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Dropping in for a review: Gravity Rush Remastered

Posted on February 11, 2016 by Erika

Gravity Rush Remastered

Flying onto the Playstation 4, Gravity Rush Remastered brings a fresh look to the gravity defying 2012 PS Vita game. The game starts off with an opening cinematic of a tree of which after the player taps the apple a number of times, it falls down into an open space eventually falling and rolling down, starting the opening credits followed by tutorial episode. After gaining control of the female protagonist she realizes that has no memories and finds herself next to a mysterious cat. After exploring her way about, a man drops down grabbing her for help save his son from the storm, saying that she has powers and that she can help him. In trying to save him, the game shows how shift gravity in order to rescue him. From there, the mysterious girl runs away as the father and son blame her for their house being destroyed. Shortly after, the girl finds a crow similar to her cat and decides to chase after it. The tutorial finishes up with the mysterious girl saving an officer, and smoothly progresses into how the game’s combat mechanics works by fighting the game’s enemies known as Nevi.

While learning how to fight, the player is introduced to being able to perform a basic kick attack, evade enemy attacks, and perfor air kicks while floating and flying around. Known as Gravity Kick, it will come handy while trying to defeat some of the airborne Nevi. As the story progresses,  the player is introduced to purple gems, which can be collected to upgrade your character’s abilities. The upgrade system works similar to some RPG mechanics of collecting a certain number of gems to level up any number of things about the character, including such things as affecting Gravity Gauge drain/recovery, strength of attacks, or special abilities. Gravity Rush Remastered does a very good job of handling the way it shows the player on how game mechanics work without being either slapped on or just plainly in the way of gameplay.

The story presentation is different from what I’ve experienced with other action/adventure games and instead of  in-game dialogue cut-scenes, the game is presented with manga-style storyboards to progress the game. In addition to that, the cell-shading that was used for the game gives off a very strong anime-feel to the game. Reinforcing that feel is the musical score, which can be quite atmospheric while wandering around, or can aid in the urgency in a situation such as an enemy battle.

The controls take a little bit of getting used to, but they’re easy to use once the player gets the hang of things. One large thing I noticed while playing is that the game is very forgiving with mistakes. Falling off of the map into the void or perishing from an enemies will spawn you at the nearest safe spot without any penalty. After coming across the same officer that I saved earlier, he gives her the name Kat since there’s a cat tagging along with her. Looking back on the story thus far, the protagonist, Kat, is someone without memory trying to figure out what the heck is going on and who she is. It’s really sad to see that someone has to deal with that while dealing with Nevi and others that cause trouble throughout the game. Gravity isn’t hard, nor too easy to play, but it’s quite easy to pick up and get into while also good enough to play in bursts. With that said, it isn’t easy to put down, as it draws the player in to keep playing to see what happens next.

While easy to get into for new players, it’s just as easy (if not easier) for people that have played this on the Vita, as BluePoint Games did an excellent job porting over Project Siren’s work over to the PlayStation 4. The controls are mostly the same, including being able to use the PS4’s gyroscope movement to control Kat while in the air, making it a very smooth transition for previous players. In addition to that, the game’s visual quality got an overhaul and upgrade so it not plays at 60 frames per second (compared to the Vita’s 30fps), but looks better overall in hi-definition. One other feature that players may enjoy is the fact that all of the downloadable content that was available for the Vita version is included in the core game, giving additional story missions and costumes to collect. Even if you’re not a veteran player, Gravity Rush Remastered is really fun to get into and play for hours on end. For those that don’t own a PS4 but have a Vita, the original Gravity Rush is still a very fun game to buy and play in it’s own right. For people that do own a PS4, this game makes for a nice addition to the library for any one that enjoys playing action/adventure games. With how I loved playing through Gravity Rush Remastered, I can’t wait for the sequel to come out later this year.

Gravity Rush Remastered is now out on the PlayStation 4.


