Rocket league to get mutators with free DLC

Our oppinions here at brokenjoysticks on Rocket League are well known, our review posted here was glowing to say the least. So any time we hear about DLC or new content for that game we get EXTREMELY excited. So what could make an already amazing game where you shoot around in cars that have rockets even more amazing? The answer lies in Mutators

[youtube id=”cEH2hUw-d_U”]

Mutators at first seem simple, you can change all sorts of things, the size of the ball, the gravity in the field, the shape of the ball (is it still a ball if its square? I DONT KNOW) etc. Some that we know about already include: Cube (turns ball in to a cube), Moonball (lowers gravity), and Time warp (presumably warps time?) The new modifiers will appear in custom games and in a rotating playlist called unsurprisingly Mutator Mashup. I personally cant wait to get my hands on these game modes, the basic mode of rocket league was always where I had the most fun, and this will add so much more. Plus its bound to make it easier right? no i guess probably not, but thats the fun isint it?

Also announced is a hockey mode for later on in December. The Mutator DLC is free and will be available in the coming weeks. An additional preview will be provided today via a live stream.

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