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Pokémon Bank and Transporter update coming for Sun/Moon

Posted on September 20, 2016 by Jason Nason

If you’re getting the upcoming Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon games, you’ll be able to bring your previous Pokémon into the new adventure. In January 2017 the Nintendo 3DS downloadable software Pokémon Bank, an application that enables players to put Pokémon they’ve been on past adventures with into internet-based storage boxes, will be receiving an update.

This update will give the Pokémon Bank application compatibility with Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon and include a new National Pokédex feature. The Pokédex feature reads saved data from any compatible titles you connect to Pokémon Bank and collects information about all the Pokémon you have caught. You can then check out all of this information in the Pokémon Bank application and even see Pokémon that don’t natively appear in the Alola region.

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New Pokémon Sun & Moon Trailer Showcases Version Specific Pokemon

Posted on September 20, 2016 by Joshua Rust

With the launch of Pokémon Sun & Moon just a few short months away, Nintendo is continuing their barrage of information for the two to games that are coming to the 3DS this November. This newest video showcases a couple of the version specific Pokémon, as well as new customization features and a couple of new Z-Moves.

Pokémon Sun will feature Passimian, a fighting-type Pokémon. It’s ability, Receiver, takes the partner’s ability when a partner faints. Pokémon Moon will feature Oranguru, a Normal/Psychic-type Pokémon. It’s ability, Instruct, allows targeted Pokémon to use their last move instantly. It is also revealed that Rockruff will evolve into two different forms, one for each version.


Pokémon Sun & Moon will be available November 18th.


Possible Demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Posted on September 8, 2016 by Meghan Kass

With all the excitement surrounding Pokemon recently, a new development is being added to that list. While Nintendo may not have mentioned it in the 9/1/16 Nintendo Direct, there is evidence showing that a demo for Pokemon Sun and Moon could possibly be on it’s way.

Recently, it has been discovered that the Korean Ratings Board put out a rating for a demo version of Pokemon Sun and Moon. The title was listed as “Sun, Moon Pokemon Special Trial” and the rating was of course, for everyone. That seems to be the only information that could be found on the demo at this time. There is no evidence that this will be a world wide release demo and there is no date for the release either, but it seems to be an appropriate time for a demo to come out.

This rating appeared shortly after the Nintendo direct and the announcement of new incentives for pre-ordering Sun and Moon, such as a Munchlax with a Z-stone that triggers special moves after evolving and the ability for that Munchlax to learn two moves that wouldn’t be available to it normally as Snorlax. With Nintendo building up as much excitement as possible for the new game, a demo would be the next logical step in collecting as much interest and pre-orders as possible. Past demos for games such as Pokemon ORAS (Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire) have been shown to help boost sales as ORAS had ended up selling more copies than anticipated at launch. Looking at past patterns, Pokemon X and Y also had a demo before it’s release, so this is not out of the ordinary for Nintendo. Hopefully, this demo is not just region specific or Club Nintendo Platinum member exclusive and everyone will be able to get an example of what to expect come November.


New details revealed for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon

Posted on September 6, 2016 by Jason Nason

The Pokémon news train keeps on going with more information about Pokémon Sun and Moon. Today the Pokémon Company International and Nintendo revealed new information for the latest games in the Pokémon franchise.

This information release includes both the information from today as well as those in the Nintendo Direct from Thursday.

Munchlax and Snorlax
The early purchase bonus Munchlax, which must be received via players’ Internet connection by January 11, 2017, is holding a special item called Snorlium Z. By evolving Munchlax into Snorlax and having it hold the Snorlium Z, Snorlax becomes able to use a special Z-Move that cannot be used by any other Pokémon—Pulverizing Pancake.

The bonus Munchlax will also know the move Hold Back, which it could not normally learn. Hold Back is an attack move that leaves its opponent with just 1 HP. It can reliably weaken an opposing Pokémon, so it comes in handy when trying to catch wild Pokémon.

The Munchlax being gifted will also know the move Happy Hour, another move it normally couldn’t learn. When players use Happy Hour during a Trainer battle, they’ll receive twice as much prize money after the battle for use on their adventure.

