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Is Dust 514 Coming in October?

It seems as though Jack Tretton of Sony just gave away a very important video game timeline that has been part of the minds of gamers everywehre. When does Dust 514 come out? Well, Tretton was on Fox Business on […]


PSN+ Subscribers Get Access To Dust 514 Beta this Weekend

Dust 514, CCP game’s soon to be released free to play FPS has been in closed beta for a number of weeks now and now PSN+ subscribers will be able to check out the game for two weeks from August […]


Dust 514 Final Code Giveaway

We are back with one more Dust 514 Beta Key, just like the last time it’s first come, first played. You’ll have to enter this code on a North America PlayStation Network account to gain access to this weekend’s closed […]


Dust 514 Beta Weekend Code Giveaway #1

Have you wanted to join in the fun in CCP’s cross platform/cross-game MMOFPS Dust 514? We’ve got two Beta keys to give away and the first of which is at the bottom of this article! Please Note: The below PSN […]


DUST 514’s Mercenary Pack Is Now Available

Correction: The original version of this story stated that the open beta takes place this weekend. However, this is not the case, the Beta event that begins on Thursday is actually a closed beta open to those who have a […]


Dust 514 Dev Diary 2 Released

CCP Games have released a new developer diary video for Playstation 3 exclusive DUST 514. The MMO crossover is still scheduled for a launch in late 2012, and you can still sign up to be considered for the beta at […]


Dust 514 Beta Registration Begins

CCP has announced that you can now register for the DUST 514 beta. DUST is a PS3 exclusive, free to play, MMO FPS that is connected to CCP’s EVE Online universe. In DUST, players can act as mercenaries for EVE […]