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Rocket League Receiving New Dropshot Mode In Next Free Update

Psyonix is bringing a brand new mode to Rocket League on March 22nd that does away with goalposts all together. Instead of scoring a goal on a traditional soccer net, the two teams of cars must dribble an electrified ball […]


Rocket League Gets New Rumble Mode

Psyonix’s surprise summer hit from 2015 recieves a brand new “rumble mode” that provides players with a whole new set of power-ups. 11 new randomized power-up give players new abilities that drastically changes how the rocket powered soccer title is […]


Rocket League sound track to be released on Vinyl

Now here is something which has peaked my curiosity. This morning in my email in box I find that  Psyonix has decided to release the Rocket League sound track. But, Psyonix being Psyonix they arent releasing it any normal way. […]


Rocket League to get basketball mode

Fan favorite Rocket League recently added morphs to their game, allowing players a fine grain of control over how the ball behaved, what shape it was, how much force boost had, and several other options. Included in these options was […]


Psyonix has made over 50 million on Rocket League

Developer Psyonix’s amazing super powered ultra fast sports racing car game is crazy fun. Dont belive me? Read my review or check my steam library and see all the play time. However it also seems that at least according to the […]


Rocket league to get mutators with free DLC

Our oppinions here at brokenjoysticks on Rocket League are well known, our review posted here was glowing to say the least. So any time we hear about DLC or new content for that game we get EXTREMELY excited. So what could […]