Name: Munchlax:
Type: Normal
Munchlax is a big eater that wolfs down its own weight in food once a day, gulping it down practically without chewing! It also hides food under the hair on its body. But then it forgets about it…

Name: Snorlax:
Type: Normal
Snorlax is a Pokémon that has blocked the path of many a Trainer. It’s not satisfied unless it eats in excess of 880 pounds of food every day. When it’s done eating, it promptly goes to sleep. Snorlax’s typical day consists of nothing more than eating and sleeping. It gets fatter and fatter, and it moves less and less. Its stomach is extremely strong, and its digestive juices can dissolve any kind of poison, so eating rotten food doesn’t affect it.

Type: Null
Type: Normal
Type: Null is a Synthetic Pokémon which was constructed to synthesize the strengths of various Pokémon, making it adaptable enough to complete a mission that requires a Pokémon as strong as the Pokémon of mythology. The mask fitted to this Pokémon’s head is a piece of equipment designed to control its power. Type: Null is the partner Pokémon of a newly revealed character—Gladion, the taciturn enforcer of Team Skull, who places a high value on being strong in battle.

Name: Jangmo-o
Type: Dragon
The Scaly Pokémon Jangmo-o has the pride of a warrior and never neglects its training in its pursuit of becoming stronger. This Pokémon uses the scales on its head as a weapon both offensively and defensively. It lives in harsh locales, like canyons, where it can train.

Additional new regional variant Pokémon:

Name: Alolan Rattata
Type: Dark/Normal
Unlike ordinary Rattata, urban areas are Alolan Rattata’s main habitat. They are nocturnal and live in nests of several dozen. Alolan Rattata have an excellent aptitude for sniffing out delicious fresh foods in Alola. They pay no attention to foods that aren’t fresh. Alolan Raticate serve as their boss.

Name: Alolan Raticate
Type: Dark/Normal
Raticate in Alola live in urban areas, leading to a higher-calorie diet than that of Raticate elsewhere. This means they have tough bodies but have gotten a lot fatter. They stockpile huge amounts of food in their nests and prefer fresh fruit and high-class ingredients. Alolan Raticate is the Totem Pokémon of the trial that takes place in Verdant Cavern on Melemele Island in Pokémon Moon.

Brand-new characters in the story were also announced—members of the Aether Foundation, an organization that works in the Alola region and conducts various research projects. Residing on Aether Paradise, the artificial island that they created, their goal is to care for and provide shelter to Pokémon that have been hurt. Members of the Aether Foundation include:

The beautiful Lusamine is the president of the Aether Foundation.

Faba can be identified by his signature accessory—green sunglasses. He is the Aether Foundation’s second-in-command.

As the assistant branch chief of Aether Paradise, Wicke has a very caring personality and supports Faba. She is loved by all of the Aether Foundation’s employees.

Employees of the Aether Foundation
The staff members of the Aether Foundation appear to have various uniforms depending on which division they belong to.

All over Alola, rumors speak of creatures that possess mighty powers and pose a threat to humans and Pokémon. They’re called Ultra Beasts, and there are said to be multiple Ultra Beasts in existence. It seems that the Aether Foundation is conducting research on these Ultra Beasts, referring to each of them by a code name. UB-01 is an Ultra Beast that has a body composed of a glass-like substance. It constantly changes shape, and its movements resemble that of a young girl. Whilst evidence of something like a survival instinct can be observed in UB-01, no one knows whether it has a will of its own or any emotions at all.

Whilst exploring Alola in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, players will encounter Dexio and Sina. These two originally appeared in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y as the professor’s assistants. They will give you an item called the Zygarde Cube and ask you to collect Zygarde Cores and Zygarde Cells which can be found all around Alola. If you collect enough, the path to finding Zygarde may become clearer!

A brand-new feature called the Poké Finder will debut in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. This feature allows players to take pictures of the Pokémon they find. It’s loaded into the Rotom Dex and, when used in certain spots scattered throughout the Alola region, you can snap pictures of Pokémon. The pictures you take will be evaluated, and as you take better pictures, more features—like the ability to zoom—become available.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, launching on November 18, 2016, exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.



Turtonator is the newest Pokémon added to Sun and Moon

Posted on August 19, 2016 by Jason Nason

Earlier today on stage at gamescom in Germany, GAME FREAK’s Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori unveiled the brand-new Pokémon Turtonator which can be found in the Alola region in the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon video games, which are being released in November.

