July 13, 2016

Pokemon Go Plus Possibly Delayed In Canada

Posted on July 13, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Some bad news for Canadian Pokémon fans who might be looking to get the complete experience once the mobile app launches above the 49th parallel -it looks like the optional Pokémon Go Plus bracelet that can be paired with the game may have been delayed.

In an email I received from Amazon.ca about my pre-order for the Pokémon Go Plus, I was notified me that the item had been delayed. Originally I pre-ordered at the end of June and Amazon had expected the bracelet to be available by the end of this month. Their updated Pokémon Go Plus page now lists the item for a September 2016 release. That is a full two-month delay for the peripheral.

In part the email from Amazon.ca said:

“Hello from Amazon.ca.

We wanted to let you know there’s a delay with one or more items in the order you placed on June 29, 2016

“Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus – Not Machine Specific  – Nintendo 3DS Standard Edition”
Estimated ship date: September 06, 2016″


Of course, it doesn’t matter if the Go Plus is available here or not while Pokémon GO is still unavailable in the Canadian Google Play or Apple App Store. This hasn’t stopped thousands of people in Canada from side-loading the game via an SD card on Android or changing the region of the IPhone in order to play the game.  According to some unofficial statistics, Pokémon Go might be installed in as many as 6% of Canadian Android devices.

Nintendo has yet to provide a release date for Pokémon Go in Canada, but if you are playing the game in another country or through side-loading then you might find our Beginner’s Guide for New Trainers interesting.




Pokémon Sun and Moon have heartwarming ads in Japan

Posted on July 13, 2016 by Jason Nason

You know Pokémon is kind of a global phenomenon, as has been co clearer recently with the explosion of Pokémon GO around the world, and it’s not even “officially” available everywhere yet.

The series got its roots in the handheld RPG format. Since the first game was released twenty years ago, millions of people have played one or more of the games. As someone who has been around since the very first game (I still have my original box and game cart of Pokémon red) I almost forget sometimes that there are millions of new kids who have yet to discover the game. And while the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games will not be my first Pokémon game to be sure, to many kids this will be the first game they play.

And that’s not lost on Nintendo.

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Fairune 2 to remain 3DS exclusive

Posted on July 13, 2016 by Jason Nason

With Fairune 2 set to be released in the 3DS eShop in Japan today, Circle Entertainment has shared thru social media that the game will remain a 3DS exclusive title.

The original Fairune title, released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2014, was later ported by developers Skipmore and URARA-WORKS as a free-to-play mobile title. That won’t be the case this time as it appears that there are no plans to port Fairune 2 to mobile platforms.

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New Games Coming To The Origin Access (PC) and EA Access (Xbox One) Vault

Posted on July 13, 2016 by Rae Michelle Richards

Last year’s street racing focused reboot of the Need For Speed franchise is making its way to both the EA Access vault on Xbox One as well as Origin Access’ game vault on Windows PC this week. The latest NFS title received a mediocre reception – averaging just 66 on Metacritic but surely this won’t stop subscribers from getting at least a few hours of enjoyment out of the title.

Alongside the racer EA’s absolutely adorable Unravel will join the collection on both platforms this week as well. I played the 2-hour trial when that hit EA Access this past February and found that Yarny’s unraveling antics were very captivating. This brand new platformer was so successful in its initial launch that EA greenlit a sequel, and now subscribers to both services can try out the full game for free.


Another 7 titles will be added to the PC centric Origin Access vault later this summer. Among them are some oldies from Maxis, Bioware and the game that made PopCap a household name, at least for awhile.

Here is the complete list of titles coming to Origin Access later this summer:

  • Plants Vs Zombies
  • Jade Empire
  • Sim City 2000
  • Mini Metro
  • Crysis Trilogy (1, 2 and 3)


What do you think of these additions to EA’s subscription services? Are they enough to get you to sign up? I signed up for EA Access last year and I’ve got my monies worth out of Titanfall alone. Alongside the free, unlimited access games, EA Access also gives subscribers access to six hour trials for some of EA’s newest games like Star Wars Battlefront. Do you think that we will see Battlefront added to the Origin/EA Access freebie list once the inevitable sequel is announced?



Posted on July 13, 2016 by Fionna Schweit

One of the many titles I got the chance to see at PAX east was Assault Suit Lynos. A game about mechs, flying, destroying things, and well not much else. Now  publisher Rising Star Games have brought this love letter to mechs to PS4. I loved the 2d flat arty take on mechs that I got to play at Pax East, and it looks like from the launch trailer that that action is still there.

Based on the legendary classic 16-bit series (also known as Target Earth), the Assault Suit series is famous for fierce and fast shooting action, a tactical variety of missions, and wonderful weapon customization options. When I played it the action was fast, the enemies were strong.

Were gonna need a bigger... gun?

Were gonna need a bigger… gun?

Lee Skittrell  the marketing director for Rising Star games said of  Assault Suit: “The biggest, best and most thrilling summer blockbusters always feature an alien menace to conquer, Assault Suit Leynos stands confidently alongside the most explosive sci-fi smash hits, with its faithful HD remaster and – via a host of new gameplay features – retooling of, a much-loved classic from the halcyon days of console gaming.”

So is there a story?

yes, and here it is. As Earth reels from the impact of a fourth world war and dwindling resources, an uneasy truce between nations sees mankind reach for the stars. Colonies are settled, resources are mined, and the future starts looking a little brighter. Just as peace finally seems possible, an unknown enemy emerges from the deepest region of space to threaten the very existence of humanity. Only one thing can stop them – it’s time to deploy the Assault Suit Squadron! Gamers will blast through the opposing enemy forces with devastating weapons like machine guns, rocket launchers, and laser beams, all while discovering the hidden truth behind the invaders.

Sounds pretty generic, but hey its a game about mechs that shoot stuff, go play it trust me you will love it.


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