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Gravity Rush 2 & Gravity Rush Remastered Confirmed!

Posted on September 15, 2015 by Rae Michelle Richards

Gravity Rush fans rejoice as Sony Computer Entertainment Japan confirmed during their Tokyo Games Show presentation that both a remastered version of the 2012 original and its sequel Gravity Rush 2 will be heading to the PS4!

Sony released a pair of trailers centered on the announcement and I couldn’t be more excited.  GR2 looks absolutely stunning in motion – once again we get glimpses of sweeping cityscapes and bright blue skies as heroine Kat utilizes her gravity manipulation powers to fly through the skies.

When I reviewed the original game I had this to say about one of my absolutely favorite (and in my opinion essential) PlayStation Vita games:

The gameplay and freedom to fly through the city streets appealed to my senses, they aren’t the only great part of Gravity Rush. The game both looks and sounds absolutely fabulous. Characters, environments and effects are rendered in a style that is very similar to modern Japanese Animation. Characters sport expressive eyes and make gasps and gestures that convey their emotions clearly

Gravity Rush Remastered will be released on PlayStation 4 in Japan in December of this year and in February of 2016 in North America. Gravity Rush 2 is currently scheduled for release sometime next year.

Gravity Rush 2 Trailer
[youtube id=”dupTQmj0A6U”]

Gravity Rush Remastered Trailer
[youtube id=”wMGaMOyr0GI”]


Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs is Next Gen, New Demo Shown

Posted on February 20, 2013 by Rae Michelle Richards

Since it was first reveled people have been excited for Watch Dogs. From the demo shown today at the 2013 PlayStation event it’s easy to see why. Through an extraordinary demo we see yet another dystopian look at how technology has changed. After some fly by shots of a beautiful open world, we see our protagonist who can interact with virtually everyone via his smart phone. Hack into the bank accounts of passers by and then use an ATM to withdraw their funds. After witnessing a case of domestic violence, our hero attempts to apprehend the perpetrator. This starts an epic chase scene that leads to him hearing a 911 call in real time, which in turn leads to a thrilling chase with police. This entire time you see the player hacking into technology. On the fly he is able to hack and stop a nearby monorail; he leaps onto the roof and allows it to speed away. If Watch Dogs truly can allow this level of interactivity that alters the course of game play I just can’t see a negative. Here’s hoping we will have more information on Watch Dogs soon.


New PS4/Orbis Details Revealed: Controller Changes & More

Posted on February 1, 2013 by Rae Michelle Richards

Following up on the news that Sony may reveal the PlayStation 4 (also known as Codename Orbis) later this month, is a report from EDGE that reportedly reveals several new details about the unannounced console. We already knew that the technical specs under the hood would be very similar to what Microsoft has planned, but now we have details on the system’s launch date and controller.

Click after the jump for a breakdown of all the latest details.Read More


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