Gravity Rush Remastered Impressions

Posted on February 9, 2016 by Erika

Gravity Rush

Remastered and ported over by BluePoint Games, Gravity Rush Remastered (also known as Gravity Daze in Japan) is a very faithful port of the original 2012 PSVita Game. For those not familiar with the game, the player finds themselves dropped into the world of a character that has no memories and is able to control the gravity around her. Kat, the name eventually given to her, must now explore a world that she’s not familiar with as she tries to figure out who she is. Story is beautiful told though graphic novel-like sequences that are decently short, which pushes story progression along quite well. During the game, Kat is able to alter gravity around her to where she can fly though the air, defy gravity so she can walk on vertical services or even upside down, and use those powers to launch special attacks. Those abilities are limited only by a meter that drains on ability use, but  after a short time of inactive use, it’ll quickly recover to full.  As Kat journeys though this mysterious world, she’ll be able to collect crystals to upgrade things like her health, reduce gravity meter drain, or strengthen attacks.Read More


Gravity Rush 2 & Gravity Rush Remastered Confirmed!

Posted on September 15, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Gravity Rush fans rejoice as Sony Computer Entertainment Japan confirmed during their Tokyo Games Show presentation that both a remastered version of the 2012 original and its sequel Gravity Rush 2 will be heading to the PS4!

Sony released a pair of trailers centered on the announcement and I couldn’t be more excited.  GR2 looks absolutely stunning in motion – once again we get glimpses of sweeping cityscapes and bright blue skies as heroine Kat utilizes her gravity manipulation powers to fly through the skies.

When I reviewed the original game I had this to say about one of my absolutely favorite (and in my opinion essential) PlayStation Vita games:

The gameplay and freedom to fly through the city streets appealed to my senses, they aren’t the only great part of Gravity Rush. The game both looks and sounds absolutely fabulous. Characters, environments and effects are rendered in a style that is very similar to modern Japanese Animation. Characters sport expressive eyes and make gasps and gestures that convey their emotions clearly

Gravity Rush Remastered will be released on PlayStation 4 in Japan in December of this year and in February of 2016 in North America. Gravity Rush 2 is currently scheduled for release sometime next year.

Gravity Rush 2 Trailer
[youtube id=”dupTQmj0A6U”]

Gravity Rush Remastered Trailer
[youtube id=”wMGaMOyr0GI”]


Gravity Rush | Review

Posted on August 7, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

Have you ever fallen in love with a game, so much so that it stays in your system for weeks at a time? That is the perfect analogy for my obsession with Gravity Rush. I’ve had my hands on the game for more than a few weeks now but honestly it wasn’t laziness that delayed this review, readers, it was the obsession to max out my character, finish the story and discover every nook and cranny this excellent game had to offer. Read on, to find out how I overcame my addiction to scaling up walls!Read More


Our Day With Sony: Part Two

Posted on May 15, 2012 by Matthew Regier

Continuing on from Part One of the Sony Press Event where I was able to check out some upcoming games for the PS3 and Vita. Since the event a couple of these games have already been released, so there will be much more in-depth detail coming up pretty soon on one or more of these fantastic titles.

Without further adieu, let’s talk about video games starting with:

Read More


Gravity Rush Demo Arrives On May 29th

Posted on April 16, 2012 by Rae Michelle Richards

One of the next big titles for the PlayStation Vita, Gravity Rush, will be receiving a playable demo two weeks before its June 2012 launch. The demo will hit the PlayStation Network on May 29th in North American and May 30th in Europe.

Gravity Rush tells the tale of Kat, a young girl who gains the ability to defy gravity, allowing her to run along the sides of buildings and float through the air. The game brings a unique approach to both traditional platformers and combat as players must navigate an ever changing landscape and level up Kat’s abilities.

Gravity Rush launched in Japan as “Gravity Daze”, one of the launch titles for the PlayStation Vita. It promises to be one of the more intriguing games the system has to offer.



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