The new Pokémon is a Fire/Dragon type and is classified as the Blast Turtle Pokémon. Check out the details and a video on the new creature below:

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What Is The Pokémon Anime Like In Japanese?

Posted on August 15, 2016 by Les Major

Pokemon Japanese Version Anime

Pointed out by Kotaku earlier today, the video below shows a stark contrast between the Japanese and dubbed versions of the Pokémon anime. The biggest difference is the intensity of the battle scene shown. The English dub seems to carry a sense of mystery and adventure throughout the battle while the Japanese original is a very hard core rock rendition. Honestly I don’t know which I prefer. I’m leaning more toward the Japanese version but I also grew up on anime like VS Knights: Lamune and 40 Fire.

What do you think?

Obviously both versions have a very different feel. We know Ash as a calm and cool strategist. Seeing him yelling his commands instead like a new cast member of Dragon Ball Z preparing an Earth shattering special attack is quite different.


This Digmon / Pokemon Cross Over Is The Perfect 90s Nostalgia

Posted on August 12, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

If you grew up in the 90s then there is a great chance that catching fictional monsters made up a significant portion of your free time. Two series dominated the school yards of the late 1990s, Nintendo’s Pokemon and Bandai’s Digimon: Digital Monsters.  Many recess arguments were had about whether Charmeleon could melt Agumon in a split second with its flame thrower.

Now that Pokemon is back on the popular cultural radar thanks to Pokemon GO and Digital Monsters have been invading Japanese theatres with the six-part original series revival Digimon Tri films, it’s time to relive this 20-year-old rivalry with an amazing mash-up video.

Created by YouTuber NiLowtherr this fusion of monstrous proportions combines the aesthetics of original American Digimon 01 intro + theme with Nintendo’s iconic critters.

Which side did you root for? I was on #TeamPikachu but secretly tuned in every morning to Fox kids to see how the adventures of Taichi & friends would progress.


Pokémon GO updated again with minor bug fixes

Posted on August 8, 2016 by Jason Nason

Niantic announced today that mobile game sensation Pokémon GO has been updated to version 0.33.0 for Android and 1.3.0 for iOS devices.

Below are some release notes and comments from the development team.

  • Added a dialog to remind Trainers that they should not play while traveling above a certain speed.
  • Trainers must confirm they are not driving in order to continue playing.
  • Made improvements to the accuracy of a curveball throw
  • Fixed a bug that prevented ”Nice,” ”Great,” and “Excellent” Poké Ball throws from awarding the appropriate XP bonuses.
  • Fixed achievements showing incorrect Medal icons.
  • Enabled the ability for Trainers to change their nickname one time. Please choose your new nickname wisely.
  • Resolved issues with the battery saver mode on iOS and re-enabled the feature.
  • Added visuals of Team Leaders Candela, Blanche, and Spark.
  • Currently testing a variation of the “Nearby Pokémon” feature with a subset of users. During this period you may see some variation in the nearby Pokémon UI.
  • Minor text fixes

I haven’t taken the app out for a GO since the update, but just a quick look inside the app after the update doesn’t show a lot of cosmetic difference, with the notable exception that the “nearby Pokémon” screen now shows a bit of grass behind the character.

We’ll let you know more as we experience the update.


Pokemon Go Plus Possibly Delayed In Canada

Posted on July 13, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Some bad news for Canadian Pokémon fans who might be looking to get the complete experience once the mobile app launches above the 49th parallel -it looks like the optional Pokémon Go Plus bracelet that can be paired with the game may have been delayed.

In an email I received from Amazon.ca about my pre-order for the Pokémon Go Plus, I was notified me that the item had been delayed. Originally I pre-ordered at the end of June and Amazon had expected the bracelet to be available by the end of this month. Their updated Pokémon Go Plus page now lists the item for a September 2016 release. That is a full two-month delay for the peripheral.

In part the email from Amazon.ca said:

“Hello from Amazon.ca.

We wanted to let you know there’s a delay with one or more items in the order you placed on June 29, 2016

“Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus – Not Machine Specific  – Nintendo 3DS Standard Edition”
Estimated ship date: September 06, 2016″


Of course, it doesn’t matter if the Go Plus is available here or not while Pokémon GO is still unavailable in the Canadian Google Play or Apple App Store. This hasn’t stopped thousands of people in Canada from side-loading the game via an SD card on Android or changing the region of the IPhone in order to play the game.  According to some unofficial statistics, Pokémon Go might be installed in as many as 6% of Canadian Android devices.

