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Valve Welcomes Firewatch Developer Into City-17

*Clears throat and does best G-Man impression*   “Welcome Campo Santo. You have chosen or been chosen to relocate to one of the worlds’ largest digital distribution services. Valve thought so much of your talent they’ll probably relocate your headquarters to […]


SpaceX’s Latest Rocket Landing Attempt Ends In Fantastic Explosion

Before we can colonize other worlds or send astronauts on journeys outside of our immediate interstellar backdoor we must first find a way to reuse spacecraft. This is the current goal of Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk’s SpaceX company, who […]


NVIDIA Opens Up CES Keynote With Self Driving Car Announcements

Today at their CES press event NVIDIA opened up their discussion of upcoming technologies with their recent investments in self driving cars. A special computer developed by NVIDIA called the NVIDIA Drive PX2 is powered by a 12 CPU-core system […]


WARNING Critical NetGear router Exploit discovered.

NETGEAR routers have again become the victims of a DNS monitoring exploit. Potentially affecting 11,000 Devices. Site thehackernews.com first posted about A Vigilante Hacker, who protected users by installing malware on their Wi-Fi routers, forcing them to use a secure password. […]