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Mechwarrior online is coming to steam.

We haven’t had a good Mechwarrior game in a very long while. The current form of the much beloved 90s game franchise where you take control of a giant mech and shoot at other mechs in the sci-fi universe of […]


MechWarrior Online Community Day and Centurion Mech Announced

Mechwarrior Online Developers Piranha Games have been very busy this week. First, they released a video showcasing the upcoming free-to-play game’s latest Mech, the Centurion. This medium sized Mech is sort of like the T-34 of Mechs, boasting a good […]


RoadHouse Interactive Releases MechWarrior Tactics Bios

Roadhouse Interactive and A.C.R.O.N.Y.M have released several unit bios for their upcoming free to play browser based tactical strategy game MechWarrior Tactics. The game places two players against each other in turn based battles. To be successful commanders must place […]


Mechwarrior Online Closed Beta Begins

The closed Beta for Mechwarrior Online, the upcoming free to play action MMO set in the Mechwarrior/Battletech Universe, begins this week. People interested in tromping about a beautiful landscape (courtesy of CryENGINE 3) in 100 ton bipedal war machines can […]


Check Out MechWarrior Online’s Long Range Devastator

A new mech from Pirhana Game’s upcoming MechWarrior Online has been revealed. The Catapult mech uses long range missiles in order to obliterate its targets. When paired with a spotter the Catapult can devastate opponents who aren’t within visible range. […]