Nintendo has yet to provide a release date for Pokémon Go in Canada, but if you are playing the game in another country or through side-loading then you might find our Beginner’s Guide for New Trainers interesting.




Pokémon Sun and Moon have heartwarming ads in Japan

Posted on July 13, 2016 by Jason Nason

You know Pokémon is kind of a global phenomenon, as has been co clearer recently with the explosion of Pokémon GO around the world, and it’s not even “officially” available everywhere yet.

The series got its roots in the handheld RPG format. Since the first game was released twenty years ago, millions of people have played one or more of the games. As someone who has been around since the very first game (I still have my original box and game cart of Pokémon red) I almost forget sometimes that there are millions of new kids who have yet to discover the game. And while the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games will not be my first Pokémon game to be sure, to many kids this will be the first game they play.

And that’s not lost on Nintendo.

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The Complete Guide to Pokémon GO [Updated]

Posted on July 8, 2016 by Renee Gittins

Pokémon GO has spread like wildfire across the United States and other countries lucky enough to have access to it right now. However, the guides are far and few between. We’ve collected the best and most important tips and tricks to guide you right here!


  • PokéStops grant you items, including Eggs, Potions, Revives, Poké Balls and Razz Berries
  • To get the items you have to click on a PokéStop (marked by a blue circle icon on the map) and spin
  • You don’t have to click on the items that pop up to collect them, simply closing out of the PokéStops will collect them all


  • PokéStops are located at points of interest (likely determined by Niantic’s previous game, Ingress); these include murals, parks, art installations and museums
  • The items generated by PokéStops are dependant on your level, higher levels can get more items
  • The items are often level-locked, so you will start by only finding Eggs and Poké Balls
  • A Lure can be placed PokéStop to attract Pokémon

Catching Pokémon

  • You will need to walk to find Pokémon (unless you are using Incense or a Lure on a PokéStop)
  • When you start the game, you are giving the chance to catch one of the three original starting Pokémon (Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur), the others disappear when you catch one, but you can run into them later
  • If you want Pikachu as your starter, you must walk away from the other starters multiple times (3-5 times) until Pikachu spawns with them. You can also run into all four of these Pokémon out in the wild.


  • Catch every single Pokémon you see. Each catch gives you Stardust and Pokémon candy, both used to improve your other Pokémon
  • You can tell which Pokémon are near you by expanding the menu in the bottom right of your screen, the fewer paw prints, the closer they are, and the top left will always be the closest (and bottom right the farthest)


  • The environment, time and location affects what kind of Pokémon you run into, go to different kinds of areas to find different types of Pokémon!
  • Wandering Pokémon are visible to everyone and catchable to everyone until a few minutes after they are first caught, then they despawn
  • Pokémon wander around, so one could be drifting towards you or away from you
  • Lures placed on PokéStops and attract Pokémon for everyone for 30min, they are a good way to make new friends
  • Incense is attached to you and attracts Pokémon just for you for 30min. These Pokémon do not appear to be the Pokémon that are shown as being “close” to you
My character surrounded by the pink cloud from Incense.

My character surrounded by the pink cloud from Incense.

  • You must throw your Poké Ball and hit the grey circle around the Pokémon, the aim requires a toss of the correct distance as well
  • For an exp and better chance of the Pokémon you are facing, hit the inner circle — this circle starts as wide as the grey circle and shrinks down to nothing before repeating
  • Like in the classic Pokémon games, hitting a Pokémon with your ball does not mean it will be caught, it can still break out. Three wiggles and a click is what you’re looking for!
  • The color of the inner circle indicates how hard the Pokémon is to catch. Green is easy, yellow is medium, orange is hard, dark orange is very hard and red is the hardest. Red Pokémon are the most likely to break out of their Poké Balls.
  • Throwing “curve balls” (lobbing the ball with a bit of a curved angle instead of tossing it straight) can improve your chances of catching a Pokémon and reward extra experience points


