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Empires of Eve: Volume II Now Live On KickStarter

Andrew Groen’s Empires of EVE: A History of the Great Wars of EVE Online – a compendium that chronicles the ever changing alliances, wars and political intrigue as told by the players involved throughout the game’s 15 year history – […]


EVE Online’s Lifeblood Expansion Is Now Live

Just a small reminder that the latest expansion to CCP Games’ Eve Online, Lifeblood was released yesterday. With this latest expansion Capsuleers living in high-security space receive two brand new forms of PVE content with the release of Resource Wars and […]


Everything Announced At The EVE VEGAS 2017 Keynote

This evening marked the kick off of CCP Games’ bi-annual official fan gathering in Las Vegas Nevada. At EVE VEGAS 2017 CCP announced a number of new changes coming to EVE Online with the release of the Lifeblood Expansion in two weeks, as […]


Major Announcements From EVE Online Fan Fest

Over the weekend CCP Games held their semi-annual in-person gathering of capsuleers with over a thousand EVE Online players coming together in Reykjavik, Iceland to hear about the future of Eve Online.  Held over three days this year’s fan fest […]


World of Darkness Returns With a Pair of Interactive Novels

World of Darkness creators White Wolf have returned to the realm of video games with a pair of interactive stories available on Steam, iOS and Android devices. Modeled after the old “choose your own adventure” stories from the 80s & […]


EVE Valkyrie Wormhole Update Now Live

CCP Games has rolled out a new major update to EVE: Valkyrie on both Windows PC and PlayStation VR that introduces Wormholes to the multiplayer space dog fighting title. Wormholes are essentially weekly challenges that will introduce players to advanced […]


CCP Sends Out Email Reminding Capsuleers That EVE Online Is Free To Play

EVE Online developer, CCP,. has sent out a reminder to everyone who may have ever registered for a trial for their MMORPG – EVE Online – to remind ex-trial players that that their account has been upgraded to Alpha Clone […]


EVE Fanfest 2017 Details Revealed

EVE Online developer CCP Games has revealed details about the 2017 EVE Online Fanfest to be held in Reykjavik Iceland from April 6th through 8th 2017. This 3 day gathering allows EVE Online capsuleers to gather and discuss their shared […]


EVE Valkyrie Coming To PS VR This Tuesday With Cross Platform Play

CCP Games VR exclusive space shooter Eve Valkyrie  is going to be released as a console exclusive for PlayStation VR this coming Tuesday.  Ahead of the game’s launch CCP & Sony have released a launch trailer featuring some of the characters […]


CCP Games Unleashes EVE: Valkyrie Launch Trailer

CCP Games has unleashed the launch trailer for their immersive spaceship combat title EVE: Valyrie which is exclusively available for the Oculus Rift. Owen O’brien, the game’s executive producer, reflects on the journey the team has been on to bring […]


Dust 514 Dev Diary 2 Released

CCP Games have released a new developer diary video for Playstation 3 exclusive DUST 514. The MMO crossover is still scheduled for a launch in late 2012, and you can still sign up to be considered for the beta at […]