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Report: PC Hardware Sales Eclipsed $30 Billion USD In 2016

Industry analyst firm JPR recently released a report estimating that total worldwide hardware sales eclipsed the $30 billion mark. In terms of geography  Asia lead the way with an estimated growth rate of 7% which will continue right through 2019, […]


Newly Announced Geforce Titan X Will Blow You Away & Take All Your Money

In a true testament to just how fast graphics card technology can evolve – Nvidia has announced the “Titan X”, based upon its brand new Pascal architecture (Not to be confused with a similarly named previous generation card). If you thought the heft Geforce […]


Geforce 1070 Arrives In Canada

The next generation of Nvidia’s flagship GPUs – the Geforce 1070 & Geforce 1080 –have been all the rage in the PC enthusiast community and are the obvious choice for those looking to be on the cutting edge. In a […]


NVIDIA Opens Up CES Keynote With Self Driving Car Announcements

Today at their CES press event NVIDIA opened up their discussion of upcoming technologies with their recent investments in self driving cars. A special computer developed by NVIDIA called the NVIDIA Drive PX2 is powered by a 12 CPU-core system […]


GeForce Experience Beta update adds new options

Nvidia has updated its GeForce Experience to add screen shots, editing, and capture tools in to it. Though I think at this point the horse is out of the barn and well, competently gone from the farm. Nvidia has been […]


Nvidia Announces Their Own Handheld

In surprising news from Nvidia’s CES press conference, the graphics card maker will be releasing a handheld that is not only running on Android, but can also stream PC content right to the devices 720p 5″ display (which is also a […]


MechWarrior Online Community Day and Centurion Mech Announced

Mechwarrior Online Developers Piranha Games have been very busy this week. First, they released a video showcasing the upcoming free-to-play game’s latest Mech, the Centurion. This medium sized Mech is sort of like the T-34 of Mechs, boasting a good […]