CCP Sends Out Email Reminding Capsuleers That EVE Online Is Free To Play

EVE Online developer, CCP,. has sent out a reminder to everyone who may have ever registered for a trial for their MMORPG – EVE Online – to remind ex-trial players that that their account has been upgraded to Alpha Clone status with the release of the Ascension expansion.

The world of New Eden can seem like a daunting place full of danger and just too many different statistics for new players to grasp. This is part of the reason I’ve covered Eve Online: Ascension as much as I have – the New Player Experience and Alpha Clone status allow even the freshest of capsuleers to start their life in New Eden without getting overwhelmed.

So, make sure to check out some of the feature briefs re-produced from the recent promo email that CCP sent out.

Regarding free accounts:

Fly totally free or subscribe for total freedom. The choice is yours withEVE Online‘s new Clone States. Active subscription accounts are now called Omega Clone accounts. Inactive accounts and all trials (active or expired) have been reactivated and upgraded to Alpha Clone accounts.

Alpha Clones

– Zero monthly fees
– Standard training speed
– 21 ships per character

Omega Clones

– Regular monthly fee
– Double training speed
– 326 unique ships to fly


The brand new EVE Online Portal App that app that allows Capsuleers to check-in on various activities while away from New Eden:

“We are pleased to announce that EVE Portal, the EVE Online Mobile app, has been released as an open beta for both Android and iPhone. This first iteration of EVE Portal will include base level of functionality, with more to come in the future.”


Rounding out the reminder sent out by CCP is an abreivated list of featued added in Ascension:

Engineering Complexes – structures catering to industry and manufacturing.

New Character Sheet – with better organization, more intuitive skill overview, and support for the new Clone states.

Command Bursts – are similar to auras and point-blank area of effect (PBAoE) skills, providing Armor, Shield, Information, Skirmish, and Mining bonuses.

Other features and updates include:
– Fitting Simulator
– More Activity in Asteroid Belts
– Tactical Destroyer Balance Pass
– AoE Generators for Titans
– Explosion and Wreck Renovation
– Capital Ship Rebalance
– P.A.N.I.C. Button for Rorquals

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