different heroines Komaru Naegi or Toko Fukawa as they try to survive the extermination of all of the adults within Towa cCty.  Another Episode will feature third person shooter sections using the Future Foundation’s Hacking gun as well as a whole ton of returning characters and brand new puzzles.

To get a sense of the game’s characters check out the newly released “thematic trailer”:

[youtube id=”BVlzx4f2xDQ”]


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