  • You can swirl the ball before tossing for a guaranteed curve ball
  • Some Pokémon will try to resist being caught by using various moves, these include:
    • Blocking – The Pokémon smacks the Poké Ball away, combat this by throwing the ball when the inner circle is smaller
    • Dodging/Jumping – The Pokémon jumps up, potentially dodging a thrown Poké Ball, combat this by waiting for the Pokémon to jump right before throwing. This move is used mostly by Flying Pokémon.
    • Attacking – The Pokémon attacks when the inner circle is small, causing it to stick at that size. Aside from good aim, the only way to counter this is by throwing your Poké Ball early or by waiting for the attack to end, upon which the normal inner circle cycle continues.
  • At level 8 you unlock Razz Berries, if you use a Razz Berry on a Pokémon you are trying to catch, you have a higher success chance. Use this on Pokémon with orange and red inner circles.
  • You unlock more effective Poké Balls as you level up — at level 12, Great Balls are unlocked
  • The higher your level is, the higher Combat Point (CP) Pokémon you will find, so keep hunting!

Building Your Team

  • Pokémon have different power levels (Combat Points – CP), these can be increased by using candy of that Pokémon type and Stardust
  • Your highest CP Pokémon will generally be your strongest


  • Pokémon of the same species can have different move sets, check to see which basic and ultimate attack each Pokémon has (found at the bottom of their info page)
  • Candies for a Pokémon can be used to evolve them or, in combination with Stardust, increase their CP
  • “Transferring” a Pokémon will destroy it, but will grant you additional candies for that Pokémon that you can use to evolve and improve others of that species
  • You can hold up to 250 Pokémon when you start the game, so don’t transfer a Pokémon if you are unsure whether or not it will be useful!

Gyms and Battles

  • You battle other Pokémon at gyms (and, it seems, special events) by tapping to attack and swiping to dodge


  • When your Pokémon’s attack bar under its HP becomes full, tapping and holding will release it’s ultimate/second ability. This can take a bit of time.
  • Pokémon types work the same way they do in the classic Pokémon games, so try to use Pokémon attacks that will be super effective against your opponents or Pokémon that will likely resist your opponent’s attacks
  • When you reach level 5 and interact with a gym, you will be encouraged to select a team to represent in your gym battles; Team Instinct (Yellow), Team Mystic (Blue) and Team Valor (Red)


  • At this time, it does not appear that you can change your team
  • An unclaimed gym (which will appear white/grey) can be claimed by a team by leaving a Pokémon at the gym. This Pokémon will be returned to you when it is knocked out of the gym.
  • Gyms has prestige and prestige levels. The higher the prestige level of a gym, the more Pokémon can be left by trainers at that gym.
  • Only a single Pokémon can be left at each gym per player
  • To battle an opposing team’s gym, you can select up to 6 Pokémon and fight the Pokémon of the other gym from lowest to highest CP


  • Defeating an opposing team’s gym will lower the gym’s prestige. If it lowers the prestige level, it reduces number of Pokémon slots the gym has. If all slots were taken, the lowest CP Pokémon of the gym will be kicked out to fit the reduced number.
  • Reducing the prestige to nothing will clear the gym and open it up to be taken over by another team
  • At friendly gyms you can battle with a single Pokémon against the other Pokémon in the gym to increase the gyms’ prestige. The prestige only is increased if a Pokémon is defeated. It appears more prestige is granted for battles between closer CP Pokémon.
  • After a battle your Pokémon may be hurt or fainted, you must use items (Potions and Revives) to bring them back to life and full health
  • Pokémon knocked out of a gym will be returned to you at 1hp

Leveling Up

  • Leveling up your trainer profile has many benefits, including increasing the CP level of Pokémon you can find, granting you additional items, and unlocking new item types


  • You gain experience for the following
    • Catching a new Pokémon species (500xp)
    • Hatching a Pokémon from an egg (500xp, stacks with new species)
    • Catching a Pokémon (100xp, stacks with catching a new species)
    • Throwing a Poké Ball well grants extra experience.
      • “Nice” throws, hit the inner circle when it is rather large – 10xp
      • “Great” throws, hit the inner circle when it is <70% of the outer circle – 50xp
      • “Excellent” throws, hit the inner circle when it is about 25% of the outer circle – 100xp
      • “Curveball” throws, throw the ball in an arching motion, swirling it on the screen helps – 10xp (xp stacks with the Nice/Great/Excellent xp)
    • Using a PokéStop
    • Winning a battle
  • Using a Lucky Egg grants you double experience points for 30min, this is great to use right before evolving a bunch of Pokémon or when you are sitting on multiple Lures


