Rocket League to get basketball mode

Fan favorite Rocket League recently added morphs to their game, allowing players a fine grain of control over how the ball behaved, what shape it was, how much force boost had, and several other options. Included in these options was an icy preset for a hockey mode, which got me wondering, what else can we play with rocket cars? Well Psyonix has taken that answer to the next level announcing that this April they will be releasing a basketball mode for Rocket League.

So there you go, one tweet and the fans go wild. As usual Psyonix is delivering this content for free all of the people who already own Rocket League. The way Psyonix is putting out good solid free new conent cant help but remind me of the halcyon days of Halo 3 when it seemed like Bungie had a new map and game mode coming out every other week. A strong legacy to live up to. Personally I cant wait to give this mode a try, it appears that aerials will be more important as the ball must go “in to” the top of the net. See you on the court reader.

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