February 18, 2017

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets Two New Screenshots Showing First Boss

Posted on February 18, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

Final Fantasy VII remake

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII remake for current generation consoles might seem like vaporware given the fact that it has almost been two years since the initial reveal trailers’ debut but two brand new screenshots have surfaced showing the game’s first boss, Guard Scorpion.

These screenshots come our way from the twitter of French gaming outlet The Share Players. Not only does one screenshot showcase the Guard Scorpion but another shows Cloud taking cover behind some crates. Cue the 30 minutes long YouTube analysis about the grainy screenshot’s HUD and other minor details.

These two screens were taken by folks attending the Magic Monaco 2017 convention.

Last month at the Final Fantasy 30th anniversary celebration Square did release a piece of Key Art for FF7 which you can check out below:




World of Darkness Returns With a Pair of Interactive Novels

Posted on February 18, 2017 by Rae Michelle Richards

World of Darkness creators White Wolf have returned to the realm of video games with a pair of interactive stories available on Steam, iOS and Android devices. Modeled after the old “choose your own adventure” stories from the 80s & 90s either Vampire The Masquerade:  We Eat Blood and Mage The Awakening: Refuge provide players with a certain degree of autonomy with regards to how each tale unfolds.

White Wolf CEO Tobias Sjogren had this to say about these latest digital titles:

“We know we can create great entertainment as well as serve the responsibility any content creators have helping the audience reflect on the world around them. These games show we are keen on trying new formats and that stories in World of Darkness doesn’t shy away from tough questions or contemporary issues.”

White Wolf Publishing was formally a subsidiary of Eve Online developer CCP games before being sold to publisher Paradox Interactive in October of 2015. Mage The Awakening: Refugee and Vampire The Masquerade: We Eat Blood represent the first time in over a decade that World of Darkness has been brought to life in digital form. Both interactive stories are available as a bundle for $10.99 CDN.


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