  • Eggs are found at PokéStops
  • You can view your Eggs in the same menu as your  Pokémon (by selecting “Eggs” in the top right)
  • You cannot tell what will hatch out of an Egg, but different species require different amounts of walking (2km, 5km, 10km, etc)
  • “Walking” seems to be considered movement under around 15mph (yes, you can grab a bike and ride around to hatch Eggs like the good ol’ days), GPS drifting sometimes will count as walking
  • You start the hatching process by selecting an Egg out of the Egg menu and placing it in an Incubator


  • Your default Incubator has unlimited charges
  • Other Incubators (such as ones from the store), have a limited number of incubation charges
  • To incubate multiple Pokémon at the same time, you must use multiple Incubators
  • You can only carry 9 eggs at a time, but increasing your inventory or Pokémon storage with upgrade items from the store may increase this number
  • Each Egg can carry a different Pokémon, depending on the walk distance required, check out this table to see the Egg distances for each Pokémon

General Tips

  • Turn off the music volume in the settings to clearly hear when Pokémon and other objects come within range
  • For Android users, if you turn on the developer mode, you can set your phone to not sleep when it is plugged in. This means you can keep up Pokémon GO and listen for sounds of Pokémon while doing other work
  • Turning off the AR while attempting to catch Pokémon can make it easier to aim and reduce lag (there is a toggle in the top right of the catching screen)

Comment your own tips and tricks below and we’ll be happy to add them to our list!



Pokémon GO Released in the US

Posted on July 7, 2016 by Renee Gittins

After being released to Australia and New Zealand for iOS and Android earlier on July 6th, Pokémon GO has now been officially released in the United States, much to the joy of many Pokémon fans.


Pokémon GO is an augmented reality phone app from Niantic, the creators of Ingress. Much like Ingress, Pokémon GO is a GPS-based game that will require users to explore the real world. In Pokémon GO, players can find Pokémon, eggs, Poké Balls and other items, then use them to battle other trainers and even gym leaders.


The game starts by placing the original starter Pokémon around you, allowing you to catch one. From that point until level 5, you can gain experience by visiting PokéStops where you can pick up items and by catching Pokémon that appear in the world with a finger-flick toss of a Poké Ball.

Once you reach level 5, you are required to pick a team to join, much like Ingress’ Resistance and Enlightened. However, Pokémon GO sports three teams: Team Instinct (Yellow), Team Mystic (Blue) and Team Valor (Red). You can support gyms owned by your team by leaving Pokémon there to fight and battle gyms owned by another team. You battle by tapping and swiping on your screen.


While the phone app is free, there are numerous micro-transactions happy to relieve you of your money. You can discover Poké Balls and other items out in the world, but you can also purchase them. I also have a feeling that more customization items might be available for gold in the future.


Later in July, another item will be available for purchase: the Pokémon GO Plus, a wrist-worn wearable with that “notifies the player about events in the game—such as the appearance of a Pokémon nearby—using an LED and vibration.” It also promises the ability to “catch Pokémon or perform other simple actions by pressing the button on the device.”


Good luck out there, Pokémon masters!


New Pokémon games on the Wii U Virtual Console on Thursday

Posted on June 20, 2016 by Jason Nason

Nintendo announced three additions to the Wii U Virtual Console lineup on Thursday.

This Thursday, three Pokémon Mystery Dungeon titles come to the Wii U Virtual Console. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team from the Game Boy Advance, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky both originally Nintendo DS titles.

More Pokémon Virtual Console titles are planned for later this summer.

Check out what these games are about below.

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Legendary Pokémon Unveiled for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon

Posted on June 2, 2016 by Jason Nason

The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo today introduced the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala that can be found in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. The latest Pokémon games will launch in North America on November 18th for the Nintendo 3DS.

In addition to the details about these powerful Pokémon, new characters in the game and new features were also revealed.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon take place in the Alola region, which centers around four tropical islands and one artificial island. Many Pokémon that have never been seen before inhabit the Alola region. The story begins right after the main character moves to the Alola region. After choosing to play as a hero or heroine, players can customize their character’s name and appearance. No sooner have they arrived than their adventures begin to unfold, and they meet many fascinating people as they travel through the region.

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